Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ideas for London?!

I mentioned it earlier...but I`m going on an amazing trip to London wooptiedooo.

It`ll start this Thursday, September 2nd right after my bday :), we`ll take a flight at about 12ish/noon, being picked up by our friend, and the adventures will start :) As we will sleep/stay at our UK friends, they have made an amazing plan for the 4 days following. Which include shoppingspree as well ofcourse, fancy diners, a secret on Saterday, a jewellery trade event on Sunday.

I did ask some nice blogger before for some info where and what I should visite, and I made this tiny little list of things I`d like to go to. Now those 4 days won`t be entirely shopping, we`ll do some other fun stuff as well, but there are some shops I`d like to visit (it`s my 6th time in London, so wont do to many cultural things as we`ve done em before. And I did see loads of shops before...but some need another visit :)  );

* any Superdrug; maybe a little Barry M, Nails Inc.,
* Debenham, Fraiser,John Lewis; Nails Inc as well. Defo wanna try get some Lippmann, MAC, Urban Decay...but I`m not gonna shop for polishes only ofc!
* hmm I wanna search for a nice jacket, which i call inbetween jackets. Not fully for summer, defo not winter. really a nice autumn jacket :)
* I`d like to visit Harrods...ofc! GAP, Selfridges, oeh Lush cause I only visit the Amsterdam one which is like 1 time a year :S
* Preferable I`d like to buy shoes....I always buy shoes in london, so why not this time :)
* I`m gonna visit; International Jewellery London on Sunday!!
* I would love to shop for a book called; Cook Yourself Thin. been watching the program on tv and omg...they transform ingredients in so many tasteful recipes yummyyy.

Would there be anything I really need to take home?! Or any shops I should defo visit?!
Any ideas are always welcome!!

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Half Dressed said...

Ahh I do love London, my boy lives near so we are always popping in. I love a shop called Octopus, if you haven't been there you should check it out, they have so many cute things, it's in convent gardens :) Plus I love camden market :) I hope you have a fab time

L x
Half Dressed

Martje said...

oeh yes Camden lock Market, get out of the Metro..first visit starbucks, then head to the left side...I bought the cutest green bag there :) And they sell great indian curry yummy!!

Floor en Marjolein said...

Have fun there!

Tessa said...


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I love comments!

Thanks :)

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