Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New goodies

First of all I will warn you...this might just be a trigger you into buying some as well...

Many many bloggers already know of these as they seem to pop up and appear everywhere. I'm a little behind in the wonderful world of bodyproducts and make-up, but that's really fine with me :) I fell in love with the fact that every tin is limited edition and I did a little research on the interwebsz first to see what was still available.

In my silly country there are only a few online stores which sell em...and tbh they only sell the kind of dull, not really my type of tins. So I had to expand the area and came across a UK based sellingpoint...hurray!! Check here ;) Steamcream

I ended up with these 2 tins...actually 3 tins, but the other tin "Koku" was a mothersday gift for mommy. The little cat designed on goes by the name "Chiyoneko" and the blossom one goes by "Yoshino". Now you may ask yourself, why didn't i get any during my Tokyo trip :S Well they didn't really got my attention back then boehoee which is a shame, cause there are a couple of tins I would have loooved to have which are only being sold there.

I haven't tried the cream yet...cause I hadn't finished my other products yet and since they have a 6month guarantee after opening I wanted to wait a little ( the kitty one has a best before feb 2015!! so I can wait :)  )

I was thinking about using Instagram more often for photos. I really like the effects you can use, and it's so handy since I almost always carry around my phone. aaand more important I kind of already packed the other camera in the emergency suitcase for when I have to go to hospital for the baby :)

Aarrghhh am I the only one getting stalked by anonymous people on Blogger?! getting all these weird comments on former posts saying how great the blog/post is blablabla...and then at the end they try to add a link to their sites. Sites which have nothing to do with my interests like selling watches, loosing weight etc... I ignore them and delete them, but I should really try report them I suppose.