Monday, February 28, 2011

nomnomnom cupcakes

I baked too many I went outside to some of my neighbours and handed them out :) I like funny icing-colors like blue or green. Everyone always stares first before taking a bite hahaha.

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Necessary★Nails is having an amazing **Give-Away**  if you would like to participate, there are some small "rules". Check here!!

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Swapping / Blogsale

Page has been updated a wee bit!!

check here if you`re interested.

(do feel free to comment on the actual page as well ofc)

Stamping some Cherry Blossoms

After wearing this gorgeous polish for a couple of days...and indeed it stays on very long, I needed to try out some Konading :) Using CG Poetic as I love the metallic look I wanted to stamp some little cherry blossoms from plate M66. As the plate shows a huge branch and you need to pick out pieces of it to stamp otherwise your entire hand will be covered with the was actually hard to pick out what pieces to use. I have very small nails and I wanted to make sure each nail did have a flower and not only a piece of branch :) Hmm I think I`ll just practise a little more with this plate, I do really love the designs on it!!

I`m going to take a look at my huge stash and try to update my Swap-page...and even thinking of transforming it into a Swap/Blogsale page...Specially with my NY trip upcomming and my strong desire to buy more new polishes, I`d better sell out some items to 1) get space in my Helmer and 2) get some money in my piggy bank :) Polishes I will be placing on the page are either new or hardly used, but I`ll ad a little description to each photo.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cult Nails :)

Yes....I haven`t cleaned my cuticles yet ;) but I had to show you this fabulous color!! I`m so in love with it. I`ve been wearing it a couple of times sicne I`ve received it, and I don`t think I`ll get bored of it. It`s grey, it`s lavender, it got glittersz and it`s just very very cool.

A while ago I received my great package of 2 bottles ( yes 2, I will use 1 in a give-away soon!! ) of this lovely color called  My Kind Of Cool Aid. The brand name is Cult Nails, and it`s actually developed and being sold by....yes...a fellow blogger!! Check out Maria's blog here :) She`s extremely friendly, so don`t be shy if you have some questions for her. Her blog also brings you to her little online shop, where she sells 4 colors right now. My Kind Of Cool Aid was the first to be sold, but soon the others followed...which I as well all have in my possesion. But I will reveal 1 each week just to tease you a bit ;) The other names are; Iconic, Living Water and Quench.

Monday, February 21, 2011

any ideas??

Welcome welcome 300 followers :)

I hope you enjoy your stay here in this little corner of my silly expressions. I will never have a poll about what subject you want me to blog about, or things you want to see more here either :S This is me, parts of me, which I want to share. Fun things, worthy things, personal things, yummy things and so on. But now....I do need your help :)

In early June me and the hubby will plan our vacation. though we do have 2 weeks of from work, we will probably use 10 for our actual get away. ( that`s 8 actual days since it`s a pain to travel ) As I`ve mentioned it before, it`s sort my huge lemming ;), we will go for a trip to New Yooorrrkkk yay. Nothing is officailly planned yet, tickets nor hotel are booked. It`s all about ideas and planning still. Ofcourse we will visit main things as Central Park, Madison Square Garden, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Bloomendale`s, Macy`s, Guggenheim ( or one of the other museums...can`t decide yet ), China Town....(well luckily we both don`t like sports, so a ball game isn`t an option hahaha )

But would you have any specific recommendations what to do or to see or to visit?! Shops, museums, markets. What I should definately buy to take home. Or where to eat. Ideas are aaalways welcome and much apreciated!!! And ofc what not to do since we only have 8 days :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

ooeehh glittsorz from Barry M

A while ago Sarah contacted me about organising a little swap, she had high interest in Essence stamping plates and ow boy I would love to have some Barry M polishes :) This weekend the mailman stopped by to deliver the package and I literaly ripped it open as I closed the door...wwooooww!! It contained some yummy chocolates, Racing Green, Once Upon a Time, Silver Cascade and a LE from Boots :) love love love them!!

Just before we went to a bday party this after noon this polish just came out so handy ;) As there would be many little kids, up till 3 yrs, I thought some glitter would be great! I layered it over  OPI - It`s totally Fort Worth It ( 2layers ) And indeed it was noticed within minutes by one of the little girls.
( the little spot on my actually from a blister I got. I went to a jewelry workshop with my mom and I was carving and working on the silverware so hard i didn`t notice I was actually hurting myself :S Pictures of the ring that I`m making will follow once I`m 2 months I think hahaha )

I had a little silly action with Lola. She is almost 2 yrs old but still an extremly vivid, playful little thing and loves/needs her attention. I sometimes really need to make sure to get away from my computer or tv just to play a little with her. We started a little game a while ago where I would lay around...on bed, the couch or in this case the floor and I would make kitty sounds and miauw at her...O_o she responds to it!! We really talk. And then she comes to me and cuddles before she goes into ADHD attack again :) She`s such a sweetie!

Friday, February 18, 2011

looking for help...

Desperatly looking for someone who can help me retrieve ( some ) Tronica polishes :( I missed out on many many pretties from China Glaze's last holo polish collection and I would reaaallly love to own some of these sweeties!!

I must admit I have no clue where and when they will be or are released. As I have seen them on some blogs, but I can`t seem to find a date or place or release boehoee...

Soo if anyone can help me, it`s very much apreciated ;)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cupcake nails :)

I was going through a little Google search on Cupcake-nails cause I`ve seen em on various blogs all over and I think they are the cutest of all manis!!! I had to try it out myself as well, and tbh...I think I did a pretty okay job for the first ( I deliberatly only showing my left hand ofc hahaha, other one was a mess!! ) Actually my entire hand were quite a parade. My thumbs were polishes with China Glace - Bad Kitty,  pinkies with CG - Mrs Claus, index fingers with CG - Encouragement , middle finger with CG - Inner beauty, ring fingers with FingerPaints - a Heart of Art. The figurines I`ve used 7 different nail art stripers from Essence; balck, silver, ocean breeze, flower power ( yellow ), metallics 4 ever ( metallic lilac ), pink! ( neon pink ) and purple magic ( duochrome purple/blue ) and I`ve used a white nail art pen by Claire's. Hhmm the longer I stare at them, the more they look like mushrooms :S I need more practise!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

OPI Not Like The Movies + Black Shatter

2 layers of Not Like The Movies covered with 1 layer of Black Shatter. I think I have to get used to the color of NLTM, I find it rather facinated ;) I can`t tell you it`s a pink, purple, grey or green. it`s all mixed up really. But I don`t consider it to be a duochrome polish :S But then again who am I haha. It`s a rather sheer polish, I think it would work better with 3 layers, but i couldn`t wait to BS!! Which is one of the best crackle polishes imo! Yes it dries incredible fast, but it dries up rather smooth. I did end up using a topcoat, cause i`m not that into matte crackles. These crackles didn`t felt bumpy or anything at all, very very smooth ( I`ll update my Swap-page soon as I still have 1 BS laying around I`m not going to use )

Monday, February 14, 2011

OPI Guy Meets Gal-veston

This just has to be my favorite polish of the week :) I`ve never owned a more jelly like polish, I love love love it!!! Not only the color, which is exactly like the picture shows. A mix between red, pink and coral and I`m very in love with it. I saw a great tutorial about how great this kind of OPI polishes are for layering. Can use it with 1,2,3 or even more layers, depending on your whishes. As I imagined it being so see-through and watery it would get all streaky and yuck....but no way. It just glides on your nail, holds on pretty long no tipwear at all after 2 days which is a huge plus for me. It was easy to clean of from my nails and certainly did not stain at all. Most of the polishes I buy are because they caught my eye during a little routine check on other peoples blogs, and I will tell you all....go buy this one!! :)

Give-Away by Nail Talez & More!

Nail Talez & More! is having an amazing **Give-Away** which ends on 12th of March, if you would like to participate, there are some small "rules". Check here!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

CND Urban Sparkle

I can`t believe I haven't showed this beauty before! Have been wearing it a few times now. The color is so odd next to all my purple and pink tones...well and the darker/black colors, and minty greens. I just don't own many beautiful teal ones.

In this picture I`m wearing just 1 layer of Urban Oasis, and topped 2 fingers with Tael Sparkle just so you can see the difference. I`ve never wore 2 layers of UB, cause it`s just not needed. 1 layer will cover up the entire nail, no streaks or anyhting, just a pretty rich color.

If you own Color Club's Uptown girl...and the Tael Sparkle, try layer them as well, gives a lovely effect!!! Hhmmm next time I`ll try a matte-layer as well ;)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Give-Away by Scandalously Polished!

Scandalously Polished is having an amazing **Give-Away** which ends on St. Patrick' s Day, if you would like to participate, there are some small "rules". Check here!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My first franken :)

 I`ve made my very first franken :) With my last order from Transdesign I ordered along some empty bottles as I already had in mind I wanted to try out a little franken mysself. Seeing all those gorgeous creations on other girls' blogs really got my interest as well. As I had no clue what I want and what i could expect I started collecting nice glitters and shimmers a while glitters are my favorite!!

I call it *SparklePony* as that was the first thing my hubby came with, and it sounded kind of funny :) Totally has no meaning ofc. It`s filled with glitters small, big, round, hexagonal. It`s a glittery nail hardener based polish thats shines silvery/purple ( most glitters are from Nfu Oh ) and I love it!

Oeeh sweet Ivana has given me an award, thank you so much!!! I`m not posting it yet, as I wanted to think about it a little longer ;)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Worst mani ever hahaha

Last weekend the hubby and I went for a little shopping to Amsterdam again. Actually he needed some clothes shopping and I ofc don`t really mind to tag along. I love A`dam!! The fact that I was there not even a month ago, spending my money on Koh, Lush and more beauty products :) This time I only bought 2 new eye shadow palettes from MAC, soap and shampoo bar from Lush and a jeans at H&M.

As being a member of Douglas I receive their monthly magazine. It`s always filled with their so called bargains, new products, new ideas and a few coupons as well. Mostly for some samples of perfumes. This time it had a coupon inlcuded which would give you a little consult of hand and nail treament from Herome, and you would be rewarded with a free polish...FREE...I love that ;)

The first Douglas-shop I set my eyes on we just had to enter. Lady who helped me was extremely friendly...yet I wonder if she knew what she was doing. It was day 3 of the 4 days available for using the coupon, so the choise of polishes was quite limited to my opinion. I do wodner if they even had a wider range available, casue the look of the bottles didn`t match the one I already own. I picked out a nice subtle color with a little shimmer in it. I thought it would be perfect as a base for some heavy Konadaction or perhaps if I would be fed up with it I can use it for some frankening. So the sweet lady began her routine...filing nails..aargghh way to short :S..massage with handcream, cuticle oil, then the basecoat...I would always clean up my nails from greasyness before I apply any polish, but hey it was a free manicure and I thought she would know what to do. After the basecoat, she`d applied "my"  polish and a topcoat to seal it all in :) Which all resulted after 30minutes f leaving the shop into this;

Look at all the bubbles :S It didn`t dry at all, by the time I bought some nice things at Lush and had to reach for my wallet and stuff it was all ruined :S But I couldn`t tell her she was doing it all wrong, cause she was so sweet and really took the time for me. The color is 82 Cracasas btw.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Winner of the Gosh **Give-Away**

First of all a big big welcome to all new followers!! Welcome and enjoy your stay here ;) I`ve seen many entries from people all over the world. Lots of amazing fun stories as well :) No I did not know gasoline was being sold as a lice product, and I think by now most people do know a "lemming-list"  is not about silly puppets running of cliffs ;) Congratulations to The Crazy Bitch Beauty Gazette for becomming my 200th follower!!  4 of you naughty girls have entered 2 times, ow ow ow no candy for xmas! To answer 1 question; "is the basecoat good for polishes that aren't holo too?" I wouldn`t use it for other polishes, as it`s a milky polish which evens it all specially for holos. I haven`t tried it myself, but I wouldn`t suggest it :) And now....on to the winner of these 2 polishes;

Congratulations sweety!!! An email has been sent to you, I`ll be waiting your reply :)

p.s. I did notice this polish is a huuuuge lemming to many. As it`s being sold on a regular base in my town people can always ask me for a tiny swap or something for it...

Friday, February 4, 2011

Goodies I bought :)

Avojuice - Raspberry Violet, pink ergonomic manicure bowl, OPI - manicure soak, 3 emtpy bottels as I want to enter the world of Frankening ;), mini Avojuice - Berry Merry Rose , mini CND Sensations - Apple Cinnamon , mini Avojuice - Pumkin Butter, light purple bottle holder, China Glaze - Calcium Gel Fortifier, Color Club - Wild At Heart, CC - Fashion Addict, OPI - Guy Meets Gal-veston, OPI - It`s Totally Forth Owrth It, CG - Pelican Gray, CG - Below Deck, CG - Duo ( containing Inner beauty & Evening Seduction ), Seche - Love The Shine 3pack ( containing Seche Clear, Seche Vite & CG - Pom Pom )

OPI - Last Friday Night, Not Like The Movies, Teenage Dreams, Black Shatter, The One That Got Away, Cult Nails - My Kind of Cool Aid, CG - Mrs Claus & OPI - Show It & Glow It!

Tiny Essie minis from fall 2010; Limited Addiction,Sew Psyched, Little Brown Dress & Merino Cool.

Ooooh I really have to update my **Have-list** soon :S

A little quick Konading on Sew Psyched :) Oeehh I`m holding a big phat kajal pencil which is my favorite to use, the brand is Arcancil and is quite rare to get here :S

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Give-Away by Konad-licious!

Konad-licious! is having an amazing **Give-Away** which ends on March 1st, if you would like to participate, there are some small "rules". Check here!!

If you still would like to participate in my **Give-Away** closes February 5th 11.30am dutch time, price is Gosh holo + Gosh fix base ( basecoat for holos ). Check here!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

IsaDora graffiti polish, new Spring colors!!

Actually my love at first sight with this brand was when I saw some swatches and informationd going through on the web. I knew I would really really like to have em, and lucky enough I received some with my swap with amused Polish, back in August. At the time I received IsaDora Graffiti Masterpiece Pink 80, IsaDora Graffiti Black Tag 80 and IsaDora Vintage Mint 619. Wow the polish itself and the brush as well, it was all perfect. The polishes are free from formaldehyde, toluene, DBP and camphor. A little list of the polishes which were already out on the market by that time;

I was walking through Kleve/Germany earlier this week, and visited one of the shops I recently found out selling IsaDora polishes.The add in the window really caught my eye...IsaDora has new shades O_o Very soft-toned colors, they gave me a bit of a spring feeling already :) They have added 4 new base colors as well as 4 new graffiti colors.

Unfortunatly I didn`t have the time to try some out, as the display did have several testers. They kept luring and luring, as I fell in love all over again haha. This time I could resist it, and not even buying 1 polish...yet. But I`m pretty sure next time I`ll visit the shop, some will be taken home!

( pictures in this blogentry were used with permission of the IsaDora company, and were taken of their website )

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1 OPI - Shatter too much :S

Yesss I couldn`t wait for my order of polishes to be I bought the OPI set Glam Slam and therefor am "stuck"  with 1 extra bottle of OPI - Shatter.

Now I can stash it up till I`ve used it all up, but I rather make someone else happy with it, since I've read on various blogs it's hard to get.

I prefer not to sell it, but would rather trade it for a polish which is harder to get for me. Like Zoya - Marley. My OPI is completly new, not even open at all. Comes from a smoke-free, dog-free but cat-full house :)

( I will not be able to reply to emails tonight, as I`ll be on a cupcake-decorating workshop ;)  )

the result of the workshop nomnomnom