Monday, August 2, 2010

He`s going in circles...on my toes :)

Weewooo shiny toes :)

I received this polish with my Head2Toe order. It`s a soft green color, in the bottle it looks like it`s a glitter-polish. It glides very smooth onto the nails, I did use strong adhesion base-coat from CG first though, and dries up quite fast. After applying 3 coats I sealed it with Seche Vite....I received Seche Vite with the same order, only used it about 3 times and and I loooove it!! Polishes dry up soo much faster, really worth the money.

I can`t really say if this color, after applying 3 layers, is a glitter-polish or a holo. Tried to read some other bloggers reviews on it, some couldn`t come up with the exact as well.Sooo I`m letting it inbetween :) lovely color!

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Zara said...

Whether it's a glitter or a holo, it's very pretty!

Martje said...

Exactly! I don`t regret choosing this amongst the otehrs :)

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

I just picked up this holo a few weeks ago. I love it too and its a great pedi on you.

Thank you for sharing such great info about your kittehs and pets. Please feel free to send pics if you'd like. I love seeing them. Take care

Anonymous said...

your toes are sucked!

Martje said...

do they suck or are they being sucked?! what`s your point here really?

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