Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Catherine Arley 666

The more holo..the..euhm..better?! I love holographic polishes, the colors, the way the glitters play with light. Specially at work I love to wear pink toned holos, I get loads of comments ( good ones ) from patients and clients :)

As you can see, fresh manicure, oil hasn`t even had time to soak in...ow boy was that nessacery :S This kind of weather makes my hands so dry. A couple of showers a day, lots of washing hands during the day as well....and I can`t find the time to apply some creme or moisturisers cause work is sooo busy.

**  looking for Revlon Just Tinted Victorian or Mystical preferable with their special topcoat, pls contact me for swap or selling :)  **

Give-Away by Shimmerspark.com

Shimmerspark.com is having an amazing **Give-Away** which ends on July 1st, if you would like to participate, there are some small "rules". Check here!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

ow hai again :)

First I`d like to start with a couple of photos...aahhh been a while since I had polish on my nails. After the NY trip I had to give my nails a full week off as well. Not that I had tried on so many polishes there or treating them wrong...but they looked terrible. Last day I had to carry around my bags and suitcase etc etc and they just looked like they needed a little TLC first :)

But today it was time to get rid of that naked look!!

Let me introduce you to Catherine Arley 671...a holo. I can`t tell what kind of color it is exactly. It`s not 100% silver, it has a slight hint of  "sand" in it, but as you use your hands during the day I had the feeling it looked a bit violet as well almost blueish. It`s a very soft toned color that I reaalllly like!

Oeehh and I received an award!!!

Thank you so much Sarah Louise!!!

Top 10 Award:
1. Thank the person who tagged you and link to their blog.
2. Put the Top 10 Award logo on your blog.
3. List your top 10 cosmetics.
4. Choose 10 bloggers to tag, link to their blogs, and let them know.

3..oeh difficult, but here goes :)
  • volume attomic boost mascara from Sephora!!!
  • cold cream handcreme from Avene
  • pomegranate shampoo from Klorane
  • (since recently but ow so in love with!!) Magic Smooth souffle foundation l'Oreal
  • Lemony Flutter by Lush for my cuticles :)
  • my almost done eye pencil by Bourjois, ultra black contour clubbing...can`t find a replacement :(
  • mmmmm Rituals entire body-line scented organic rice milk  & cherry blossom
  • most expensive lipstick I own...Rouge Coco 117 Magnolia
  • a big hurray for eyeshadow primers!!! I have a Too Faced one, Urban Decay ( normal & golden glittery one ) and a Catrice one...and I loooove them
  • last but not least...this will be a wide-ranged one sorry :S I looove eyeshadows! Urban Decay, Inglot, MAC, Bourjois you name it! I love having different colors and combos each day :)
4.  I`m sorry if you got the reward for 2nd, 3rd or even more time...it only means people love your blog!! :) But never feel obliged to participate ofc.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hello sweeties :)

Nonono, I have not forgotten you at all!!

It`s been a busy week. Trying to get back into work etc again after only 2 weeks of vacation. And ieks what a week, summer is on it`s way so it`s getting busier in the pharmacy....Since it was a vacation filled with loads of impressions and feelings, I just had to give it all a little place I think. I`ve been watching my photos on a regular base. Touching, feeling and smelling all that I bought as well. I just had an amazing time...and I wanna go back!!!

I`ll make a post soon ( as in 1-2 days )!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What I bought in NY :)

Hmm where shall I start :)

I bought... 2 pairs of Uggs, 1 pair of Ugg insoles, 2 Levis jeans, 1 GAP jeans, 2 GAP sweaters, 3 Juicy Couture shirts, 1 House shirt, couple of headbands from Ricky's NY (can`t remember the brand, I had to cut off all tags :S ) Anna Sui bag, Anna Sui nail polish( 307...I totally forgot to bring my wishlist grr ), UD Naked palette, UD eye primer ( golden shimer ), MAC mineral blush, MAC blush brush, L`oreal souffle fond de teint ( can`t get those here yet! ), special eye liner brush, Magnolia Bakery cookbook, StarBucks coffee mug, StarBucks mocha coffee sticks andd normally I would buy a nice perfume to end a trip. Something that reminds me of the city. But since I had a terrible cold/couldn`t smell anything...and I had the strong desire to buy a pair of earstuds at tifanny...the earstuds won. Teeny tiny little silver bowshaped.

Is this all?! no not yet...polishes still!!

Seche Rebuild & Recondition...these were actually free at Slly Beauty as I purchased 4 bottles of China Glaze :) Sally Hansen crackle overcoat Vintage Violet, CG Senorita Bonita, Cha cha cha, Secret Peri-Wink-Le, Crushed Candy ( crackle yay! ), OPI suede Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow, matte Alpine snow ( finally I can make some nice french manicures ), La Paz-Itively Hot, Spark de triomphe, Zoya Marley, Crystal, Dannii, Sally Hansen HD DVD, 2x Seche Vite ( they were on sale at SB ), Out the Door Northern Lights holo topcoat, SOPI Who Let the Dorks Out? ( Glee edition ), I Don`t Bite ( Safari edition ), SinfulColors Cream Pink, Dream On, Essie Smooth Sailing, Finger Paints Art Dealer Tael-er, All you need is Color, Hue left a message? and a lovely rose-bag I received free with 3 Finger Paints :)

Am I satisfied with my shoppingspree?! I`ll be honoust...no..in a city like that, its never enough ;) We had an amazing time, and I`m very very happy with what I bought. Everything still needs to be used and tried ofc, but some moments...I just think...what if...and oeh I should have... ;)

Monday, June 13, 2011

What we ate in NY :)

Some of the dishes we ate. As you can see it`s rather fat/fastfood like. I`m not saying this was our only choise...we picked these out ourselves cause we just had high interest in the tastes. Ofc we had "healthy" food as well. Lovely pizzas, pastas, salads, fruits, fish dishes etc etc....But just look at the ham-sandwich we ate at one of the museums. It`s filled up megaaa :) mmm and I can still taste the lovely lemon jelly filled donuts from DD nomnomnom

*edit* ooow I forgot to take pictures when we went to the cinema :S The colas and popcorn were huuuuge!!!

What we saw in NY :)

This was our actuall start within New York, ofc we came by plane. We took a shuttle bus which dropped us of at the Grand Central Terminal and from here we took a subway to our hotel ( hotel was half a block away from Queensboro Plaza ). Seen it in quite some movies it was awsome just walking around the terminal. The size, colors everything went in wow-mode :)

The view from the little bridge from the transtation to the street we had to walk to our hotel.

Hahaha, this was our view directly from our hotelroom :) Nice huh. But we could look further in the distance left and right and made some amazing NY by night shots as well. There wasn`t any stinky smell from that dump, only loud noises. Actually entire NY had noises all day long, which we aren`t used of.

Came acros many many of these billboards ofc.

Bonjour madame...damn it was hot this day.

After a loooong walk we finally found Magnolia Bakery on Bleeker Street. I bought 2 cupcakes, and ate em all by myself nomnomnom. Hubby doesn`t really care for cakes, too bad for him ;) We visited another Magnolia Bakery where I bough 4!! cupcakes and the cookbook as well wooop, can finally try make red velvet ones myself.

One of the foodshops in the old meatfactory district, Chelsea Market. Everyone should visit this maze of food shops, it looks so amazing.

One of the comic shops hubby wanted to visit. We did have more addresses, but turned out some were headquarters as well big bummer.

Bronx Zoo, loved this image. We did got some snaps of the animals as well ofc, but I won`t bore you with those ;)

This was actually my favorite museum which we entered, American Museum of Natural History. I can tell you everything about giant sauropods now as we went to the special exhibition as well ;)

Nonono...this is not Disney land, though it felt a bit like it. This is an outlet shopping centre. Now I can see your eyebrows raise...wtfrak.. are you doing there when you are in NY... My brother comes here often and his stories about his shoppingsprees just gotten into me, I had to see for myself. It was amazing!!! I loved this place :)

Guggenheim....this was a dream comming true. Since I`ve wanted to visit NY, about 15years, this museum was on my list as well. But what a disapointment omg...I tend not to write about things I don`t like in live...what`s the point, but this was actually. Great building, paintings we saw were okay, but inbetween expositions they tend to rebuild the place a bit, so loads of nois and hardly any collection displayed, boehoee. I want my 10dollar back!

Central Park, first time we enterred it, we took a strole underneath the reservoir.later on the 10days we also saw the "Imagine" plaque in Strawberry Fields spot.
It was weird to see such harmony, a sereen place. People cycle, run or walk...and acros the roads hectic life was still going on :)

Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Center. We choose an early visit as we might be able to see far into the distance. I would love to go there again some day and visit it by evening/night, but I think it will be waaaayy more crowded :)
See the reservoir in Central Park...we walked there hunnie :)

Madness on Times Square, hahaha her dress was all black at the bottom duuh.
All the lights, sounds, billboards, shops, people and traffic, but it wasn`t a mental place at all. Everyone was just looking around, enjoying.

Ofc we saw many many other things. we went to Chinatown, Little Italy, SoHo, we visited many shops and areas, sat in different parks as well. This is just a tiny view of how we experienced it ofc :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I`m hooommeee :)

Ow ow ow...never had I had such a jetlag as now :S It`s already been 2 full days to try to adjust back to my "old" life again.

We had a great 10day trip to one of the most amazing cities on this planet. Never had I experienced all these oehs and aahs that much. We have seen great things, taste great things, bought great things and I`m so not done yet. It`s sooo huge and wide, has an amazing wide range of shops, museums, restaurants, cultures, well you name it really. It almost felt like an amusements park from the moment we got out of the airplane, in a good way don`t get me wrong. I`ve been walking on an experience-cloud for 10days long, and it didn`t bore me 1 single minute :) I want more of this....we`ll just have to see when.

We both got ill, cause of the weather, for us it was a wee bit to warm, between 28 and 32 degrees Celsius, and used airconditioning quite a lot. Switching between cold and warm made us both catch a cold. Me having some breathing problems cause of astma, and hubby might have eaten something wrong in one of the restaurants (he`s allergic to raw onion) set us back 1,5 days, but it wasn`t that bad.

I`ll try to show my view, my photos of things we saw, things we ate, and all the goodies I bought in the next couple of blogentries.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

my new shawl

Just before we went on out trip we had diner at my hubbies parents. His stephmom showed me a shawl she knitted herself. I was quite surprised by the looks and when she told me it would only took her about 2 days to finish I was like wow. She showed me some wool...and ofc I fell for the purpleness, she would make me one as well weee. After indeed after 2 days she was at our door handing me the lovely shawl. When we`re back i really need to ask her what technique is used for it!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Serena Glam Slam red

Thanks to Carolina I received one of the Glam Slam editions from OPI. These are very hard to get in my silly country, and I feel so lucky now :) I hope your Gosh - Holo will arrive soon Carolina!!!

The shimery one is called Rally Pretty Pink...and it is!! I haven`t tried it yet, but it looks amazing in the bottle. Gold shimmer all over in a pink/red base, topped with a vibrant red creme crackle coat...can`t wait :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

uber swap :)

I had an uber swap with Tiffani :) The package arrived last week and I had all goodies installed in front of me the entire day lol...let me share the pic, you`ll understand why!

A yummy sponge, colorful hairbands, cow tail candy nomnomnom, nail decalls, cards, ELF sprakle eye edition/beauty encyclopedia, UD preen shadow box, UD summer of love nail kit, SOPI Metro Chic & Under my Trenchcoat, Illamasqua DWS & Velocity, Deborah Lippmann Whatever Lola Wants, Today Was a Fairytale, Bad Romance & Glitter in the Air.

Can`t wait to come home and try it all :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

double OPI

I always think it`s a waste to use up glitter polishes. most I own really need 3...some even 4 layers to make it all nice shiney all full of glitters. As I`ve seen on many other blogs, this was actually quite handy ofc. First take a polish which is somewhat similar to the colors of glitters and then top it with 1 or 2 layers of glitters. That way you can still have the same color, but with less glitter polish ;)

In this photo I`m wearing 1 layer of Yodel Me on My Cell covered with 2 thin layers of Last Friday night, both by OPI