Wednesday, January 12, 2011

little Amsterdam haul O_o

Ooeehh what a rainy day on Thuesday...luckely I had the day off. I already made some plans of going to Amsterdam by train ( which is just a little over an hour from here ) and visite some shops that I like. So no comic or electronic shops....just beauty shops :) Even though sale has started, I wasn`t in need of clothes or shoes...couldn't even get tempted to visit those shops...I just had fun among the beauty products :)

First stop was the Koh - flagship store at they have such nice/friendly staff, the corner always looks very tidy and you feel very welcome and helped. I went home with Essential nail serum, 131 Glamourous Purple! and a bag filled with their lovely samples which included; bath powder sensation, body scrub sensation, body oil sensation, shower foam sensation and cream soap sensation. I heared and read so many good things about these items, specially about the oil. You lit it like a candle and when it turn liquid you can use it as a warm oil to rub on your body...has an amazing scent as well...ooeehh can't wait to try this! They added a little black clutch/bag as promotiongift, I'm sure that'll come out handy!!

Next stop was Lush. Just before xmas my hubby asked me to make a small whishlist cause he had some money "left"  on our budget. I gave him some nice tips and hints and I got amazing presents, but some of those items still circled around in my head :S And visint A'dam I just had to take a visit to Lush as it only has about 5 shops in entire Holland. I picked up 2 kinds of lipscrubs; Lip Dip which has hints of lemon and cranberry and Bubblegum...speaks for itself. What's so funny about this stuff is after you've applied and just lick your lips and put on some lipbalm. It really works!! I've only used Lip Dip several times now, and I've got such smooooth lips :) I picked out R & B as well, it's a leave in conditioner for your hair. Never heared of it, but as I opened the jar just to smell it, wow I fell in love! I' m gonna try it out tomorrow ;) Picked out these goodies came to a certai amount of euros I was allowed to pick out a goddie from what was left over from the xmas selling at Lush. I asked what the difference was between all...but most contained bathbombing thingies....we don't own a bath :S But!!! Soon I'm going on a tiny weekend away to Brussels and we have a bathroom with bath weeewooo, so i can test em out there ;)

Last but not least I went to several drugstores and scored Pupas nail art kit in silver/purple...ooeehh even got it on discount. My first trip ven to Make Up Store got me a lovely holographic olish called Madeleine, it looks like a pinkish beige. I'll try to make some photo's of it soon. I was lucky to get OPI's Glam Slam set....I don't need the Black Shatter and will keep it aside for a **Give-Away** or a swap as I have a black IsaDora and a Barry M crackle polish. My Konad order came in as well, yay. I have quite small and short nails. So a normal stamp is too big most of the time, which result in the images not being stamped at same spot :S I was wodnering if the two way stamp would work better...soon to find out!! And I got 2 lovely plates as well; M66 & M70  :)

That a lovely Me-day for me, filled with rain and a blister...and stuffed bags :) I will make sure to draw the winner of my latest **Give-Away** before the end of this weekend, and I`ll place up a new **Give-Away** as well!!

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i really like the nail polish colours. I also have a black shatter but from barry m. :)

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