Monday, January 3, 2011

Rituals cherry blossom products

A while ago I was shopping with a friend when I really really wanted to check out the Rituals shop. Me going there is like being a kid in a candy store, trying, smelling and touching everything. If was filthy rich and have loads of space in my home I would defo buy every product, well female only, they have in store! And since I don`t have either I have to limit my shopping-spree there boehoee.

I picked their lovely Eve's Kiss lipbalm ( not included in the phoho ), which has a soft apple-scent, Hanami Heaven a milky bath oil and Rice Scrub a calming shower cream scrub. Now we don`t have a tub, but I love to make footbaths so the oil came out handy that way. And sometimes when my skin is sooo dry not even cremes or oigntments are working I tend to use bath oils pure on my skin....which in this case is no punishment at all since it smells soooo nice :)

I felt partially done shopping there, but what I really really wanted was the light body perfum as well. Calculating a little during my walk I thought it was a little too much at the time. It became a huge lemming! When my hubby still needed some ideas for the xmas gifts I immediatly gave him the hint ;) and yay I got it!! I still don't know why but since I picked up the cherry blossom theme for our wedding, it became a little addiction :S

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Avery said...

Alle producten van rituals vind ik echt heerlijk :D

Maud said...

Je hebt de Stylish blogger award gekregen ^^

Martje said...

Ahh thnx sweetie!! I`ll make sure to have a nice post before the end of teh week :)

Perfectly Unordinary said...

Hmmm, this is my favorite scent from Rituals! I have the Magic Touch body cream and I absolutely love it!!

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