Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1 OPI - Shatter too much :S

Yesss I couldn`t wait for my order of polishes to be shipped...so I bought the OPI set Glam Slam and therefor am "stuck"  with 1 extra bottle of OPI - Shatter.

Now I can stash it up till I`ve used it all up, but I rather make someone else happy with it, since I've read on various blogs it's hard to get.

I prefer not to sell it, but would rather trade it for a polish which is harder to get for me. Like Zoya - Marley. My OPI is completly new, not even open at all. Comes from a smoke-free, dog-free but cat-full house :)

( I will not be able to reply to emails tonight, as I`ll be on a cupcake-decorating workshop ;)  )

the result of the workshop nomnomnom

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TrailerHood Chic said...

It's been extremely hard to get. I've been searching everywhere for myself and a friend.

Martje said...

I was in Germany yesterday, and the shop there had some left...but at the cost of 16,50euros each!! That`s insane :S

Renate said...

aahhhh kwil zo graag opi black shatter!!
helaas of niet te koop of veel te duur!!
helaas geen zoya...!!
hopenlijk heeft iemand anders hem wel en wil die heel graag met je ruilen!!

Ivana said...

Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiii look at this cupcakes!

Beauty shades said...

Is the picture cupcakes???? can i have one please :)

Martje said...

sure take one ;) they taste sooo goood :) All the work and efford was worth it.

Lily nail said...

cupcake miam miam !!!
i 'm a new follower ! i have a blog too come on see if you want !

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