Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pupa goodies

I can`t get enough of crackle effect polishes!! When i first saw pictures of Pupa releasing some as well, my eye immediatly fell on this combination. Purple crackle over a white bc....I was lucky enough finding it on a sale during my last shopping-spree in Amsterdam. Pupa isn`t being sold in many shops in NL and buying it online, I think is just expensive cause the "shipping"  costs would only add to it. So I did a little happy dance in the shop with the discount ;)

Hmm I didn`t wait long enough for the bc to dry as you can see on my middle finger. The crackle effect makes it look like I`ve got a small gap in my nail hehe. I don't consider this a white bc either, it's just an extreme glittery silver, but I love the combination of the 2!! It was all just like I'd expected. I love the quality of Pupa polishes, yes the bottles are tiny and quite expensive for what you get, but it's worth the money to me. I love this!!! next time I use it, I'll add a nice shiney tc so I can enjoy it longer :)

Today I was visiting my friend, and there is indeed a drugstore in her town that sells Pupa...I just had to take a quick peek ;) Luckily the big signs at the door saying they had a sale on all products for 20% discount lured me even more!! I automatically head to the Pupa stand and whalhallaaaa...but I couldn`t find anything I desperatly "needed" to purchase. Already walking towards the door when a small stand next to it caught my eye again...sweet butterfly boxes, filled with 2 eye shadow colors and 2 lip gloss colors. Sucker I am for pinks and purples I grabbed this cute box, which eventually costed 7,95euros...which is an okay price :) Look at the packaging, isn't it just cute!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Make Up Store beige holoooo

Well helloooo holooo :)

I saw this color a while ago on someone elses blog and fell in love! I began my search on the web where to find this brand, and luckily there is a shop in Amsterdam yay. While I was buying my latest haul in A'dam I just had to visit the shop and seek their holographic polishes. I couldn't really descide which to take home....I have a silvery from Gosh..some OPI DS holos in pinkish shades, a S-he in light pink as well..ssooo either green which is not my thing, blue can`t see myself with that either, beige it is!

This color is named Madeleine, I`m wearing 3 thin layers on top of Gosh' fix base coat ( specially for holos ), and topped it with China Glaze - Fast Forward tc. I just love love love it shimmer and glitter. I'm pretty sure I'll use the entire bottle up, well I should cause it costed 14,50euros, which I think is quite a lot. But for now I'll just stare at my nails...  :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Essence - I love Berlin + Award :)

The first 2 polishes from Essene LE - I love Berlin. In photo 1 you can see Love This City, a somewhat corally pink which structure was extremely thin, I`m wearing bc, 3 layers and a tc in the picture. The second photo I`m wearing I`m a Berliner, bc,2 layers and a tc. Lovely grassy green color. Would love to use it to stamp on in springtime I think :)

I`ll try make some photos of the other 3 colors from this LE...I do like the colors, yet I have no clue why it was sold in winter :S Not very festive colors to my opinion, I would rather see them in spring indeed!

I was awared...again :) Both Katherine and Jessica gave me the award, isn`t that sweet!!!

I was already given the award and mentioned 7 things about me, and picked out 15 lovely bloggers....I will tell you 7 different things...but tbh not picking another 15. If you feel like rewarding yourself or tell some nice "7" things about yourself, feel free to ofc!! It's always nice to learn and see a different view from bloggers :)

1.Though I am completely dutch, not any foreign relatives english is pretty scarry :S Not my typing and spelling, which is terrible cause I have a slight form of dyslexia. But my prenounciation of words is just....english english. I have no idea where it came from, I did grow up watching lots of english shows and we listened to music quite a lot as well. When we have foreigners in the pharmacy they do always ask where I`m from :S

2. I play WOW...a lot, for almost 6 years now. When I create a character I always am very careful with picking out a name. Usually my toons get an ancient greek name with a nice meaning. My main character is Callysto (former warrior is Kallisto) her name derives from a story about a muse of Zeus who was pregnant of him, Hera did not aprove of this love and abandoned her from this world. She was pointed out to become a starsign...Big bear (her son small bear). And as I am a tank I liked the bear story a lot ;) her name also means "most beautiful", and she is a hot chick ;) Other names would be Aggelika, Phaidra, Philene, Philon, Luckybuttons (after one of the cats)  and Wizzypixie (yes the goblin just had to have a weird name).

3. I had to put a cat to sleep 6 years ago. His name was Tommy ( Tompouce) he was my cat as I picked him out when my husband and I moved in together in our apartment. He already had a cat and I wnated one of my own as well. Looking back at that time he always had small injuries. When playing quite rough he fell of a stool and hurt his leg, sometimes he had some abdomen problems. he was only 3 years old when he woke us up in the night with his screaming. We could see he was scared, and he was trying to crawl towards us. Calling the vet we could immediatly come, and there was nothing left to do. His back paws were already getting cold, which means a blocking of his veins. Best was to put him asleep. Both my husband and I cried the entire weekend, we were in such grief casue we weren't "ready" with Tommy at all. We had to say goodbye in 15minutes or less....I hope next time one of our cats will pass away it will be of old age. I tend to spoil our little ones as often as I can now and enjoy them as much as I can.

4. If my husband would agree with me...we would move!!! I would love to experience living in UK. We have visited friends of ours with my bday trip in September last year and I loved it soo much. I wouldnt have a clue how it would be to find a job there or even a house, but we`ll manage. But this will be sort a dream never comming true as he doesn`t want to take the risk...which it totally understandable ofc...but still I would love to ;)

5. I`m addicted to hightech stuff. I don`t own an Iphone or Ipad, only casue I have acces to internet at home and at work...and during my trip to work I can`t even use either of those devices since I'm cycling :S But I would loooove to own one. We have quite some tech equipment in our home. We both have our own computer with multi screens, which makes blogging quite easy when I`m playing a game ;) From every televsion in the house we have acces to the main computer for downloaded movies or music. I like this way of living, but my mum doesn``s too much for her haha.

6. We recently bought a car, 4th of January, cause we had the time and money to pick one out. Before that we sold our car last year May cause the expenses were only getting higher and it was not worth it at all. I didn`t mind living without the car cause you can get quite inventive using public traffic. But now we own one is sooo easy :) Getting huge amount of food shopping, going to my girls whenever I want to..And!! planning trips away weewoo. I did want a car which is reliable with a little space inside, cause I would really love to go camping in France or Italy, oh that would be a dream :) Just the 2 of use, 2-3 weeks hitting the road and enjoy the surroundings. We`re going to start small and organised a little trip to Bruxelles in March. Can`t wait till we go further with it ...

7. I`m scared of hights!!! I can`t even clean our front windows or paint a door just by standing on a ladder :S I get all dizzy and scared. now how stupid is that!! When we were in one of the highest buildings in Bangkok, the top of it had a rotating part...wwoooww that was terrible :S I even went rockclimbing inside ones and I almost got an astma attack cause I was afraid of the heights...sshhh don`t tell anyone though ;)

Friday, January 21, 2011

China Glaze - White Tea Extract, manicure soak

At first I was like huuuh...but then I was like aaahhh :)

I actually picked this one out with one of my latest online hauls, just to pick one last bottle to get 9 for a small flate envelope/package. Its just a watse if you don`t pick 9, and most bottles from China Glaze are 3-5dollars....and in my country it`s even double in euros :S After clicking the button of sending out the order I realised wow this could be an amazing product. Ofc I smear my hands during the day about 6 times with lotions and cremes, but how would my skin react to a nice little bath?! Since it came in without the packaging I needed to do a little search on the web how to use or even apply it. Indeed you can apply it with the brush directly onto your cuticles...leave it on for a couple of minutes and gently rinse it of. But if you use the little dripthingy you can use a small amount in a little handbath :)...or manicurebowl. Ooehh love the scent. It`s a fresh flowery scent, but not overwhelming at all.

I really had the feeling this was genle for my skin and nails. I did use a small amount of neutral body lotion as  I always do after getting in contact with water. But by the time it was evening my skin still felt so smooth, my cuticles looked so healthy, I`m not 100% what it should do... White Tea Extract massage Oil
Light textured oil rich in potent antioxidants that penetrates deep into the skin while brightening and revitalizing hands, nails and cuticles. ( according to Trans Design, talking about the massage oil ).... but to me it works :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

not 1...but 2 swaps! amagad!!!

I recently received not 1...but 2 amazing packages from swaps I had with some lovely girls :)

First package I received is from Ria. It contains 2 polishes from Korres; 05 Baby pink & 14 Pomegranate, Korres' lip butter pomegranate, Korres' bodyscrub watermelon yummy yummy, Apivita cereal & pomegranate face mask, Apivita body milk, another chamomille facial mask, nail jewelry/stickers, a lovely nail file and yummy candies!!! I soooo wnated to try out other beauty brands which are available at different countries. I`d heared good things about Korres and I`m so happy we agreed to swap. Atm I`m in love with my lip butter and will use the first facial mask this weekend. I`m planning them as I really wanna enjoy using it :)

My second package I received from Ivana :) Ooow look at those S-he polishes!! From left to right; 470, 384, 376, 439, 333, 428, 433 and 471. She added 3 little bottles of a brand called Joy as well; 131, 353 and 284. Lots of candies and a special treat for Lola!!! That's so sweet, I already gave it to Lo and she surely enjoyed it :)

Thank you both so much for the time and efford, I really love the packages. You readers should check them both, cause they're just great girls with a lovely blog to read and follow!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

little Konading in the morning :)

A quick mani before I have to cycle to the train for some shopping with mommy.

I`ve used 2 layers of Barry M Mint Green 304 and stamped it with my latest purchase on Konad plates with OPI Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not. As you can see I`m still standing in the bathroom, that's why I haven't cleaned my cuticles yet :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

new **Give-Away** ;) Gosh Holo+base-coat

For this **Give-Away** I`ll be using a bottle of Gosh Holographic & Gosh fix base special base-coat for holos....of any brand really.Both are brand new. I love the base-coat as indeed I do use it underneath China Glaze, OPI DS's etc etc, works way better then a regular base-coat.

"rules" for this **Give-Away** ;

* to enter the give-away you need to fill in the form, comments made are always apreciated and read.
GFC-name + email are needed ofc and will count as 1 entry, if you blog about my give-away and even place me on you blogroll they can add 1 extra entry each. ( 3 entries total, bigger chance to win )
*  you have to be a follower through GFC, cause I use a rondom-thingy-website for the winner, and I will check every entry, pls note I will not become friends with you on FB just to see you made a blogentry, if the link isn`t showing properly  I`m afraid I won`t count it in.
*  items won cannot be traded for something else in my swap-page.
*  items come from a smoke-free, dog-free, yet cat-full house.
*  items are new, unless described other, if you have problems with that then pls don`t enter give-away.
*  give-away will be open till 5th of February 11.30am(dutch time) and winner will be anounced later that weekend.
*  I will send an email to the winner, if I don`t get a response within 48hours I will pick nr 2 in the list. ( auto message saying you`re on a holiday and will get in contact asap are np at all )
* last but not least, it`s an internationally give-away, feel free to join in :)

This **Give-Away** has ended

Winner of the Catrice **Give-Away**

the winner of my **Give-Away** of 3 Catrice polishes; Absolutely Chinchilly!, Run Forrest Run! & Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans! is......

congratulations!!!! We`ve already had some emailcontact, so I`ll be sending out your little gift this week, enjoy it!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

my cherry blossom cake :) yumm yumm

I only wanted to show you cake :) It was my first big project at home after I`ve had a decorating workshop in the beginning of december last year, and I must admit it worked out pretty well. It tasted soooo goood. I choose chocolate bisque dough and filled it with a cherry filling, covered/decorated it with marzepin and fondant nom nom nom :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

little Amsterdam haul O_o

Ooeehh what a rainy day on Thuesday...luckely I had the day off. I already made some plans of going to Amsterdam by train ( which is just a little over an hour from here ) and visite some shops that I like. So no comic or electronic shops....just beauty shops :) Even though sale has started, I wasn`t in need of clothes or shoes...couldn't even get tempted to visit those shops...I just had fun among the beauty products :)

First stop was the Koh - flagship store at they have such nice/friendly staff, the corner always looks very tidy and you feel very welcome and helped. I went home with Essential nail serum, 131 Glamourous Purple! and a bag filled with their lovely samples which included; bath powder sensation, body scrub sensation, body oil sensation, shower foam sensation and cream soap sensation. I heared and read so many good things about these items, specially about the oil. You lit it like a candle and when it turn liquid you can use it as a warm oil to rub on your body...has an amazing scent as well...ooeehh can't wait to try this! They added a little black clutch/bag as promotiongift, I'm sure that'll come out handy!!

Next stop was Lush. Just before xmas my hubby asked me to make a small whishlist cause he had some money "left"  on our budget. I gave him some nice tips and hints and I got amazing presents, but some of those items still circled around in my head :S And visint A'dam I just had to take a visit to Lush as it only has about 5 shops in entire Holland. I picked up 2 kinds of lipscrubs; Lip Dip which has hints of lemon and cranberry and Bubblegum...speaks for itself. What's so funny about this stuff is after you've applied and just lick your lips and put on some lipbalm. It really works!! I've only used Lip Dip several times now, and I've got such smooooth lips :) I picked out R & B as well, it's a leave in conditioner for your hair. Never heared of it, but as I opened the jar just to smell it, wow I fell in love! I' m gonna try it out tomorrow ;) Picked out these goodies came to a certai amount of euros I was allowed to pick out a goddie from what was left over from the xmas selling at Lush. I asked what the difference was between all...but most contained bathbombing thingies....we don't own a bath :S But!!! Soon I'm going on a tiny weekend away to Brussels and we have a bathroom with bath weeewooo, so i can test em out there ;)

Last but not least I went to several drugstores and scored Pupas nail art kit in silver/purple...ooeehh even got it on discount. My first trip ven to Make Up Store got me a lovely holographic olish called Madeleine, it looks like a pinkish beige. I'll try to make some photo's of it soon. I was lucky to get OPI's Glam Slam set....I don't need the Black Shatter and will keep it aside for a **Give-Away** or a swap as I have a black IsaDora and a Barry M crackle polish. My Konad order came in as well, yay. I have quite small and short nails. So a normal stamp is too big most of the time, which result in the images not being stamped at same spot :S I was wodnering if the two way stamp would work better...soon to find out!! And I got 2 lovely plates as well; M66 & M70  :)

That a lovely Me-day for me, filled with rain and a blister...and stuffed bags :) I will make sure to draw the winner of my latest **Give-Away** before the end of this weekend, and I`ll place up a new **Give-Away** as well!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Benefits of working in a pharmacy....

Would be getting discounts on beauty-product you sell, brands such as Vichy, LaRoche-Posay, Avene...etc etc :) Just before the festive days began I took home some products cause I really wanted to try them out...

Avene's cold-cream handcreme....I think I bought 3, just to make sure I`ve got enough in stock. This has to be the best creme for my hands at this moment...being cold freezing weather outside, warm inside. Washing hands occaionally specially at work, dry cuticles etc etc. First minute after applying it's terrible, can't seem to rub it in, hands all white and all. But once you've reached the point it's all drenched what a feeling!! Not sticky at all, leaves no greasy spots on paper, glas or sheets at night, lovely scent. This is a favorite that will never go away.

Eucerin day and night cream with a hyaluron filter...ah what?! Yes Hyaluron acids will make sure natural collageen builts itself so wrinkle will slowly fade away..don't imagine it's nr 1 wonder product ofc, but slightly fading or even prevent work for me!! Wrinkles aside it also works on our moist-system so it keeps the skin nice firm and hydrated.....non the less this is a brand wich uses perfumes, alcohol and preservations...which again can cause skin irritations. I took home the small test set just to try it out. Sooo why an anti-wrinkle cream?! I`m 29 :(  And I want to prevent, yet treat my skin well!

Vichy Essentielles shower gel...mmmm just the scent. It`s a very soft flowery scent, reminds me of spring. I just want winter to end soooon. All the cold and darkness makes me a sad panda boehoee. using this product makes me feel fresh and clean, but not completly dehydrated. I can use a light bodymilk and it's all good :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ooeehh I`ve been awarded :)

This is my 2nd award that I receive, and I`m very very thankful for it!! I received it from Maud, thank you sweetie!

Getting this award brings some rules with it.....

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

7 things about myself....hhmmm

1) I have a secret list of things I want to do before my husband and I think of "starting"  with children ;)  One being in the top 3 atm is visite New York...and I think that will happen this year. I strongly need to work down some things so I really have them done, cause in my opinion, if we will have children eventually they will need all my time and attention. I don`t want to regret not having done certain things :)....everyone to it`s own opinion ofc ;)

2) I call my blog addictions, cause I get hooked on things quite easily.... Decorating/baking cakes, traveling, MMORPG's like WOW ( games ), nailpolishes, beauty products etc etc... But I never get hooked on it that i loose myself completly in it. And i ask my husband on a regular base if he`s okay with what I`m doing.

3) I`m a planner...I can`t stand suprises even though they`re meant well... I need to know where I am, where I will be, where I`m gonna be, etc etc  I got a little weekend away to London/friends, and it was all planned...that was so difficult for me just to give in and enjoy. As we knew we were going to get married 1,5 years in advance  I had plenty of time to arrange everything I/we wanted.

4) I grew up with 2 older brothers, so I know quite a lot of guy stuff :S Comics, cartoons, series, games, Star Wars, Star whatever ;)  Which resulted in still having quite a high interest in movies. My oldest brother plays WOW as well, so we sometimes chat nerdy is that!

5) I don't like my job very much, as it's all about being sick or people dieing...I work in a pharmacy. I can't talk or think about dieing, I hate it, I don't want to think or hear about it. Most of the time I think of what else to do, since I have no other schooling and I'm lazy, every other profession sounds apealing to me :) When I polish my nails I think about how great it would be to have a nailsalon, when I walk through a museum I think how great it would be to walk around guide some groups....if only :)

6) I can't throw away stuff with attached memories. It's not really becomming a problem yet, I just have to think 3 months about throwing an item away, and in the end...I don't miss it at all :) I think I was brought up with indeed the idea, some things might come out handy if you save it...but since my mum does have a problem stacking up silly stuff hahaha. My hubby doesn;t have a lot of memorable stuff or items from his childhood. So it;s easier for him to say I don't need it and to bin it...but I always like to have a little say goodbey to items ;) Even little notes!!

7) I hate winter, not so much snow or rain or the cold. I hate the darkness. It's the time of the year when I leave my house for work in darkness...and come home in complete darkness as well. I hate it so much ggrrr. I need sunlight, it really brightens up my day :) i haev a special Philips alarmclock which wakes me up with a soft sound or a little river...and an upcomming sun aahhh I love it. I tend to go to a tanning studio once in 2 weeks as well just to get a little "sun" boost.

and my pick of 15 lovely bloggers;

Gouldylox Reviews
beauty ponders & randoms
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The Polished Perfectionist
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Catrice - Urban Baroque LE

My local Kruitvat, the store which sell Catrice, Ghosh and Essence, is always soooo late with selling the LE of those brands that I`ve stopped whishing to walk in and buy an entire collection :S Until this week O_o I didn`t even plan on going in, only needed some shampoo and something lured me to the polish isle... Which was a good thing really cause they had 2 special displays up still filled with all polishes woooptiedoo :) I wasn`t really in the search of some french manicure colors, but with these prices i was happy to try out. Catrice' LE is called urban Baroque and contains 4 colors.

1. Pearls and Chain, 2. Rock Barock, 3. Princess & Ballerina and 4. Biscuits & Cupcakes. Each color has slight more pinkness then the number before, starting with very pale at 1 and very pink at 4. To be honoust 1 and 4 are not my favorites, I did like 2 and 3. In the picture on the right I`m wearing 3 layers of each color and it`s topped with Seche Vite.

They are a of great quality, the prices of Catrice polishes are amazing, but these 4 tbh...don`t really work for me. I like to change my polishes on a regular base and spice things up a bit with either color, glitters, Konading or whatever. These colors are too sweet :) I think I`ll place em on my swap-page soon ;)

Remember to join the **Give-Away** if you haven't already, ends 8th of Januari...after that 2 more will follow.

( the other collection I bought was the I love Berlin LE by Essence which I`ll show soon! )

Monday, January 3, 2011

Rituals cherry blossom products

A while ago I was shopping with a friend when I really really wanted to check out the Rituals shop. Me going there is like being a kid in a candy store, trying, smelling and touching everything. If was filthy rich and have loads of space in my home I would defo buy every product, well female only, they have in store! And since I don`t have either I have to limit my shopping-spree there boehoee.

I picked their lovely Eve's Kiss lipbalm ( not included in the phoho ), which has a soft apple-scent, Hanami Heaven a milky bath oil and Rice Scrub a calming shower cream scrub. Now we don`t have a tub, but I love to make footbaths so the oil came out handy that way. And sometimes when my skin is sooo dry not even cremes or oigntments are working I tend to use bath oils pure on my skin....which in this case is no punishment at all since it smells soooo nice :)

I felt partially done shopping there, but what I really really wanted was the light body perfum as well. Calculating a little during my walk I thought it was a little too much at the time. It became a huge lemming! When my hubby still needed some ideas for the xmas gifts I immediatly gave him the hint ;) and yay I got it!! I still don't know why but since I picked up the cherry blossom theme for our wedding, it became a little addiction :S