Monday, September 24, 2012

cheap shopping!!

Sometimes you face cheap-shopping days and since they don't appear that often you should really enjoy them ;) By cheap-shopping I mean use discounts wisely or even some gift certificates...

I started at Douglas, cause they had a special offer from Herôme. If you would spend €8 on any Herôme products you coud pick out a free gift out of 3 things. I bought a new nail hardener cause my own was already started running out. The package I picked had a free glassfile worth €9,95 and I got to pick my free gift, I picked out Exit Damaged Nails Serum (an oil based product) worth €12,50.

I went to the Bodyshop cause I was there earlier that week but I couldn't find anything suitable...I became a member (for a year) which costs a membership of €10, but with the card they provide you they give a 10% discount on items you buy that year, and every €20 you spend you get points...depending on the amount of points you've saved up you can get a pressent yay!! AAaannd you can pick something out worth €10 (or more but get the €10 discount) in the month of your bday. Which for me is September. I picked out their BBcream nr 2, which I ended up paying €0,35 for ;) Not using it yet as I just started one of my Asian BBcreams.

Then I went to Etos cause I had a €15 bday giftcertificate...and I knew they had a special discount on all make-up brands. Buy 2 get 25% discount. Which I was happy about, I already picked out 2 items but I couldn't choose between them, and now I could buy them both paying a small amount extra. I picked out Maybelline Color Tattoo On and on Bronze nr 35 and Maybelline popstick Crystal Pink  nr 040. I ended up paying €1,10 extra.

I did a little Primark shopping as well and was getting pretty exhausted :S So I just took the train back home....finding in my mail...a little gift from Maybelline..yay. I didn't thought I would win, but I joined in on a FaceBook competition and I won Color Tattoo Immortal Charcoal nr 55.

A week earlier I received this package from Koh (from another FaceBook competition);

I received my favorite color Funky! along with a mini moisturiser, a mini polish remover, long lasting basecoat and a sheet with stickers with their entire collection. The sheet can be used to create your own wishlist so your partner, friends or familie can easily go to the shop pick up your favorite colors :)

The Revlon colorburst Lip butters in the first picture...they don't actually count to the cheapshopping day...I bought them at Evulbay.

As you can see I piked out Berry Smoothie and Sweet Tart.....and I love em!!! They glide onto your lips, give a nice feeling all day and the pigmentation is just enough. Somewhere between a lipgloss and a lipstick...butter is the perfect word :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

a little close-up

It's been a couple of days since we got home and I'm finally getting back into "normal" mode again. It's always quite strange to get back into your old habbits again when you faced small culture shocks. Shocks in a good way since it were great experiences!!

Since I still have a little time off before I start working at my new work....I'm only gonna do things I wanna do. Blog, shop, watch movies etc etc ;) Let me start with getting back to the "what did I shop for in Tokyo" cause the first couple of photos were terrible!!

This little bag..I didn't shop in Tokyo :) It was a gift for my bday from friends and now it holds my japanese beauty products cause they all fit in it and it looks awsome. I held a little bday party 2 days before we went on the trip (as my bday was during the trip) but I didn't bring the bag along since I was scared I might loose it or it getting damaged... I did see some Kimmidoll items in Tokyo, mostly keychains.

What did I buy;

2 lipbalms by Nivea 1 shimmering/colored and 1 peach flavored (10yrs ago when we visited Italy I bought a Labello lipbalm peach became my favorite!! but I never saw that again ), a lot of CanMake stuff; cute topping nailpolishes for when you're making food related nailart, gel-volume topcoat, amazing eyeliner, ubersweet blush in the color 9 Angelic Heart, dolly eye lash base (very curious how this will look, I do have thick lashes myself) and BB cream, light version.
3 Pa polishes (2 flakies and 1 cute flowers in clear base), 3 different Bb creams by Holika Holika (which is shimmering), Maybelline (mineral based) and a brand named Peras which is completly unknown to me but I tested it in the shop and I liked it a lot!!
The little MAC eyeshadow is from what I heared an Asian didn't know that when I bought it ;) it's the same size as any mineral eyeshadow but now it contains 4 colors!! I picked out Great Beyond. All 4 colors can be used individually, but you can blend them together as well, as the sales person tried to explain to me.
The big cute spray is a hair and head spray by Jewel Jouer (which smells devine!!! Mimi Torte).

I can tell you already I have some favorites and I reaaallly hope I can find either an Evulbay seller or someone who I can swap with cause I need certain products in my life meh. For instance the Jewel Jouer and the CanMake eye liner...lub it!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012


Hhmmm I did make some photos of the huge stuff pile I bought in Tokyo...but I'm not very fond of them :S...the photo's that is ;)

I'll just do a quick intro of what awsomeness I scored and will post more about it and the great areas we visited with some Tokyo photos as well ;)

Most of my new goodies were shopped in the amazing 100¥ shops some readers advised me to go to. I did buy a couple of Bbcreams, some CanMake make-up, Pa polishes and shoes!!! Hello Kitty Vans omg...I wanted them sooo badly ;)

Sooo in advance, I'm terrbibly sorry bout the poor quality of photo's...but I'll make it up soon :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012



I'm back :) Tired, almost exhausted, having a slight jetleg/weird feeling of time. A suitcase filled with dirty laundry and massive shoppingstuff...but I can say...

Tokyo is awsome!!!!!!

I will need just a day extra just to get back into normal dutch life again. Do some foodshopping, cuddle the cats, eat "normal" food again..and then I'm ready to show you all my new goodies and share some photos and experiences with this amazing metropolis ;)

picture stolen from the interwebzss!!!