Tuesday, August 31, 2010

P2 haul :)

Last monday I went to Kleve, Germany, which is about 45 minutes drive from where I live. I sometimes go there by myself, but most of the times with a friend. When I was growing up, my parents went there as well, so I`ve been there loooadss of times now. The reason we go there is food shopping and make-up/body products. They have such different products available there and most prices are lower then "ours". For instance, baking products for pies and cakes, waaaayyy more different items available. Cake flavours, toppings, fillings etc etc.

Anyway...we also went to the drugstore called DM and I did some major P2 shopping :) They finally had P2`s cotton gloves, they`re always sold out when I go to the store :S , can use those when you have some nice cremes on and want to leave them on during the night. I bought their Quick Dry Spray as well, wanted to try it out, haven`t heard anyone about it yet. And ofc I "needed"  some color polishes as well ;)

*191 gigantic, a rich creme blue
* 248 rich,a deep purple with shimmers
* 249 dangerous, a teal creme
* 208 rich& royal, a taupe...perhaps mauve..nice color :)
* 207 stormy, a nudy beige with tiny shimmer
* matte topcoat

I`ll try to make some photo`s of these colors as well soon :)

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Manicure Time said...

Oh yaay! Ik ben ook een Kleve-en dus DM-ganger, heerlijk!(woon in Nijmegen:))Kaufland is ook zo'n fijne winkel. x

Jackie S. said...

Love "Rich & Royal", great haul, thanks for sharing the pics! :)

Katrina said...

nice haul! i've never tried p2 but they look great! looking forward to swatches :D

amusedPolish said...

looks awesome :D

some of these shades you've bought are being discontinued, so you were lucky :D

I've got the quick dry spray too but it'll work better with a pipet or a brush because then you don't have to waste so much

Martje said...

oeeehh I`m lucky :) I`ll bring pipets and brushes from work then! ( since I work at the pharmacy ) thnx for the tip!

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