Monday, August 2, 2010

Ooeehh a countdown

It`s August already, I had a little b-day party of one of my best friends yesterday and it made me b-day is comming closer and closer as well :) And even when I`m reaching the age of 29, it still feels like a party. i love my bdays. Always try to get the day off from work to spend it all on myself....well cleaning the house, baking cakes and doing food shopping as well, but it`s my day and no-one can take it away.

My husband is creative with the presents he gives me...last year he couldn`t think of anything...cause well we have a silly habit. We actually buy anything we want, and leave nothing to whish for. Bigger things are only to dream for, and you can`t have it all. But pure materialistic...we just buy what we want. But the one thing I really really want, we couldn`t agree on caue I really really wanted a ( yes a third ) kitty. I love cats so much. He did suprise me several days before my b-day saying, well...I can`t think of anything else for you except a kitty. It came as a shock, but I immediatly went searching for kitties in the neighbourhood.  We ended up driving an hour to pick up Lola Juliet...she`s 1 year and 4 months now and she`s the little sweet cuddle monster. ( We could have gone to a shelter as well to pick out a kitty, but I prefer picking one at peoples homes casue they had one on one attention and therefor no shyness )

This year..I already know my b-day present as well, cause I don`t like suprises :S

We`re going to a trip to london, starting thursday september 2nd and we`ll get back monday september 6th. We tend to stay at friendsin a village near London and they already planned  the entire trips and restaurants...I`m sooo looking forward to it :) I already had a little emailcontact with a nailpolish-blogger who`s from London what shops I should visit to get best polishes ;) I`t won`t be my first time London, think it`s 6th time now. But I looove the city, I love the shops, the metro, just the feeling it gives me. Oeehh and I`m gonna visit so many Starbucks for my frappuccino moccha  mmmm

for now...30 days left till september 1st!!

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