Thursday, August 12, 2010

Herome image-plates

Yay I received my Herome package, was quite a fast delivery. Only after ordering and paying it took about 2 days, but then again it`s a dutch company so why should it take ages ;)

I came acros these plates by coinsidence really. Wanted to get some more info on their website about the W.I.C. colors and then I hit the webshop and saw they had a total different line; W.I.C. graffiti NailArt. It includes the same small bottles as their polishes, only these brushes are like liners and there are less colors available. They sell starting kits with 1 bottle of nailart polish with a scraper, stamper and a plate or bigger sets. I wasn`t interested in the polishes...weird huh ;) I went to the plate sets. There are 4 sets available and I bought 3 of em. First picture you see is Fancy-set, second picture is flower-set and third picture is Tip-set...which i can`t use yet since my nails are extremely short. Forth available set is called Say it!..which has numbers and letters, I`m not really into that. Had to try the set immediatly ofc!!!

  • started with Sally Hansen base-coat
  • 2 layers of Catrice-Let`s Talk About Berrie! 080
  • for stamping used Gosh-silver 555
  • toped it with SecheVite :)
For the stamping I used first plate of the first photo, the little splashy thingy, and I was having quite fun so I didn`t really care the stamping wasn`t in the same positioning on each nail :)

Oeh and prices...I payed 7,50euros for each set so a total of  22,50euros. ( And each set comes in a cute silver box ) No delivery costs since it was more then 15euros. I haven`t seen these in shops, only Heroms eshop.

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Half Dressed said...

These designs look really awesome :)

L x
Half Dressed

Martje said...

I`m "used" to Konad and I`m still waiting for my BundleMonster set, but I do think these Herome plates don`t look so regular. They have a little extra/different...which is good :)

amusedPolish said...

I really like them on you :)

Alexa1202 said...

Nice plate. I like the Tip - Set :)

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