About me

My name is Marte, 

I`m a 30 year old working as a pharmasist-assistent  in the same city I live in in the Netherlands. I got married to my  hunny this year in april after a relationship of 10 years, we`ve been  living together quite some time now with our 3 silly cats. Lola Juliet Misch Misch, Princess Leia Lucky Buttons and Loes Skywalker.

I am  a sucker for addictions...any kind really, I call it my hobby within no  time. I love to make my own "jewelry", buy the beads and pearls, try  out new designs. Mostly my own designs ofc, but I do help out colleagues  and friends if they want to have a gift made for someone else.

At  this moment I`m very into nail polishes, lacquers, mani etc etc. I had  my nails beautifully done at the wedding with some nice acrylics and  that's where it went aaaalll wrong. Seeing all the nice products that  are available and all the nice swatches  of the bloggers online made me  create my own collection of polishes as well. I do admid most of the  polishes I own, I got after reading and watching reviews of others,  thank you so much for that girls!! keep on doing them ;) You`re advices  are so important.

Well that is my girly part really...besides  that I`m an addict to a MMORPG called World of warcraft since it started  about 5,5 years ago :S And I know quite some guy stuff since I grew up  with 2 older brothers.

well....this should be a little start,  first blog ever...and we`ll see how it goes! hope you enjoyed your stay  here ;)

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