Tuesday, August 31, 2010

P2 haul :)

Last monday I went to Kleve, Germany, which is about 45 minutes drive from where I live. I sometimes go there by myself, but most of the times with a friend. When I was growing up, my parents went there as well, so I`ve been there loooadss of times now. The reason we go there is food shopping and make-up/body products. They have such different products available there and most prices are lower then "ours". For instance, baking products for pies and cakes, waaaayyy more different items available. Cake flavours, toppings, fillings etc etc.

Anyway...we also went to the drugstore called DM and I did some major P2 shopping :) They finally had P2`s cotton gloves, they`re always sold out when I go to the store :S , can use those when you have some nice cremes on and want to leave them on during the night. I bought their Quick Dry Spray as well, wanted to try it out, haven`t heard anyone about it yet. And ofc I "needed"  some color polishes as well ;)

*191 gigantic, a rich creme blue
* 248 rich,a deep purple with shimmers
* 249 dangerous, a teal creme
* 208 rich& royal, a taupe...perhaps mauve..nice color :)
* 207 stormy, a nudy beige with tiny shimmer
* matte topcoat

I`ll try to make some photo`s of these colors as well soon :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ideas for London?!

I mentioned it earlier...but I`m going on an amazing trip to London wooptiedooo.

It`ll start this Thursday, September 2nd right after my bday :), we`ll take a flight at about 12ish/noon, being picked up by our friend, and the adventures will start :) As we will sleep/stay at our UK friends, they have made an amazing plan for the 4 days following. Which include shoppingspree as well ofcourse, fancy diners, a secret on Saterday, a jewellery trade event on Sunday.

I did ask some nice blogger before for some info where and what I should visite, and I made this tiny little list of things I`d like to go to. Now those 4 days won`t be entirely shopping, we`ll do some other fun stuff as well, but there are some shops I`d like to visit (it`s my 6th time in London, so wont do to many cultural things as we`ve done em before. And I did see loads of shops before...but some need another visit :)  );

* any Superdrug; maybe a little Barry M, Nails Inc.,
* Debenham, Fraiser,John Lewis; Nails Inc as well. Defo wanna try get some Lippmann, MAC, Urban Decay...but I`m not gonna shop for polishes only ofc!
* hmm I wanna search for a nice jacket, which i call inbetween jackets. Not fully for summer, defo not winter. really a nice autumn jacket :)
* I`d like to visit Harrods...ofc! GAP, Selfridges, oeh Lush cause I only visit the Amsterdam one which is like 1 time a year :S
* Preferable I`d like to buy shoes....I always buy shoes in london, so why not this time :)
* I`m gonna visit; International Jewellery London on Sunday!!
* I would love to shop for a book called; Cook Yourself Thin. been watching the program on tv and omg...they transform ingredients in so many tasteful recipes yummyyy.

Would there be anything I really need to take home?! Or any shops I should defo visit?!
Any ideas are always welcome!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

IsaDora graffiti polish

Wooptiedooo :)

I tried some IsaDora polishes from my swap, and I love em!!

* I used Sally Hansen double duty as a base-coat
* 2 layers of IsaDora Vintage Mint 619
* 1 layer of  IsaDora graffiti Black tag 801 ( looks very funny when it starts to crackle )
* topped it with 1 layer of SecheVite

which resulted in this mani :) and I love it. I did read an article about the crackle effect wouldn`t work if you`d use a different brand underneath the graffiti polish...we`ll soon find out ;) For now I`m sticking with this combo for next few days and will try out the Masterpiece Pink 803 graffiti one when i get back from London!

Friday, August 27, 2010

My first swap :)

I received a lovely package this week, containing polishes from my international swap with the lovely girl behind Amused Polish.

it contained;
  • IsaDora Graffiti Masterpiece Pink 803
  • IsaDora Graffiti Black Tag 801
  • IsaDora Vintage Mint 619
  • a lovely glitter by b.pretty
  • S-he 466
  • S-he 427
  • S-he 464
  • Glam Nails Larissa 90
  • Glam Nails Rainbow 93
How cool is that!! I`m very very happy with all the polishes and I`ll be looking forward to use and swatch them :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ooeehh I`ve been tagged! :)

The Rules:
1. Post who gave you this award
2. State 10 things you like
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment

1, I was tagged by Evelien from Beauty Ponders & Randoms

2, 1.Vacations/going-away-trips; through the years we`ve visited some countries like Cuba, Thailand, Tunesia, Marocco, Turkye, Italy, France and had some amazing trips to London, Paris, Lille (france), Barcelona. I love going away, just visiting a different culture, smell a different air and taste nice food...next on my whish list is defo New York!!

2. Baking; since we moved to this house we live in now about 3 years ago, we got a brand new kitchen and the urge to bake things came alive. In our old appartment the kitchen was too small to make a descent 3 course meal cause I didn`t even have the equipment to use either. Even if it`s a cake/a pie or some nice roast chicken I love to try things out...and stuff my belly with it yumm yumm :)

3.My cats!!! Now you might have read about those silly animals ;) We don`t have any children,yet, but we do take care of 3 monsters. Loes 15yr, Princess Leia Lucky Buttons 4yr and Lola Juliet Misch Misch 1yr. I really love em a lot, they`re spoiled like hell but ooh soo sweet :)

4. Beauty products, thank god for those. If I would be born a man, I`m pretty sure I would be gay with those nice things available, or just extremely metro-sexual. I love to pamper mysel with footbaths, lotions, bodybutters, oigntments, cremes, exfolliants, polishes, fragrances etc etc etc

5. My girlfriends, though I don`t have a lot of friends, I do have extremely close/dear friends who mean a lot to me. We visit eachother when we can, we all live in different cities apart from eachother but share the same profession which makes it understandable if we can`t hook up cause we`re tired or just nagging about work ;) I love being around them.

6.Clothes!! Shoes!! Bags!! I work in a uniform and it feels great comming home, taking off everything and jump into something different. Or dress up nicely for a diner or party. And if it all matches....the extreme shoppingspree has worked out the way it should ;)

7."Fantasy" stories, now when i say fantasy...it might bring your attention to a different thing. I like ancient greek stories about heroins and godesses who conquered and accomplished things. Specially the story about Callysto/Kallisto (which name I use for my character in an mmorpg-game called World of Warcraft) I love stories about angels as well, though I`m not a religious person I like the idea and thought of angels...not the fallen ones ;)

8.Jewelry, I like to make my own jewelry. I like collecting beads and pearl and create my own earrings, bracelets and necklaces. I also like to browse through my mothers ancient jewelry and tell her which I`d pik if she`d pass away, but we can laugh about it and she tells me i`m not getting anything cause she`ll take it all with her into her grave :S how mean mom!!

9. My husband, we`ve been together about 10,5 years now. Got married on 7th of April this year, the day we`re together 10years...and I love him :) What can I say. We shared a lot, grew up together and have so many things we want to do still, he makes life fun.

10. Little things :) children smiling and playing, an old man thanking me for the service the pharmacy (my work)  provided for him, little birds singing, fresh cherries, a lovely new perfume, first rays of summer, the beautiful coloring of the leaves of the trees in autumn, the purring of the cats on a gloomy sunday morning, a new song on the radio whilest you mix and match nice food in the kitchen, a freshly painted door, fresh cut grass, a hug and kiss from your friend....need I go on ;) I smile a lot during the day, cause we need that in life and if everybody does that a bit more once in a while, you`ll appreciate small things more as well :) 

3, I`d like to tag the following 10 bloggers;

Zoya Posh/mat

At first I was like O_o ooehh...but now I`m like wow!!!

I think i had to get used to the color, I`m not very good with reds, I smear it all over my fingernails and hands or work it in such a way you`ve never seen such streaky nails, but this one...I love! We once had a red wall, was in our appartement and we had to redo the stupid paint for about 7 times!!! I think that`s where my original fear for reds came from :) But after applying even 1 coat of this polish I thought; this could be my missing red! I applyed a second coat just to finish it up and make it look perfect, casue it does to me. I must say I`m very happy with the result, it`s defo a stayer in my little Helmet!

I wonder what this color would look like with a little Konad action and!! how long will this red beauty last since I can`t really use a topcoat casue it`s a matte...hmm....we`ll see!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sebastian hairproducts-package

I placed a little blog about me winning a bag 2 weeks ago, and I already noted in that same post that same company informed me I won another competition.

That package arrived as well :)  A huge can of hairspray, a tiny pocket-sized one as well, a small can of so called potion no 9 hairserum and some satchets shampoo & conditioner, all by the brand Professional Sebastian. i was very happy to receive these items :) I would never buy expensive hairproducts as i`d only use em about 3-4 times and I end up putting my hair in a pony-tail cause it`s to warm and clipping my fringle all the way to the back of my head as well as I`m afraid of essesive oily skin..iieeeuww. I`m a big didaster when it comes to nurturing my hair....if anyone has ideas or tips, they`re always welcome!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Claire`s mood Calm/Wild

Now you might think...hey what a dull color, I don`t see any color changing going on. Well it is actually just one huuuge changing of colors :) Right after I showered and took of my old color I wanted a fresh new polish. First I used a little Sally Hansen double duty, followed by 2 layers of Claire`s mood polish Calm/Wild. Since I was still a bit warm from showering the color immediatly changed color which made applying a bit difficult :S cause I could only guess where the brush just had been  really. I don`t have any long nails atm...I`m trying to grow them...so you won`t see massive changing on 1 nail, but as I kept my nails close to the bottle you can see the difference. I did wash my hands under cold water just to see the effect of the changing, but it didn`t last that long till it reached the Wild side again. I do love the polish, as far as I know it`s the only mood one with shimmers in it. I would really recommend this color to others!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

OPI Ink + Viva la Nails

Today after painting the frames and doors I was ready to paint my nails. I had OPI-Ink laying around for a while now and I really wanted to try out some Viva la Nails items as well.

Started with a layer of Sally Hansens doubly duty, 2 layers of OPI - Ink, topped it with SecheVite. Love OPI - Ink, can`t say it`s blue nor purple, it shimmers all over my nails . I took my little nail-art helper from Essence and dipped it in sallys double duty and created a little line on my index and middle finger. Then dipped it in the little nailart box filled with green tiny pearl, they only got stuck to the line ofc. ( I bought a little nailart box from Essence as well, and stuffed the 8 compartments with the Viva la Nail bags as I didn`t find it handy to work with an open bag ) After a little while I thought it would be dry and I wanted to 'seal"  the pearls in by layering yet another coat of double duty....pls never do so, cause the green paint of the pearls isn`t consistent and will fade off leaving a green brush :S So that was a lesson for next time. luckily I saw it in time and didn`t dip the brush pack in again. the little pink "tears" on the other 2 fingers were easy-peasy to stick on.

On my thumb I`ve used a little fimocane creation, which wasn`t part of the blog-package, but I ordered it as well since I wanted to try those out. I pre-cut almost half the cane into thin slices. Again I used a drip of double duty to "glue"  the butterfly to my nail and after a while I topped it with an entire layer.

I`ll make sure I have some real nail art glue next time, the waiting for Sally to dry took longer then i suspected it would. Overal it was done within 40 minutes still and I do like the result. If it`s really working for me ...I truelly things so, but tomorrow is an extreme test since we need to finish the painting bleugh...

Oh and btw...the iodine and bandage on my thumb were not part of my nailart experience ;) I was a little rough with cleaning my hands with terpentine after painting.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I did a little ordering at E.L.F. company. I found out there was a special Belgian/Dutch site and they would ship quite fast, and indeed after about 5 days it arrived :) All items are boxed/sealed, not a classy stylish look but it`s very hygenic.

I ordered;

nailpolish; Gum Pink, Fair Pink, Plum, Moonlight, Mod Mauve, Desert Haze, Innocent.
liquid lipstick; Bark, Brownie Points
liquid eyeshadow; Misty Mauve, Sexy Silver
waterproof eyeliner; Black, Ash
all over color stick; Spotlight
some brushes and a bottle of brush shampoo...I wonder what that`s like. I always have troubles cleaning my Clinique foundation brushes :S

Now this all sound like... a lot...and it does really :) but most items were 1 euro each, I think it`s rather cheap and willing to try it out. Perhaps I found some favorites amongst it , now that would be cool!!

What does concern me is the sticker on outside box of the nailpolishes says it can be used 12 months after opening...whilest sticker on bottle itself says 6 months :S And the only sticker on the all over color stick is only usable 4 months...that`s quite short... but for those 1euros can`t complain right?!


I received my Viva la Nails weblog-sample package today and omg it`s sooo stuffed :) Waterdecals several colors and figures, punched stars yellow and blue, tiny foil stripes, red rhinestone flowers, green rhinestone "gems" , little orange feather, green small pearls some black and red sparkle thingies :) I bought 2 little canes as well cause I really want to try those out; purple butterfly and rose flower.

I`ll show some creations soon!! Hopefully this weekend after painting the doors ;)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chanel Paradoxal

Wooop tie doooo. Seeing aaaaall the swatches of this color made me even want it more :) After buying it I placed it in front om my desk and been watching it for about 2 weeks now. I finally had the courage to take it out of teh box and paint my nails with it. First I washed my hands carefully...even used P2 hand exfoilliant ( which smells so nice of oranges ), applied my Sally Hansen, 2 thick layers of Paradoxal, and toped it with SecheVite. As soon as it was completly dry and didn`t creat dents I walked to teh room and just enjoyed the color. WOW!! I love this :)

Unfortunatly I had to make a quick snap before I had to ride my bike to the train, cause I had an important day of shopping with my friend ahead. So as you see my cuticles are very dry, but I solved that in the train with my yummy Sally cuticle oil :)

The picture only shows slight shimmer of the polish in the bottle, not of my nail, but I can assure it it was there!! Even my friend noticed it and she liked the color as well.

It was an extreme pain when I bought it...I think my paycard even has some damaging or even scars :S but it`s well worth it :) I`m wearing it for 3 days now and not a single sratch, nor any dents and it still shimmers :)

Zoya Edyta

I received this color together with Kelly ( and some other polishes ) in my latest package. Still have to get used to it, looks very differnt on my nail then in the bottle. It`s clearly a dark green color to, yet in the bottle it`s either gold...or green... Nevertheless a great color, specially for fall :) It`s a rather complete color on it`s own, I wouldn`t Konad on it or even apply sparkling thingies :)

In the picture I`m wearing a Sally Hanson double duty base-coat, 2 thick layers of Edyta and topped it with SecheVite...sounds familiar right ;)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Zoya Kelly

Hello!! Meet my new best friend Kelly :)

Hmm...color might apear a little matte in the pictures, but it`s defo shining. I received this polish last week with my order from eNailSupply. It`s from the Wonderful collection.

I looove this color, it`s a deep dark grey, the polish itself is creme-based and glides on your nail. The first layer showed some streaks, but applying the second it all vanished. Dries fast, but since it was on my toes I wanted to be sure and applyed the SecheVite.I would recommend this color to polish-lovers!! and I can`t wait to use it on my handnails and try several Konads on it :)

In the picture I`m wearing a Sally Hanson double duty base-coat, 2 thick layers of Kelly and topped it with SecheVite. ( only this foot....cause I have Edyta on the other one )

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Channelesque + L8R G8R

Yay I had an awesome week...not only did my Herome plates arrive...my BundleMonster plates arrived as well, and this mornign I could pick up my package from eNailSupply. Will try out the new Zoya`s next week, but I had to try out Channelesque first and omg I love that color!! I ordered 2 bottles since I knew it`s a pain to get and I`d like to use the 2nd bottle for either swapping or one of the following give-aways, but applying the color made me wanna keep the other bottle as well haha.

I hope the pictures are okay, was already getting dark and I didn`t feel like walking downstairs for the light-box :S At least my weddingring looks great . If I`ll get too many complaints I`ll make some new photo`s, don`t worry!!

After applying Sally Hanson double-duty as a base-coat, I applyed 2 coats of Channelesque, and used image plate BM12 with L8R G8R from the OMG-collection ( both nailpolishes are from China Glaze ofc ). Topped it with SecheVite.

I like the way those holos really dance/play with the light, each angle gives a slight colorchange. I`d seen it with swatches from other bloggers and defo will try it more often :)

** Give-Away ** Catrice-polish

This is a little give-away of a fabulous color by Catrice, Sold Out For Ever. I`ve read it`s a dupe of one of Chanels colors, which I didn`t know, but I just find it an amazing color :) It`s a minty green and has a slight shimmer in it.

Rules of the give-away;

* to enter the give-away you need to fill in the form, comments made are always apreciated and read, but will not be included for the give-away.
*  you have to be a follower through GFC, cause I use a rondom-thingy-website for the winner.
*  item won cannot be traded for something else in my swap-page.
*  give-away will be open till September 11th 11.30 am and winner will be anounced later that evening.
*  I will send an email to the winner, if I don`t get a response within 72hours I will pick nr 2 in the list. ( auto message saying you`re on a holiday and will get in contact asap are np at all )
* last but not least, it`s an internationally give-away, feel free to join in :)

**Give-Away** has closed

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Herome image-plates

Yay I received my Herome package, was quite a fast delivery. Only after ordering and paying it took about 2 days, but then again it`s a dutch company so why should it take ages ;)

I came acros these plates by coinsidence really. Wanted to get some more info on their website about the W.I.C. colors and then I hit the webshop and saw they had a total different line; W.I.C. graffiti NailArt. It includes the same small bottles as their polishes, only these brushes are like liners and there are less colors available. They sell starting kits with 1 bottle of nailart polish with a scraper, stamper and a plate or bigger sets. I wasn`t interested in the polishes...weird huh ;)...so I went to the plate sets. There are 4 sets available and I bought 3 of em. First picture you see is Fancy-set, second picture is flower-set and third picture is Tip-set...which i can`t use yet since my nails are extremely short. Forth available set is called Say it!..which has numbers and letters, I`m not really into that. Had to try the set immediatly ofc!!!

  • started with Sally Hansen base-coat
  • 2 layers of Catrice-Let`s Talk About Berrie! 080
  • for stamping used Gosh-silver 555
  • toped it with SecheVite :)
For the stamping I used first plate of the first photo, the little splashy thingy, and I was having quite fun so I didn`t really care the stamping wasn`t in the same positioning on each nail :)

Oeh and prices...I payed 7,50euros for each set so a total of  22,50euros. ( And each set comes in a cute silver box ) No delivery costs since it was more then 15euros. I haven`t seen these in shops, only Heroms eshop.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fruit of the region

I would love to say these grow in my own backgarden...but my cherry-tree is only 1 year old and doesn`t give cherries that big and that amount either, the strawberries came from a plant I only received less then a week ago, so they did grow partially..in my garden :) The cherries and blackberries were given to me by my mum who works with someone who ownes loads and loads of fruit orchards. These are the kinds of fruits that grow a lot in this region, the middle of the Netherlands, with some of the major rivers surrounding us, providing us fertile ground and soil. Raspberries, prumes grow here as well, along with apples and pears, but it`s not the right season for those yet. All yummy :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

PIP :)

This china is made by a dutch brand called PIP-studio, actually they started out as designer studio to help other brands like Oilily, but they can handle things on their own quite well ;)

China, stationary, bags, towels, bathrobes, quilts, beddings, pillows even wallpaper. You name it, they have it really.  Atm I`m in love with their designs that has flowers ( hurray it`s cherryblossom ;)  ), butterflies, ribbons and birds on it. Just accros where I work there`s this shop which sells their china collection...which is NOT a good thing for my wallet!! Luckily I have very friendly colleagues who gave use some items as a present for our wedding.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Catrice + Konad

I`ve done a little Konad  ;)

* First I used Sally Hansen double duty as a base-coat
* 2 layers of Catrice - From Dusk To Dawn 200, I love this brownish mauve
* used Konad image-plate M3 with Konads special nailpolish white to create the stars
* topped it all with SecheVite

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I won a bag!!!

Yay, I won a little something :) Not just anything, but a beautiful bag. I participated in a win-competition by a magazine called Sante. They have these winthingies on a regular base, just like Elle, Red and some other magazines which share the same publishers.  The competitions are extremely easy to participate in...just enter your address and email and if you will win, they`ll let you know. I join those on a regular base, but only when they have goodies that apeal to me. When it`s something I can`t use, or just simply won`t use, what`s the point in joining in, rather have someone else have more chance winning it. Few weeks ago they had a contest and the price to win was a bag, a beautiful think leather bag inspireed by paper bags some groceries/food shops have. It`s a dutch design made by Ramon Middelkoop, manufactered in India by a Fair Trade Center.

It took about 2 weeks from getting the email that I`d actually won and receiving the bag. I have it for about 5 days now, only showing it to people cause I was soo happy winning somehting :) I must admit I would not have bought the item ( since it is available through internet in several online Fair Trade shops) cause of the price it is 79,95euros, through the Sante website where I have won it people can get a discount of 10euros. I do love it and will use it a lot cause of the durability since it`s made from really thick leather.

Unfortunatly this website, Goodforall, is in dutch, but it really shows where the bags are made in India. If people are interested in the bag or otherr items Ramon Middelkoop made, Goodforallshop, this is where to look :)

(yesterdag I received an email about winning a Sebastian hairproducts-package O_o...I wonder when they`ll deliver that weeeee)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

W.I.C. (Herome) - Casablanca

Another color by Herome, only this one is from their W.I.C. collection, which stands for World Inspired Colors. My color is named Casablanca nr110, I didn`t pick it by name, just purely by color. It`s a soft lilac/mauve with shimmers. In the picture I`m wearing 2 layers without a base-coat, but topped it with SecheVite. It`s a very sheer color, but I like the softness of it.Just like the Koh one, it`s a sweet soft color.

W.I.C. collection has 79 different colors, all named by cities around the world. just as Koh colors vary from sheers, to shimmers, to cremes even duochromes. Can`t judge colors by pictures or even the website W.I.C. colors, have to see them rl really. Available mostly in Douglas shops around the Netherlands, but also in some retail shops. Even 1 in my town ;) weewooo.  The costs per bottle vary from 7,50euros to 7,95euros which I think is odd but okay. botles are 7ml. Dries fast, small cute bottle. I think it`s worth it, for me this is a quality product ( I own different Herome products and love em all).

Koh - Baby Grey

This is my first polish from Koh and I think he will get some friends soon ;) Koh is originally from Herome, which is a dutch brand. It`s being sold in Amsterdam at the Bijenkorf in a flag-ship store and in at Douglas all over the Netherlands, as far as I know but correct me if I`m wrong ofc. Koh is a very delicate line of 120 different colors  from sheers to shimmers, to cremes and even holos. Koh-cosmetics has a website, but only the dutch version has an online-shop. Polishes are being sold for 14,95euros each, 10ml. I strongly suggest to watch the colors rl cause some just don`t apear good on photo`s :S ooww and good thing to know, they pack each polish in an individual cute box :)

I bought this color cause it just called me from the rack really :) It`s called Baby Grey nr 229 and as I understood it`s from their latest new selection with other "baby" /soft/pastel colors. Amongst them there is a yellow, beige, pink, blue and a nude.

I love this color for the little shimmer/glitters in it, they`re pink and makes the grey look really cute!! I`n the picture I wear 2 layers without a base-coat, but I did apply SecheVite afterwards. I had fake nails before...type; extreme too long and this cute color didn`t really look good on it, I love it on my short nails :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Everything...cherryblossom :)

Don`t you just sometimes love a specific item...and then go totally mental on it?!  I created an addiction for anything that includes cherry blossom... It started as our weddingtheme. Long before the special date, we had plenty time to organise things. As we planned it to be small, intimite with just some friends and family, there was time to really think things over about the smallest things really...When I have something in my mind, and I know I have the time I just want to search the entire world for the most perfect itmes, and I did really :) (Got gifts from China and America, small takeout boxes from China, my dress from China.) Creating our own safe-the-date cards, which isn`t a normal thing to use in the Netherlands, creating our own wedding invitations as well. Well all we needed was 11 cards, such a waste of money to send it to a specialiced printcompany. I decided to take the cherry blossom as the theme thingy, as we would be wedded in the beginning of spring, and as wikipedia and many other websites explain Sakura flower is a symbol of something new and fresh to start..now how awsome does that sound when you both start a new phase in live!! :) hmm...the addiction really got through as I ordered the wedding cake...look at the top layer!!

I even wore the lovely cherry blossom scented eau de toilette by  l`Occitane with matching glittered body moisturiser...handcream etc etc etc ;)

We gave our guests small chinese take out boxes with small gifts in it both decoreated with cherry blossom stickers.

And on our honeymoon to Thailand I bought a little necklace, the hanger is shaped like a littel pink flower...guess which flower ;)

( and I even bought a special japanese edition of Opi nailpolish from the Yokohama collection color...CherryBlossom :S  )

Did you know Palmolive has a new handsoap cherry blossom scented ;)  Now how nuts is that!!! 

Monday, August 2, 2010

He`s going in circles...on my toes :)

Weewooo shiny toes :)

I received this polish with my Head2Toe order. It`s a soft green color, in the bottle it looks like it`s a glitter-polish. It glides very smooth onto the nails, I did use strong adhesion base-coat from CG first though, and dries up quite fast. After applying 3 coats I sealed it with Seche Vite....I received Seche Vite with the same order, only used it about 3 times and and I loooove it!! Polishes dry up soo much faster, really worth the money.

I can`t really say if this color, after applying 3 layers, is a glitter-polish or a holo. Tried to read some other bloggers reviews on it, some couldn`t come up with the exact as well.Sooo I`m letting it inbetween :) lovely color!

Ooeehh a countdown

It`s August already, I had a little b-day party of one of my best friends yesterday and it made me realise....my b-day is comming closer and closer as well :) And even when I`m reaching the age of 29, it still feels like a party. i love my bdays. Always try to get the day off from work to spend it all on myself....well cleaning the house, baking cakes and doing food shopping as well, but it`s my day and no-one can take it away.

My husband is creative with the presents he gives me...last year he couldn`t think of anything...cause well we have a silly habit. We actually buy anything we want, and leave nothing to whish for. Bigger things are only to dream for, and you can`t have it all. But pure materialistic...we just buy what we want. But the one thing I really really want, we couldn`t agree on caue I really really wanted a ( yes a third ) kitty. I love cats so much. He did suprise me several days before my b-day saying, well...I can`t think of anything else for you except a kitty. It came as a shock, but I immediatly went searching for kitties in the neighbourhood.  We ended up driving an hour to pick up Lola Juliet...she`s 1 year and 4 months now and she`s the little sweet cuddle monster. ( We could have gone to a shelter as well to pick out a kitty, but I prefer picking one at peoples homes casue they had one on one attention and therefor no shyness )

This year..I already know my b-day present as well, cause I don`t like suprises :S

We`re going to a trip to london, starting thursday september 2nd and we`ll get back monday september 6th. We tend to stay at friendsin a village near London and they already planned  the entire trips and restaurants...I`m sooo looking forward to it :) I already had a little emailcontact with a nailpolish-blogger who`s from London what shops I should visit to get best polishes ;) I`t won`t be my first time London, think it`s 6th time now. But I looove the city, I love the shops, the metro, just the feeling it gives me. Oeehh and I`m gonna visit so many Starbucks for my frappuccino moccha  mmmm

for now...30 days left till september 1st!!

** Give-Away ** winnerrrrr.....

Today I`ve reached 20 followers...and as i already did the domestic chores...cleaning, doing laundry, food shopping, cleaning the litterboxes, stuff my tummy with yummy...euhm I mean... :)
I just used random-website-thingy and it picked the winning number....goodies go to;

Shiny from Ooohshinies

What did she win?! well this;

  • P2 ultra clean hand peeling 100ml
  • P2 aloe vera cuticle peeling 11ml 
  • John Frieda Frizz-Ease serum finishing style 75ml 
  • Therme lavender shower gel 50ml 
  • Montange Jeunesse doublepack; foot soak & foot lotion 
  • H&M summer nails package of 4 polishes (3,2ml each) 
  • Nivea pearl & beauty creme oil 50ml 
  • Nivea body milk smooth sensation 30ml 
  • Nivea styling mousse color crystal gloss 50ml 
  • Avene gift package with 4 samples; gentle milk cleanser, gentle toner, soothing moisture mask, hydrance creme. 
  • Avene thermal water body mist spray 50ml 
  • Essence eyeliner pens from Return to Paradise colors Jungle dream & My little orchid 
  • Rituals natural shine lipgloss color Ruby Night 
  • LaRoche Posaycorrective fluid foundation color 16 10ml 
  • Sephora radiant loose powder nr 1 universal ivory 

I hope you like it, I`ll contact you for you address, for those who didn`t win....I hope to create a little
** Give-Away**  soon again!! And people can always ask for swaps for Essence/Catrice/Hema/H&M!