Wednesday, February 2, 2011

IsaDora graffiti polish, new Spring colors!!

Actually my love at first sight with this brand was when I saw some swatches and informationd going through on the web. I knew I would really really like to have em, and lucky enough I received some with my swap with amused Polish, back in August. At the time I received IsaDora Graffiti Masterpiece Pink 80, IsaDora Graffiti Black Tag 80 and IsaDora Vintage Mint 619. Wow the polish itself and the brush as well, it was all perfect. The polishes are free from formaldehyde, toluene, DBP and camphor. A little list of the polishes which were already out on the market by that time;

I was walking through Kleve/Germany earlier this week, and visited one of the shops I recently found out selling IsaDora polishes.The add in the window really caught my eye...IsaDora has new shades O_o Very soft-toned colors, they gave me a bit of a spring feeling already :) They have added 4 new base colors as well as 4 new graffiti colors.

Unfortunatly I didn`t have the time to try some out, as the display did have several testers. They kept luring and luring, as I fell in love all over again haha. This time I could resist it, and not even buying 1 polish...yet. But I`m pretty sure next time I`ll visit the shop, some will be taken home!

( pictures in this blogentry were used with permission of the IsaDora company, and were taken of their website )

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Renate said...

heel erg mooi!!
jammer dat die hier niet te koop zijn!!

PerdyClaws said...

I found your blog through !Kendal, it's really nice and through you I found another polish shop! :) Like I need it... ;) If you like Isadora crackles I'm actually having a giveaway with some of them, if you're interested. :)

Martje said...

@ Renate, ik ga meestal in kleve winkelen, dat is van hier af zo`n 45minuten, en bij de Douglas daar word het verkocht :)

@ Perdyclaws,it`s so funny to see how each person gets to visit and learn other blogs through reading other peoples' blogs :) We`re just one big happy family I guess. I wonder which "shop" you found btw! I`ll be checking your give-away soon, thnx for letting me know :)

Jackie S. said...

Awesome, wish we had these options in these US :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you live somewhere close to where I live, as I also live about 45 mins from Kleve. As for Isadora, I am originally Finnish so I often buy Isadora polishes when I visit Finland (quite easy to find there). I am not too fond of crackles personally, so I haven't bought any yet - but now that I have seen Isadora's latest crackle colours, hmm maybe I will buy some after all :D

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