Tuesday, August 21, 2012

quick mini haul

I will be working at a different pharmacy from 1st of October on, which is located within the citys hospital. Since that's not really in the center of town, and I only have a 30mins. lunchbreak, I won't be able to go to the shops that often anymore :S

Perhaps that's the reason why I'm on a shopping haul every single day of the past week hahaha and we still have to go on our trip as well :)

Today I went to my favorite Kruitvat...not!!! The cashiers  should really have some sort of training "how to be polite to customers" I really don't like that place, the only reason I go there is cause they sell certain brands like Catrice and Essence. Ah well...in I went for these;

I already saw the peel-off basecoat on someone elses blog and it reminded me of P2 White Nail Mask which I reviewed here. Just had to buy it, cause I'm very very curious about it. Bet it will be amazing for glitter polishes :) The plate is just very cute and only came along as a little extra. The combination Colour and Change polish + effect designer....I will try out later this week ;) It's toooo warm to do my nails and atm they look so terrible. Extremely dry cuticles due to the weather and the many showers :S I picked out nr 3 Sweet Suprise as the base color/nail polish.

I stole this photo from Google!!!
My new sandals!!!! When I'm at work I'm always wearing my Birkenstock Molinas...but they're no good for vacation/citytrip. At first I was looking for other models with a heelstrap...but I couldn't find anything that caught my eye. After I read some forums I picked out this brand and this model. I'm not very familiair with the brand, my mum recently bought a different model and was very happy with them. I hope I'll be with these as well :) As you can see, plenty of space for my toes so I can still wear some amazing polish hahaha.

Monday, August 20, 2012

testing....Clinique even better eyes

I mentioned before I'm subscribed to a testingbureau, a mouth-to-mouth advertising network called The Insiders. They will often let you know if and when they will start new campaign on random products, by choice you can try to sign in for their campaigns the ones you want to take part in...but it's up to them if you make it in. Cause you have to tell a little about yourself, fill out some webbased forms and they'll take a look if you're suitable to join in.

A couple of weeks ago I received an email about Clinique even better eys eyecream and I know I would reaaallly want to take part in that campaign.....this is why;

**alert...not wearing any make-up**

Besides the no make-up look and pigmentation on my forehead and the dull skintone...I'm desperatly needed to go on a vacation soon :S...I'm starting to have darck cicles underneath my eyes.Boehoeee!! The more stress (work) situations give me, the darker they can get by the end of the week. So I was very very happy to find out I was going to join in this campaign!!!

Last Saterday the package arrived; 6 testers to spread out amongst friends/family/colleagues, a brochure about the campaign itself and the little tube of eyecream;

I thought today would be a perfect day to start with testing...because the past weekend has been amazingly hot and I didn't feel like doing anything at all, not even paying attention to beautyproducts :S Since I have 1 week left at work and will be having 5 weeks off after, I'll have plenty of time to serieusly pay attention to it..perhaps I will notice any differences :)

The idea behind these campaings is not to become a 100% satisfied blogger or make up a fancy story, but just tell the truth and share it with the world ;) I love that you won't be stuck with rules about what not or what to write, this will be purely what I think of it.....starting today!!!

Thus far day 1....feels great on my skin, application went very smooth as you cvan tell the tube as a special end which cools the skin a wee bit as well. So hardly any irritation to the skin. product itself is by Clinique..which stands for allergy tested, 100% fragrance free, opthalmologist tested, for all skin types (1,2,3 and 4)
Product isn't being sold in NL yet, that's why we get to test it, but I see it on many USA based internetshops, retailprice at $39.50

For those who want to register at The Insiders....you can follow this link;

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Latest haul..which has a happy ending ;)

This...is....the worst that can happen with shipped packages ;)

I wrote about it 2 posts earlier. I felt a little incomplete without this OPI - I'm all Ears, so I decided to replace it (I did get a refund for it by the company) and since it's no point to just let 1 bottle be shipped, a couple of it's friends were invited to come along as well ;)

The special edition OPI _Spotted I've already shown, as well as a combination of 2 Mini Mouse OPI's...and CG -  Pink Plumeria...

CG - Exotic Encounters, Adventure Red-Y, Kalahari Kiss

2 polishes from Orly's Dark Shadow collection; Decadesof Dysfunction (wich is actually a re-release of Pure Porcelain) and Mysterieus Curse.

Long wanted Barielle Elle's Spell..yay!!

Complete limited collection Cucuba by Catrice;
1.Sunny Side, 2.Reggeaton, 3.Salsa Cubana, 4.Havana Drum and 5.Take it Mint
tadaaaa I couldn't stay behind :) I was actually watching the website each day till these would be available to order.
Unlucky as I am1 bottle leaked a bit, hence the weird looking cap.

I've been wearing No plain Jane all week and it just started to peel at the edges, which is amazing!

I lub em :)

Have you seen this brush by Bourjois?! It's like 2 sided brush 1 end for dotting and the other for creating a french manicure. For a fun brush I thought it was a bit overpriced tbh...€6,95 if I can recall, but I got it with a discount of 25%...which is still plenty :) I haven't tried it yet, but I did find a blog, Pretty in the Desert, which has amazing tips/photo's by Bourjois!!

I'll finish today with a photo of some cupcakes which I made for my sweet sweet cousins first bday :) She's turning into such a cute little girl!!

nomnom banana and strawberry flavoured blue and purple cupcakes.