Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stamping some Cherry Blossoms

After wearing this gorgeous polish for a couple of days...and indeed it stays on very long, I needed to try out some Konading :) Using CG Poetic as I love the metallic look I wanted to stamp some little cherry blossoms from plate M66. As the plate shows a huge branch and you need to pick out pieces of it to stamp otherwise your entire hand will be covered with the was actually hard to pick out what pieces to use. I have very small nails and I wanted to make sure each nail did have a flower and not only a piece of branch :) Hmm I think I`ll just practise a little more with this plate, I do really love the designs on it!!

I`m going to take a look at my huge stash and try to update my Swap-page...and even thinking of transforming it into a Swap/Blogsale page...Specially with my NY trip upcomming and my strong desire to buy more new polishes, I`d better sell out some items to 1) get space in my Helmer and 2) get some money in my piggy bank :) Polishes I will be placing on the page are either new or hardly used, but I`ll ad a little description to each photo.

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Ria said...

Ah this is so pretty and truly elegant Martje!I love the idea of a gold flower on any polish, and this is no exception!Thanks for sharing!

Martje said...

thank you sweetie!! :)

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