Wednesday, January 19, 2011

not 1...but 2 swaps! amagad!!!

I recently received not 1...but 2 amazing packages from swaps I had with some lovely girls :)

First package I received is from Ria. It contains 2 polishes from Korres; 05 Baby pink & 14 Pomegranate, Korres' lip butter pomegranate, Korres' bodyscrub watermelon yummy yummy, Apivita cereal & pomegranate face mask, Apivita body milk, another chamomille facial mask, nail jewelry/stickers, a lovely nail file and yummy candies!!! I soooo wnated to try out other beauty brands which are available at different countries. I`d heared good things about Korres and I`m so happy we agreed to swap. Atm I`m in love with my lip butter and will use the first facial mask this weekend. I`m planning them as I really wanna enjoy using it :)

My second package I received from Ivana :) Ooow look at those S-he polishes!! From left to right; 470, 384, 376, 439, 333, 428, 433 and 471. She added 3 little bottles of a brand called Joy as well; 131, 353 and 284. Lots of candies and a special treat for Lola!!! That's so sweet, I already gave it to Lo and she surely enjoyed it :)

Thank you both so much for the time and efford, I really love the packages. You readers should check them both, cause they're just great girls with a lovely blog to read and follow!!

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Irishenchantment said...

wow you're one lucky girl :)

Anonymous said...

That an awesome swap, have fun trying it all out for us!

Ivana said...

Yay, I'm glad that Lola liked it. :))) And can't wait to see your swatches! Enjoy your new goodies! :))

Ria said...

I'm glad you liked everything!Be prepared for a second package from me soon!

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