Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lemony Flutter in A`dam!!!

I was shopping with my hubbie in Amsterdam today (...haul pictures soon ;) ) and we visited Lush as well. Suprisingly they did still have some Lemony Flutter on the shelves..about 5 jars!!!! and no idea if they had more in the back ofc.

I read on several blogs Lush had taken them of the shelves since it wasn`t sure if they had used ingredients which were all 100% not tested on animals, to be sure they`d taken it away. Many of you filled with tears for the reason being the product wasn`t 100% non-animal tested and ofc the fabulous product was gone.

For those who don`t fully maintain to that regime, Lush A`dam still has some in stock!!
And if I read their website, it`s still available as well :S

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Susannah Jade Design

I would like to make a little entry dedicated to a friend of mine :) Susannah has a little website and a Facebook page filled with her lovely bespoke jewelry which you can visit here and here.

I would very much love her to get loads and loads of new "friends" on Facebook as well, so feel free to add her!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

MAC Bad Fairy

I looove the latest 3 MAC polishes ( they`re the only MAC ones I own ) I fell in love with all the swatches and reviews I`d seen the past couple of weeks, and I`d hoped to visit the MAC-store in Toulouse on our Avene trip...but unfortunatly I couldn`t find it and I don`t speak French that well to understand where a shop would be nothing left but order them through Ebay.

The pictures don`t really show the true colors, it`s way more vivid in real life!! Duochromes dancing on the lights showing the red, orange and even pink colors of this extreme multi-glitter polish. In this pic I`m wearing 3 layers topped with Seche Vite.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pupa Baroque Couture

A while ago I`ve purchased these 3 gorgeous polishes from Pupa`s autumn collection called Baroque couture collection.  900 green, 206 pink and 901 brown. The bottles are quite small about 5ml, but you don`t need much polish cause they are very high pigmented. In the following pictures I only applyed 1 layer to show you the colors. I would have used 2 layers and a top-coat if I`d wear it to work or anything. The polish glydes on your nail, brush is perfect just 1 stroke and my entire nail was covered. I love this brand!!

 hmm...I can`t choose, I like euhm all. Soft shaded autumn colors :)

I also read, on their website and even on Flavia her website; Pupa is comming up with a cracking effect nailpolish as well. Website shows it will be released end of october...I wonder when and where it will be available, cause I`d really like to have the white + purple combination!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Ooeehhh nais

I couldn`t help myself...again :) But I fell in love with these 3 cute colors and I just had to have them. The 3 marvelous colors from MAC`s Venomous Villains collection. The urge of buying these was even way bigger then when I first saw Chanel`s Paradoxal and thank god there is Ebay for situations like this ;) Within 2 days after paying, the package came and I was so excited I almost tear the entire packaging hahaha. For now I`ll just drewl all over the bottles and I`ll prepare my nails nicely this weekend before trying any, cause to me these are class polishes which deserve a little extra ;)

** Oeh for those who are interesting!! I`ve adjusted my swap-page a little **

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The day I heared about winning the Avene trip....I was at home since it was my day off on a Monday, we were already informed on Friday we had won the trip, which really shocked us cause we had no clue. The price was for those pharmacies who won a contest with selling most Avene products within a certain week of summer...we won of our region. But who to pick since it was a trip for 2 persons from a pharmacy. Our boss wrote names down on papers and did the old pick-2-trick, and therefor me and a colleaugue could go...yaaaayyy was all I could answer through the phone as my boss rang me.

We had no clue what the trip would be about, at first we imagined just 1 or 1,5 days filled with information and the rest would be time off for some serious shopping...wooot...but nothing seemed like that :S the program was so stuffed with seminars, botanical garden visits, a visit to...well anything you can imagine really. And each day started with a nice breakfast, followed with amazing lunches and diners...which meant starting with champagne, red and white wine...omg never had I drank so much :) And ofc the company/seminars in between.

Eventually we did have some spare quick time in each city we were at, but we were already dead tired when we arrived so it was 2 or 3 shops and heading tobed right after diner...but that`s okay we had some nice goodies to take with us. I didn`t even took a nice long bubble bath cause I was way to tired haha, ow the amazing big rooms I`ll miss those. We all had our own private bedroom so no fights for the bathroom in the morning.

We just had an amazing time, everything was arranged by Pierre Fabre group, which is the name/man behind Avene products. We laughed so much with the other winners, we learned and saw so many things, me and my colleague are going to adjust the products we sell in our pharmacie. Gonna make the corner bigger and make it all a bigger range of products. I`m just really really glad we had this opertunity.

(unfortunatly I can`t place any photo`s of the inside stuff...which is too bad, cause it`s was such a nice atmosphere everywhere. Nice calm, everywhere plants :)  )

From our quick shoppingspree at LaFayette and Sephora; which resulted in; 3 Sinful Colors polishes ( See You Soon, Sharon`s Heart and I Love You ), a lipbalm by Carrot, a facemask from Sephora and a lipstick from Urban Decay ( Lovechild ).

Oehh all the goodies we got :) Lot`s of cremes and oigntments ofc, slippers, a bag, a book a huge bottle of wine from his own vineyards...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

OPI Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not + CG Shooting Stars

Readers request; showing OPI`s Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not. This is actually my first OPI polish, I think I have it for about a year now and I still love the color. The best to discribe it to be a color between burgundy and purple, as I really think it has a slight redness in it. I luuub it :) Wearing 2 layers in the first picture.

As some hours pass bye...don`t you just wanna spice up a color?! I have that everytime!! No matter what brand or color, within 24 hours the original polish color needs a little "hint". In this case I used China Glaze - Shooting Stars, a great combination :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

** Give-Away ** winnerrrrr.....

First of I just came back and now i have 100 followers, thank you all for joining, i hope you have a pleasant stay ;)

I had a hard time reading all the entries for the **Give-Away**, and try to make a descent and honost way of selecting all. I must admit girls...some of you did join the contest but weren`t GFC followers, and some provided me links of their Facebook account but since we`re no "friends"  there either i couldn`t check if you gained an extra entry, so I did exclude some entries as well :S

I have mailed the winner just before diner, and I hope she`ll get in contact within the next 48hours, otherwise i`m going to pick another the winner is.....

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I`m back!!

Hello all..and all new here welcome welcome!!!

I just got back from my ( study ) trip to Avene and we had an amazing time :) Due to all the lectures we had only limited time to shop, but I did got some nice things in the city of Toulouse and ofc the goodie bags from Avene itself ;) I`ll try post some pictures soon ofc.

The **Give-Away** will end tomorrow!! And I`ll anounce the winner in the evening, already tracing people in my GFC-list and trying to make a list for all entries :)

Comming back I see my blog has slighty changed cause of the "not available"  images :S big bummer!!! As I`m quite tired still...only been at home for 1,5hours, I`ll adjust that asap.

So for now I`ll just say, talk to you soon!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My New Necklace

I like creating my own necklaces and bracelets. I wonder through shops quite often to get some ideas and then I try to order the same fort of materials online. I like working with pearls and small gems, but if faux pearl or plastic items would do the trick for me, then it`s only better for my wallet ofc ;) And it`s way handier to cut a selfmade piece into bits for creating an even better or newer "design"  then try to demolish your omg-expensive-bought-in-the-shop nacklace! I can get tired of a certain design quite quick and it`s a shame not to wear the item anymore, but then again the pieces itsef would fit perfect for a different bracelet.

During our trip to Thailand I have bought many strings of freshwater pearls, and when we were in London I bought some silver pieces at IJL as well. All pieces together got me creating this necklace. Really really like the idea of not having the back clasp located at indeed the back/the neck, but make it a piece of the necklace itself.  the beads themselves are not symetric either, which gives it all a funny playful design. Ofc I`ve added some purple tinted glassbeads as I love my purples!!

I leave you with this post for about 4-5 days now as my trip to Aven, France will start tomorrow....really exciting about it as we do know what is planned, but have no idea wht the outcome of it will be like. It seems we`ll get a small study-tour through their proces of creating and selling beauty products and even pharmacy products.

C u soon, and don`t foget to enter the **Give-Away** !!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

CND Night Factory

CND Urban Oasis ( colour ) + Tael Sparkle ( effect )  = Night Factory...

I have absolutly no regret buying some of the CND effect polishes, I love what they do to "normal" colors. "you'll find the perfect Effect for every mood." = What`s posted on Transdesign. And it`s very true. Myself I`m very into sparkling polishes, I would not pick the pearls or the shimmers. And I love the fact you can play around with it on other brands/polishes/colors as well. When I receive my packages I always try them on on different fingers, not worth snapping some photo`s for this blog since it usually ends up in a complete mess :) But I did try each of my ordered sparkles ( Tael, Raspberry and Jade ) on top of the same base, Urban Oasis, 3 big different looks on 3 fingers!! I`ll try to make a nice photo of it next week so you can all see the difference like I did, since I`m so over-enthousiastic about it ;)

For this combo, I could wear the tael color on it`s own, tbh I love the color. It`s a very very nice polish, only needed 1 layer and it covered everything. the perfect brush helped a lot as well ofc. The effect-polish just adds a little...sparkle :) I would really really recommend these sparkles to anyone!! Not just this combo, but try create your own look with it, casue of the many possibilities!!

Check CND`s original website for their available colors

1 week left....

only 1 week left to join in on my **Give-Away**

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cookies And Cream + Konad

I`ve worn Cookies And Cream all day and even got complements from one of my colleagues. I love it as a nude, but after the day I thought it looked a bit dull so I was ready for some Konad action :) Having some (4)  Konad plates and a Bundle Monster set it`s sometimes hard to decide which plate to go for, and when it`s that time again I always pick the leopard one. It`s funny...quick, and actually can`t go wrong at all cause it looks okay from each angle. I used Gosh - Purple Heart for it, it`s not a deep dark cause of the purple duochrome looks in it.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

you girls are mean! ;)

These shoes and these polishes you can see in the pictures or`s all your girls fault I bought them!!

Spamming away with links of the awsome Sale at Asos....I just had to have those :) I mean look at the sexy shoes, they`re amazing, and I`m so glad they could be send so quickly cause I`m taking them along with my France trip next week wooptiedooo. And the polishes...oeehh I`ve been wanting to have some Ciate polishes for a while, specially the Cookies And Cream color. ( other 2 are Velvet Tuxedo and Sharp Tailoring, all 3 make a set from the Elemental collection ). After putting these items in my basket I quickly payed and logged out, cause it would have been a disaster for my credit card :S

Monday, October 4, 2010

Gosh Holographic

Readers choice I picked Gosh holo today :)

As you can zoom in, it already has some slight chips on the edges, cause I washed my hands so often today. I`m not wearing a proper base-coat and defo not wearing a topcoat since those ruin this it`s my own fault it chipped. Then again it was a rather okay priced polish and I`m willing to renew it every day cause it looks so special. I still love this flashy color!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Scents

I`m addicted to nice smells/scents. I love to smell nice, cause it just gives a clean and healthy feeling, it brings back memories and it makes me happy. After each trip we have made I always buy a new scent at the airport to finish a wonderful time and if I wear the perfume I always go back in time again to the happy moments. If I would go through a big box of stuffed animals/old childhood things and smell the item memories get back as well. I think I can say I`m a sucker for scents :) I often choose brands for their eau de parfum cause it lasts longer then teh eau the toilettes. At the moment my range includes the ones in the photo; l`Occitane - Cherry Blossom, Valentino - Rock & Rose Couture, Dior - J`Adore, Thierry Mugler - Angel Innocent, Lolita Lempicka - Lolita Lempicka, Dior- Miss Dior Cherie, D&G - 3 L`Imperatrice, Burberry - Beat, Juliet has a Gun - Citizen Queen. Once I have used in the past; Gucci - Rush, Armani - She. I do tend to devide them in lighter scents for summer and warm/deeper once for winter for some reason :) Still I love them all and would never throw them away, once bought I`ll use it till it`s finished!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Latest TD haul :)

Don`t you love it when your package from Transdesign...or which other company you ordered from, arrives! I`m just a happy six-yr old on her bday :) Nowadays I let them ship the parcel to my work address, so my colleagues can have a look as well, and I got them a bottle of Seche Vite cause they were so curious about the product. It took me some time to complete this order since I wanted some effects polishes from CND and I couldn`t choose :S I watched and read so many posts by others and saw so many swatches that I finally came up with 3...actually i wanted 4, but can`t have it all right ;) This is the list what I bought this time;

China Glaze - Encouragement
CND -Teal Sparkle
CND - Urban Oasis
CND - Raspberry Sparkle
CND - Jade Sparkle
Color Club - Revvvolution
Color Club - Uptown Girl
( and the 2 bottles of Seche Vite )

CND & Color Club are the first bottles of these brands for me, but since I`ve seen so many colors and read good things about them, I really had to try it out :)

Oeh almost forgot!!! I got Orly`s Pixie Dust from Ebay as well...woow that`s so cute .

I`ll try make some pictures soon ;)