Friday, April 6, 2012

Our vacation is booked!!

I had a day off today and a spare trainticket in my pocket. So I decided to return a clothingitem at Primark near rotterdam, and take the next train to Amsterdam....I already knew I would be traveling most part of the day then actually visiting shops. I didn't really mind as I don't have any problems traveling by public transportations. Back when I was still a student it did had some downsides, many classhours I missed because of railroad accidents or jams at the railroads. A day like today was just plain relaxing tbh :)

I started at usual :) Though I have quite some amount of MAC eyeshadows/palettes due to swapping on MUA, I thought it would be time to buy some new brushes. I got my mind on Sigma brushes quite some time, but I never really gotten myself to actually buy a nice set online, and perhaps I should have looking at my MAC receipt now :S All i wanted for now was nr217 & nr219 (well I did want nr211 as well, but adding that one as well was just a litle tooo much for now)

After MAC I went to Inglot, cause I thought it would be time to buy a new blush. I reaallly wanted a LE MAC blush, the cute sakura heartshaped in the middle pinky pink, but the Evulbay price is way to high. So I thought...for that amount of money I can easily buy a nice palette with 3 blushes at Inglot ;) But entering the freedom system provided either 1 blush combined with 3 eyeshows or 4 blushes in1...but I already picked out 3 bah! I really wasn't able to find nr4, so I picked out the one I liked most and made some sort of deal with the cashier. I bought the system with only the blush, but I would return in 2 weeks (yes again Amsterdam cause I have a Vichy thiny again in the city yay!!) and pick out my 3 eyeshadows as I really had no clue what to pick, I had been busy almost 30minutes picking out pinky cheek colors. I might end up with some greenish eyeshadow...I always pick out pick/purple tones.... It's nr56 btw :)

Then I went to a small shop owned by an amazingly sweet woman. It's filled with clothes, shoes, accesoires, facial/body care, make-up and with bottle filled with anti-oxidants... Which I was looking for!! I read about them in a magazine and the really got my attention tbh. The brand is called Pure Inventions and they're very hard to get in my country. There is 1 online shop and a handful of shops spread along the country. These little bottles conaine a highly concentrated formula filled with fruit extracts and anti-oxidants. By adding a small amount to a glass of water you "promote good health and wellbeing" as the website mentions. I'm very eager to try out, a little extras can't harm right?! I didn't really have the change to pick out as she had limited available at the moment, but she was willing to order anything else. I took home a bottle of wild cherry apple + resveratrol. So I'm gonna use this for a while and hopefully see any difference or even feel any difference!!

Last but not least has something to do with our trip later on this year :) We had some troubles at start to figure out where we wanted to go. Since it's out of any summer seasonthingy we're not limited to any countries or hotels or whatever. At first we had a small idea of camping in France or Italy. Since we bought a new car last year it would be managable and somewhat fun to figure it out ourselves...and let's not forget less expensive ofc!! then the idea of traveling to Beijing passed by and we got motived to go to China indeed already looked up some hotels to pick from and getting slight ideas of what to do in the surroundings....But we waited too long with booking anything and the prices only rised and the fun faded blablabla. But!!!! now we have something else...I'll show the booklet I got in A'dam first, it leaves a small hint hihihi

Yesss Tokyo!!! OMG with extreme caps :) It still feels weird knowing we're actually going there. It was on our list of countries we wanted to go to one day but would never dream of cause it's far far away, expesive...and the list goes on :) It will take a while before we're actually going, but I'm always open for ideas or suggestions of what to do, what to eat, what to buy. My sweet australian friend already told me to stock some Anna Sui, Jill Stuart and Canmake.

Sooo that was my was yours??? :)