Saturday, April 30, 2011

lazy weekend ;)

After a busy week, I`ve planned a lazy weekend :)

Work was terrible the entire week :S, today it`s Queensday in this silly country and I just want to stay inside and curl up on the couch with snacks and chick series...instead I`ll bake an awsome cake. I went to a little shop nearby which sells aaaalll stuff needed (tools, ingredients, paper boxes etc etc you name it) to bake cupcakes, bigger cakes, decorate stuff. It`s almost heaven visiting that place, I never walk out without buying anything. Good thing I took the hubbie along; 1 I didn`t want to go alone and 2 he payed for my turn stand yay!!

I got some eatable glitters, some flavoring (melon, cherry yumm yumm), bavarois, cherub molds for marzipan or fondant and a couple of cardboard cake boards.

Now all I need is my enthousiasm to come back alive and get my butt off this chair hahaha                          

Oeh I wanted to show my little bouquet of flowers I`ve bought last week from 2 small girls who rang our doorbell. They had flowers for sale; 1 flower would cost 5cents, a small bouquet would be 30 cents and a bigger bouquest would be 50 cents...ofc I picked out the bigger one. Too bad they only lasted 1 day :) But I`m sure that 50 cents will be spend on fun stuff.

I`m using Teeez glitter eyeliner atm,which I loooove, I`ll be posting about it this evening ;)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Give-Away by Frazzle and Aniploish

Frazzle and Aniploish is having an amazing **Give-Away** which ends on May 17th, if you would like to participate, there are some small "rules". Check here!!

Give-Away by Spellbinding Nails

Spellbinding Nails is having an amazing **Give-Away** which ends on May 1st, if you would like to participate, there are some small "rules". Check here!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Neon by Love & Beauty :)

Now be careful....I will place a tiny photo of it...just don`t look at it directly but slooowly scroll down.

I did warn you!! It`s an amazing sheer polish, this is 3 layers, no bc and tc. I must admit I didn`t clean up as it was purely to show you all what a bright color this is. My brother picked it out himself during his last trip to NY. I do love the color, but I`m afraid it will be a toe color. As for my fingers it`s, specially since I haven`t tanned yet, too bright. I think patients at work will go into shockphase :S

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Give-Away by Joey' Space

Joey' Space is having an amazing **Give-Away** which ends on April 24th, if you would like to participate, there are some small "rules". Check here!!

Comparisson purple holos

Just a little comparison between the purple holos that I own. I must admit colors look alike quite more in daylight....

I haven`t worn Teeez as a full mani yet, I only bought it yesterday. All these 3 colors were applied without a bc and tc, and all are 2 layers. I mildly cleaned up just for the photo.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

winner of my **Give-Away**

the winner of my **Give-Away** has been emailed and informed....(I`m waiting for her reply)

wooptiedoooooo :)

Congratulations sweetie!! A big thank you to all the 166 entries who entered...actually 159 as some of you double-entered it naughty naughty ;)

Catherine Arley 673

Too bad it`s a rather dark picture, but the color and shimmery holo effect represent the polish quite well :)

This is 1 layer of special holo-bc by Gosh, 2 layers of polish and topped of with 1 layer tc, polish glides on perfect, was easy to clean up. Sometimes holos do weird things when you apply a tc. Specially Gosh`s one looses it`s intensity a bit, but the Catherine Arley ones don`t. They just shine more and last longer. The polishes I own from this brand are all perfect, if you`re able to get your hands on so!!

Give-Away by Beauty by Kayla Shevonne

Beauty by Kayla Shevonne is having an amazing **Give-Away** which ends on May 15th, if you would like to participate, there are some small "rules". Check here!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

an off-day bleughh....

Everybody has one of those days...everything you do goes wrong, or you constantly drop things out of your hands, slight little mistakes during work, and the feeling you just want to go home and go to bed, or in some cases take a nice relax chair and curl up inside it in the sunshine outside...

Well I kind of have that feeling for a while :) as in a few weeks, but I think the lack of actual sunshine has a big part in that. Today was just an extremed day. Even though I had arranged to end work 2 hours earlier ( thats cause I`ve got a working course next week which unfortunatly makes me do overwork, so compensation today was aproved) I had a terrible day bleugh....

I got home...browsed internet a bit like I always do, made a nice order of I sometimes do, oeh shoppinnggg, didn`t had any desirable feeling of cooking diner at all so I went out to get fries and snacks (in most coutnries fries are a side-dish, but here it can be maincourse with side snacks usually meatkind), we watched out House episode and I went to bed for a tiny nap cause I couldn`t keep my eyes open...

Next thing I know it`s 2 hours later aarrghhh the horror!! I could have done many nice things or even chores in and around the house. Bah bah bah. So I had the chance of going home early and perhaps do some foodshopping or do my "chores" then, instead I didn`t do anything AND I slept most of the`s such a waste of a perfect day!!!

To not fully let the day slip away I gave myself an amazing shower and used most of my Lush products so I smell all yummy now :) A little "Angels on Bare Skin" on my face traaalala, "Almond & Coconut Smoothie" all over my body mmmm this is a yummy perfect product!!, shampoo bar "New" through my hair wow tingling sensation of cinnamon, afterwards "R&B" conditioner through my hair...just a tiny amount otherwise it`ll grease up to fast ieuw, now I`m scrubbing my lips with "Lip Dip", and I`ve got "Lemony Flutter"  reserved before bedtime ;)

And now.....I can relax and enjoy the rest of my evening ;)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ow hai!

First of all I`d like to say welcome new followers!! I`ve seen the numbers of you joining rising each day. Hope you`ll enjoy your stay here :)

Thank you all for joining in in my **Give-Away**, I hope to reveal the winner before weekend...but I`ve got a busy week ahead bleugh :S Pwettie pls be patient.

I`ll show you a photo of my latest goodies..I will make a couple of blogentries about them this and next week.

3 new Koh colors ( which I received after getting a subscription to 6months magazine woop!) Neon Roze 215, Pale Beige 141 and Rainy Day 134. 2 amazing glitter eyeliners from a dutch brand Teeez which I`ve been using a couple of weeks now, nailpolish Femme Fatale by Teeez as well (haven`t used it yet). My first...amazing...Inglot goodies :) I received these from a swap with a sweetie called Nikolina. She got me a freedom pallette with 4 colors ( I got to pick the colors and I think I`ve made the best choice, they`re amazing!!) and a matte gel eyeliner...aaahhh :) Oow and not in the picture but I did specially bought Too Faced - Shadow Insurance. Just to make sure my beautiful Inglot will stay on all day.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cool new necklace

I`d like to dedicade this entry to my wonderful friend Susannah :)

a week ago she`d sent me the cutest necklace I own, all wrapped up perfectly in a sweet organza bag. A little Hello Kitty companied by a sweet Swarovski rose heart

She has them available with a Hello Kitty just like mine, but also stawberry, big star, little star, flower, maltese cross, ballerina, slodge, butterfly and "just for you" star :) each charm is accompanied by a Swarovski crystal heart, incl a 40cm silver plated chain. Swarovski hearts available in; Rose, Tanzanite (purple-blue) and Vitrail (silver backed violet - ubersparkly)

Check for her Facebook page here and here. Sus' official website would be; Susannah Jade bespoke jewellery design.  

If you`d like more information about possibilities or shipment costs, I suggest to contact her.
(costs would be £7,50 plus P&P, she acepts PayPal.)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

minty minty ;)

I`m already in looove with this color. Usually I`m more of a pink/lilac/purple girl, the more glitters the better as well, but for some reason I have a weak for minty colors as well. This OPI -Damone Roberts amazing!!! Perfect polish, 2 thin layers was all it needed :)

Just to show you my favorite minties I`ve used China Glaze - For Audrey (is it a green...or is it a blue..for me it`s a minty), Sinful Colors - Mint Apple, Barry M - Mint Green and ofc the lovely OPI one. Only Mint Apple has a slight shimmer, rest are cremes. Only a basecoat, 2 layers of each polish and a topcoat...hhmmm this actually looks funny. I wonder what they`ll say at work tomorrow ;)

Koh get in the Mood!

I`ve read about these new little Koh-kits on someone elses blog, and I already did a little happy dance inside cause this would be something I would really hunt down the shops for :) Sometimes when special editions are being released, it just feels good to be part of the ones, the group, who actually poses the certain item mhuahaha....and yes it`s a terrible feeling if you don`t succeed in your hunt boehoee :(

Koh would release small boxes, filled with 1 polish from their Limited Edition Koh Mood Tones! and a color matching shawl aside....ooeehhh now who doesn`t want that?!

A couple of days ago I was shopping in the Hague and came acros a DA (dutch drugstore) and they had an amazing sale; 25% discount on all the make-up brands. As we went in, my friend pointed me the Koh stand...she knows I`ve grown quite an obsession with polishes by now :) Suprisingly they sold the Mood Tones! kits as well, I would`ve thought they would only sell at their flagship store or on their internet-shop.

Ofc I had to leave the shop with at least 1 package, have to use such a discount or it would be a waste. I picked out Dignified, as I loved the soft pink/soft lilac color. I will use the shawl as a headband, Unfortunatly I won`t be using the polish for a while...cause I have so many other polishes I want to try out first :S

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

OOowww myyy Damone Roberts!!!

A while ago I got a little shock when i was going through my inbox-mails. I got a message from Daph from Nailswatches, saying I had won her **Give-Away**. Totally in shock, cause I really didn`t think I made any chance of winning a bottle of OPI - Damone Roberts 1968.

I received the package, and  Daph stuffed with more goodies :) Nail art pens from Essence, nail art striper from Essence, load of samples, Models Own - Magenta Divine ( my first Models Own!! ), tiny LE Manhatten, P2 thinner...isn`t she just a sweetheart!!

We hope to read your blogentries soon again Daph!!, we`ll all be waiting :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Born Pretty Store goodies :)

A couple of weeks ago I`ve had a little contact with Kevin from Born Pretty Store. He gave me the opertunity to pick out some items which I could use for reviewing. I had already been on their website quite some times, actually cause other bloggers ordered some nice items, or their nailart gave me some ideas as well and made me curious about the webshop :) So I didn`t have to search long before I knew which items I would love to try out.

Pink French Manicure Edge Tips, Pink Striping Tape and Rhinestone Wheel.

Delevivery was fast, packaging was great, products even better :) Actually I left the items untouched on my desk for a couple of days, cause I wanted to do a really nice mani with them and not just use it all up on sillyness. Yesterday-evening it suddenly hit me..."angelvoice singing"...and it all worked out well for me ;) I think everyone should at least buy striping tape, it`s so much fun using.

These items were send to me by Born Pretty Store for review-purpose. However I was not payed for it, nor did we agree on a positive review. this is 100% my true opinion.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


page under construction :)

I`m trying to get a different look of my blog, and it may take a little while casue I`m not very handy with computers haha

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


If you live in a counry where Apivita products are available...I strongly suggest to go and buy the pomegranate face masks. The scent is just yummy all over, but the feeling of your skin just after using this :)

As you apply it, there are tiny little red pieces in the creamy substance, which you can melt into your skin as you`ll massage the mask onto your skin. An ever bigger yummy explosion of pomegranate scent takes place by then.

I left if for about 15minutes as I love it when I leave my masks on longer then the desciptions tell you to. It was an easy wash-off, nothing left behind and my skin felt so hydrated and calmed. Now I only have 1 sachet left over, and I`m saving it for a perfect beauty weekend ;) But I know now that some shops in Belgium sell this brand as well...hurray!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Oeh I forgot to show flakies :)

I totally forgot to show my flakies layered over my awsome french mani which I`ve used Essence "better then gel nails" tips for :)

I`ve used only 1 layer of Nfu Oh 37, just to give it a little extra...too bad the pictures are of a very baaaad quality. It was rather hard to capture the sparkle and shinyness of the flakies :S In rl it looked amazing.

Give-Away by Beneath the sun

Beneath the sun is having an amazing **Give-Away** which ends on April 6th, if you would like to participate, there are some small "rules". Check here!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Old & New Essence Magnetics

Aahhhh when I first heared about magnetic polishes by Essence being released my hunt for them began. Since I live in a rather small town, with a shop that indeed sells Essence ( and Catrice/Gosh etc) but the emploiments working there are a type of people...who don`t really take their job serious :S Unfortunatly stock isn`t being refilled as customers want to, and there is really no way to complain either with them or on the detail-stores website cause you don`t get a real answer. It took me about 5 weeks and 3 different cities in the Netherlands and 1 in Germany to collect them all :S 1 Iron Goddess, 2 Copper Rulez! 3 Steel Me, 4 Nothing Else Metals and 5 Metal Battle (not being a magnetic)

Sooo thinking I was "done"  and I haven`t even tried them all...still not...and what do they do?! those silly workers at Essence, they make sure a hurricane or whatever went through their collections. swipping some awsome colors away, but bringing mostly good stuff ;) New artliners, new effect top-coats, new studio nails stuff....all very needable stuff..aaannd they bring out 5 new magnetic polishes!! Meaniess!! I have to ahve those as well bah!

So again, the complete hunt began. Germany winning by far cause they already sell all the new goodies, yes their supplies aren`t restocked in a proper way either, but at the end of 3 weeks, indeed not 5, I have my 5 new polishes hurray :) 1 Miracle Shine!, 2 Hex Hex!, 3 Magic Wand!, 4 Mystic Whish! and 5 Pixie Dust! there should as well be a new kind of magnet available as well, one you can use as a thimble...but sold out boehoee

Main differnce for I havent tried all 10 yet, is coloring as you can clearly see. the "old"  colors have more metal based colors, whilest the new ones have more shiny glitsorsz and pink tones. just by looking at the colors the new ones apeal to me more, but it`s nice to have the old ones as well :)

( As indeed Catrice and Essence have new editions and new polishes, I`m always willing to hunt the shops for requests. I have indeed helped a couple of polish addicts get their whishitems. but atm...since they`re quite popular it`s no use for me to hunt them down 3 times a week, cause restocking is terrible :S  )