Monday, June 13, 2011

What we ate in NY :)

Some of the dishes we ate. As you can see it`s rather fat/fastfood like. I`m not saying this was our only choise...we picked these out ourselves cause we just had high interest in the tastes. Ofc we had "healthy" food as well. Lovely pizzas, pastas, salads, fruits, fish dishes etc etc....But just look at the ham-sandwich we ate at one of the museums. It`s filled up megaaa :) mmm and I can still taste the lovely lemon jelly filled donuts from DD nomnomnom

*edit* ooow I forgot to take pictures when we went to the cinema :S The colas and popcorn were huuuuge!!!

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Half Dressed said...

Well now I'm hungry :P Looks delicious :)

L x

rebecca said...

the hot dog is huge!!!
i'm going to be eating like this on vacation too... and then i'll need to diet! lol

Martje said...

the hotdog was indeed huuuge, they claimed it would be a 15-bit hd, special one of town...hubby ate about 1/3 of it :S

rock-or-not said...

Looks so good!
I want to eat the same!
These donuts =P

xlittle.girl said...

wauwiee, het ziet er echt verrukkelijk uit! :D

Kellyta said...


I'm Kelly Gould said...

But did you ever get Pinkberry??????

Martje said...

With shame I have to :( first couple of days I spotted them everywhere, and when we decided to go for it and almost hunt for them...I couldn`t find any shop :S

So I`m afraid it will be on the list of what to do when we go again ;)

Eef en Lot said...

Wauw looks nice!


cotton said...

ahhhhhh im well jealous! im craving now! lol
not even i want to go back to the US

Anonymous said...

awww i so wanna go back to nyc
:( its an amazing place !!

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