Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Brandles, yet nais ;)

This is one of the polishes Fern has sent me, to me it`s brandles, yet has a number on the bottom saying "44", no idea if that is useful. It`s a very very dark color which shimmers completly different in diferent lights. here you see it`s moe greenish, this morning it looked more greyish, and at work it looked a bit blue as well. Super pigmented, drieing time was okayish..I did use Seche Vite in the end cause I wanted to go to bed :) I like this color a lot, I think it even looks nice with some stanping on it as well ;)

And...I had a nice piece of candywith teh flavour of Earl Grey mix.Darjeeling..wow that was nais!!! Do any of you know that?

Monday, November 29, 2010

a new look :)

I thought it was time for a new look :) As I do like the "charcoal"  color, my former template was kind of ruined as the images used weren`t ebing uploaded anymore...so many many faulty images :S I tried to save a bit by using the same colors...but it still wasn`t what I was looking for :)

I will adjust this header a wee bit to my likings..but now it`s bedtime ;)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Germany haul + **Give-Away**

I was in Germany again today, with a colleague, and bought some nice stuff :)

When i was in london I saw an add in a magazine about the Neutrogena - Pink Grapefruit fasewash. The add really got my mind trigegred, and i wanted to try it out. We did visit some drugstores but at the time I wasn`t really bothered taking it with me as we had limited space in the suitcase. So i was glad I came acros it today, they even had an exfoiliant type, but I`ll take that next time I visit. they were both about 5euros, taking em both would be a little too much for now :)

I got some cream from Nivea as well, the soft line, I use this mostly for my hands and just some dry spots really. I don`t like this as a facecream. In the background you can see an eye-mask/sleepingmask, I love the angelpicture and the colors made me very happy.

The polishes you see are on the left 3 P2 polishes; 020 Dramatic Green, 030 Sinful Blue and 010 Daring Purple. Really dark intense colors with what it seems foily finish. Next to the Nivea tube a polish by ArtDeco nr 285...it has no name, but it reminded me of the MAC Venomous Villains...only a softer color, yet same shimery effect...love it already!!! Last 2 polishes are P2, I think they`re from springcollection as the sign said they were new collection, and they don`t really look fall/wintery ;) baby green color 044 Dating Time and a baby blue  042 Being In Heaven. The 2 polishes I didn`t mention are 2 crackling polishes by P2, which I will explain under the next photo, as I will be using them for my first **Give-Away** !!!

As you can see I have used both crackling polishes; 010 Black Explosion and 020 Silver Blast...I`ve added P2 matte topcoat, which has been in my posession but has never been used. These 3 bottles will be the price for the **Give-Away**.

"rules" for this **Give-Away** ;

* to enter the give-away you need to fill in the form, comments made are always apreciated and read.
GFC-name + email are needed ofc and will count as 1 entry, if you blog about my give-away and even place me on you blogroll they can add 1 extra entry each. ( 3 entries total, bigger chance to win )
*  you have to be a follower through GFC, cause I use a rondom-thingy-website for the winner, and I will check every entry, pls note I will not become friends with you on FB just to see you made a blogentry, if the link isn`t showing properly  I`m afraid I won`t count it in.
*  items won cannot be traded for something else in my swap-page.
*  items come from a smoke-free, dog-free, yet cat-full house.
*  items are new, unless described other, if you have problems with that then pls don`t enter give-away.
*  give-away will be open till 18th December 11.30am(dutch time) and winner will be anounced later that weekend.
*  I will send an email to the winner, if I don`t get a response within 48hours I will pick nr 2 in the list. ( auto message saying you`re on a holiday and will get in contact asap are np at all )
* last but not least, it`s an internationally give-away, feel free to join in :)

This **Give-Away** has ended

Friday, November 26, 2010


I`ll be starting some **Give-Aways** soon. Festive days on it`s way, and it always feels good to make someone happy with a prize.On the other hand it`s great to receive goodies right!!

* Gosh holo + Gosh base-coat

* Catrice 3 latest polishes; Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans, Run Forest Run!, Absolutly Chinchilly!

* Essence Metallics; Iron Godess, Copper Rulez!, Steel Me, Nothing Else Metals + magnet.

So check the blog regularly as I will do 3 seperate **Give-Aways**, rules as always; be a follower on my blog, internationally give-away, respond to me within 72hours or I`ll pick someone else...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My swap with Fern!!

I want to show you all my uber swap with Fern from Polished Serenity. I received my package yesterday and I was like wooowww ;) Huge and completly stuffed with amazing and cool stuff :) It took me 2 photos the get all in the picture.  Loads of small and big samples, bracelets, keychain, naildecals, cool purse from TheFaceShop filled with yummy face products and a Hello Kitty bag, candy, polishes from; Skinfood, The FaceShop, Rainbow Face etc.  I`ll be looking forward to swatch the polishes.

Thank you very much sweet Fern, I`m very very happy with everything really!! :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

home-made jewelry :)

I looove to create my own "jewelry". It`s fun to browse shops and even netshops to find the perfect beads, hangers etc etc. I wouldn`t say I have a certain style as I do like a classic look with soft colors, but something more extreme or mixed can be fun as well. Normally I only create items for myself just to wear, but I have made items for colleagues or friends as well. Hmm perhaps one day people are really interested in some and I`ll try to make it a tiny weeny selling business ;)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wipe It Away part 2

Attempt 2 to use the Koh - Wipe It Away, and it was a very succesful attempt. Wearing the blue mani indeed had 2 toap coats and several layers of polish as well, so it`s was just a too thick layer to get through. This try I had 2 layers of Koh polish on after applyine the Wipe It Away I used a piece of tissue to get it off, which was just 1 try for each nail. The entire polish came off!! This is an excellent product when you`re in a rush or even vacation. Perhaps even on the train!! If leaves no smell like some polish removers can do. The formula is quite thick like a normal polish so no runny liquid. My nails and cuticles didn`t feel dry after using it either...they were just as dry as always :) I had a tiny wound on one of my cuticles and the formula didn`t leave a tingling/biting feeling either.

2 thumbs up for this product!!! Available in the Netherlands with Douglas stores, Koh flagshipstore in Amsterdam and on their webshop. Price is 19,95euros for 10ml.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Koh - Wipe It Away!

I was soooo happy when i got my Koh-kit as a subscription pressie. Really wanted to try it out, but for some reason I sort of forgot the bottle :S until I opend the bottom drawer of my Helmer...tadaaaa there it was.

This was my first try, and i must admit I was a bit disapointed. The leaflet cleared out you needed to apply it just nailpolish, just a layer on top, wait about 10secs. and wipe it off. Now it also cleared out that if you`d used a topcoat it would be more difficult to get off...well results show indeed haha. Ofc I use my Seche Vite, how can I not.

So it was merely first attempt, I wonder what it`ll do if I wear just 2 layers of polish..no fancy topcoat, I`ll show some pics if that happens :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

stamping with Herome plates

Essence - Forever Mine stamped with one of teh "flower" collection/set from herome with Konads white. I used a Claire`s striper in silver to color the inner dot of the flowers...can hardly see it. Topped it with Seche ofc. For some reason Martje and Konad color don`t work very well....I always wait a little before using a topcoat, yet still the colors get a little runny :S A well more excercise!! None the less I like this combo :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

To all the sweet owners of a Helmer :)

As my collection of polishes and jewel-making stuff grew and grew and grew even more...I had to think about a way how to tidy up a bit and get organised. Following some others here in Blog-land I found out Helmer would be the solution to my problems...and indeed they were!! I bought the nice red ones ( yes 2 ) as we already had the red PS closeth from Ikea in the same room, so colors would match nicely. I even added a couple of  that special plactic grip-things to layer each drawer with...but!!! I even got something else special. As the show-model in the Ikea showed one of the drawers had a special plastic deviding tray in it wich fitted in perfectly. They go by the name "Antonius" but you have to check for the right item...as there are many Antonius items available. This is what it looks like;

The costs are 1,50euro a piece ( here in NL the product number is; 50043573 ), they fit 1 Helmer drawer exactly...and I can`t live without anymore, hmm okay that`s a little too much drama, but they really work well for me ( I only have 2 per Helmer ) I stuff these with my nail-dacall/nail art stuff, liners or any other tiny stuff or bottles which can`t stand properly.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

MNY + CG leopard :)

3 layers of MNY 130 which is white, topped it with Seche vite first :S Boy-o-boy this was terrible :S haha The color was so sheer i had to apply rather thick layers, and the drying time took forever so I used Seche Vite before stamping on it :) Ofc my favorite plate from Konad, I`ve used China Glaze Poetic for teh design...and topped it of with Seche vite again, great product.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Koh - Blue Universe

Booeehoeee :( 2 days ago one of my lamps of my photo boot broke :S so now I`m taking pictures with partially yellow lights...as in my entire town there are no Cyan coated light bulbs. 1 day ago my pc had to be filtered from nasty spam, trojans and worms...another bleugh. And today I got totally soaking wet when i cycled to work...

But I was wearing my new Koh polish called Blue Universe. I hope you can see a little through the yellow light, cause I was in shock when I bought the bottle. I love this color a lot!! It`s a dark deep blue with lots of silver glitters in it aaanndd pink colored flakies!! Great combo :) I love Koh polishes, only need 2 layers of polish and topped it with Seche Vite.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ciate + stamping (BM)

In these photos I`m wearing 2 coats of Ciates - Sharp Tailoring which just glides on my nails, I love the formula and even the brushes of Ciate. A brand I highly recommend. I had luck I bought a package of 3 different colors At Asos for a discounted price, but the brand really caught me and I would surely buy more :) I`ve added some stars using one of the BM plates. For the stamping colors I`ve used red Konad color and the black one is Essence nail art Stampy Polish. I topped it all with Seche Vite.

Tbh...I had to wait a little longer with the red Konad color then with Essence. Has anyone else experienced it as well...Konad stamping colors to me don`t dry that well :S

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chanels Xmas collection

I had a giftcertificate for my bday in september from my colleagues from our local beautyshop. I`d been visiting it on a regular base during the weeks just to see if they had something nice and new and shiny ofc. The owner had already informed me the xmas collection of Chanel would be worth waiting for, but he couldn`t tell me the date yet, as he just simply didn`t know himself...until today!! I walked in and they had it weewooo.

At first I was like...what`s this :S silly weird colors, thats not very festive at all...but then I was like..hmm but i do like the colors ;) So I suprised myself with a nice nailpolish and a lipstick as well!! The polish is called 517 Pulsion and the lipstick is Rouge Coco 117 Magnolia and I loooove both already.

The polish is an extreme pink creme, that just yells, whilest the lipstick is a evry delicate shimmer...as I didn`t pick the darkest color available. I`m always more into intense colored eye shadows and leave my lipstick nice neutral.

As you can see it`s indeed a tiny tiny color and shimmer...but I love it :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

My Amsterdam haul :)

Last Saterday I went to Amsterdam with my hubbie. As I already know he isn`t a big shopper, at least not in the shops I like to visit, I set my mind on only a few shops i just had to to go and the rest was just fun and relax and we`ll see where it leads us to.

First we went to some comicbook shops where even i bought some items :S A nice issue of a Tank Girl comic...I truelly like those, I even liked the movie starring Lori Petty as the girl :) And I bought a Baby Qee..now this is rather difficult to explain so I`ll just. I buy the white/not yet decorated ones cause I like to get all creative on these. One of my favorite creations; painting one mat black and using a nice shimmering white to draw/write my favorite passage from Romeo & Juliet on it :) front and back btw.

Enough creativity...on to the amazing purchases weeewooo...

I sooo wanted to stop bij a huge department store called Bijenkorf, cause I know A`dam Bijenkorf has a flagship thingy of Koh...the dutch polish :) Omg..it was all heaven, the people there were soo sweet, and I had my hubbie waiting on a chair so i thought I shouldn`t make it too long, but in the end I think I did cause I couldn`t choose between the omg 120something colors. Should have taken pictures of it haha!! This is what I`ve bought;

Actually the pacted everything apart in nice bags, and even added some small gifts like a box to keep your rings in and a mini polish remover. They had some amazing offers; a box filled with 3 polishes matt black, a golden one and a color booster for 29.95 instead 59euros...but I wasn`t 100% sure if I`d use all those. The other offer was 1x color booster ( I already have 1 but hey can live with another), 1x Koh matte and 1 color of choice as well for 29,99 instead 59euros. And they had a nice box to pick 18 colors and pay something like 170 euros...but neh I didn`t need those in a million years haha. I had picked 2 colors I`d really liked and wanted the special matt box filled with 1 color of choice and the other one seperate. The cashier packed it all nice and I was really really happy...untill I opend it all at home :S The color that was placed in my 3 bottles offer special wasn`t the color I had picked. The girl was so nice and were so talk active she might have switched numbers cause she put 171 in in and not 117 aaarrghh, by the time I found out I was at home, which is 1,5hours away ( train ticket costs 25euros bleugh ) i emailed the shop with the problem, asking them how we can solve this problem, but I will hear of them within 3 days...sooo still waiting...big bummer :(  :(  I don`t really blame the girl, she was very friendly, but I like to see this taken care off. ( so I wanted 117 which is Smokey Violet, but got 171 instead which is Funky! and the other one is a flakie called 177 Blue Universe )

And i went to the MAC store..where the service was crap :) I asked one of the girls working there for advice on eyeshadows, saying I wanted something else then my purples I always use, I wanted a little extra, a little daredevil. Bah she didn`t gave any hints or tips at all, so I just ended up picking my own color which I love!! It`s called Contrast, a blue/purple yet very dark and has a bit of a velvery structure, normally I pick shimmers. I only bought the pan, and a refill case cause I`m pretty sure I want more colors!

It was a nice day really apart from weird things happening :) I`ll just wait for the response of the department store how to handle this problem :S and I know for now not to ask advice in the MAC stores haha. Ooow and buying the matt Koh polish...reminded me I own 4 matts by diferent brands, I think I`ll have a blogsale soon lolsz