Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Claire`s mood Calm/Wild

Now you might think...hey what a dull color, I don`t see any color changing going on. Well it is actually just one huuuge changing of colors :) Right after I showered and took of my old color I wanted a fresh new polish. First I used a little Sally Hansen double duty, followed by 2 layers of Claire`s mood polish Calm/Wild. Since I was still a bit warm from showering the color immediatly changed color which made applying a bit difficult :S cause I could only guess where the brush just had been  really. I don`t have any long nails atm...I`m trying to grow them...so you won`t see massive changing on 1 nail, but as I kept my nails close to the bottle you can see the difference. I did wash my hands under cold water just to see the effect of the changing, but it didn`t last that long till it reached the Wild side again. I do love the polish, as far as I know it`s the only mood one with shimmers in it. I would really recommend this color to others!!!

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Becky said...

I want to try these nail polishes. It's a pity they aren't sold in Spain.


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