Monday, May 30, 2011

mineral facial mask

whuahaha, yes...that is my favorite bathrobe ;) I wear it aaalll the time (when it's not in laundry ofc).

This is one of those products that you just had to buy when you were in store...but haven't tried it yet. it was in my cabinet filled with other beauty stuff and I totally forgot about it :S Since the weather is being quite nice and the sun is shining bright again...and my skin going all greasy as well yuuck, it was time to send out the troops for a serious treatment. Since I have quite a sensitive skin I do watch out what brands of products I use. I never heared of this brand, I bought it at a dutch Sephora, but I thought it would be okay enough to use...and it was. Applying was quite easy and cleaning even more, the result was smashing! Clean clean clean yet very soft skin. It felt as my pores had an extreme exfoliating session, but without all the harshness to my skin. It was very calm and very soft...this one will defo stay in my stash!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

melon cake mmmmm

This is somewhat different then I normally bake cakes, but I really wanted to try something out with melon as my hubbie looooves them. I used melon extra flavouring in the bavarois and sliced up half a melon in tiny bits to decorate on top.

It tastes all yummy and fruity, not too sweet at all :)

**This is my last post....for now :) Tomorrow our journey to NY starts and we`ll be back 9th of June. I`m not sure if I`m not to tired to blog by then...we`ll see :). I won`t leave you all alone for 10 days, I have some posts planned. Many many new goodies will be shown, and when I get back I will try em aaall out. Baaaai for now!!**

Saturday, May 28, 2011


What did Blogger do to my "followers" gadget?! For some reason I cant see my lovely followers, thats rude Blogger!!
I`m sorry I cant see you sweeties, and I`m sorry new people who want to join in the fun have to do it all manually....when i return from my vacation I`ll try to get a new addon ofc!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Boehoee Gelac was sort of a fail :S And I think it was my own mistake meh.

Before applying the layers I gave myself a nice manicure, smoothed out all bumps an lines on my nails. That might was the cause of the failure, my nails were too smooth. I didn`t dare to rough them up a bit anymore so the gel didn`t stick too much on the surface and cracked quite fast. I cleaned my house and ofc the water wasn`t any help either, only made it worse. I could peel of the layers of gel..which is actually terrible for you nails on one side..but the other side it was better to do so then soak my nails for 20minutes in aceton :S

I didn`t take any pictures of teh peeling effect as it wasn`t a pleasant sight haha and I only show I like and love. I just wanted to inform you sweeties what went wrong.

As I mentioned before, upcomming monday my Ny trip will begin yaaaayyy, and I`ll make sure to give myself a nice manicure and Gelac treatment before bed on sunday. I WILL make sure the surface of my nails is roughened up a bit so it wont happen again. Between shooting pics of sightseeing and building I`ll let you girls know how my nails are doing haha.

Before leaving I still have some posts, and whilest we`re gone I`ll make sure to keep you entertained as well ofc ;)

Monday, May 23, 2011

OPI Skull & Glossbones + Silver Shatter

The lovely light grey from OPI`s - Pirates edition. Lovely as in shade and structure ofc. I used 2 thin coats on top of a bc, waited a while to dry completly and then applies a thin layer of Silver Shatter. In the pictures it`s quite clear to see it`s a shatter/crackle polish, but in rl this combo is hardly noticable. I`d rather use it on the pink/purple or on Mermaid's Tears.

Wooptiedoooo today my new phone finally arrived :) I mentioned a while ago I wanted  anew phone as I was about to expand my subscription...but I had the wrong date in mind ggrr so an extra 2 months waiting and now I have it woop! Smasung Galaxy Ace, white edition. I`ve put myself on a quick course of how to use Twitter haha, ow boy do I need training....

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pupa awsomeness ;)

I can`t believe I haven`t showed these 2 products by Pupa...think i own them for about 2 months now. Pupa products aren't being sold in my silly town, nor can I ever find them in Utrecht or Amsterdam. When I visit my sweet friend I always stop by the drugstore in her town, DA, where they do have the latest collection.

The big red/pink shiney box containes a product called Pure Light Blush. It`s a very subte pink blush with shimmers in it. As I have fair skin i can`t use dark pinks or even orange toned blushes, so this one works perfect for me. The shimmers really "illuminate" your skin, giving it a healthy tone. The only problem I have is...I don`t own a descent blush-brush...but no fear, NY is 1 week away and my shopping spree will begin :)

The black/pink polka dotted box contains an eyeshadow from Pupas spring collection "Very Vintage". It`s a combined  baked eyeshadow with a half moon or silver and rest is silky pearly pink :) (it`s nr 1 on this page ) It`s a great combination of colors. After using an eyelid primer, colors stayed on perfect all day. make your products soo big ! I will never finish up this eyeshadow :S Nonetheless both awsome products on my list :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

OPI In The Spot-Light Pink + I Juggle...Men

These were taken pre Gelac. A lovely soft pink which builds up strong layer after layer...very suitable for french manicures, topped with 1 layer of tiny glitters from I Juggle...Men. The pinky is the pinkest one from the Cirque de Femme collection released by OPI and I looove it! I love the jellynes of the polish, it truely glides on your nail, after 3 layers its a very cute soft pink. This is I think my new favorite for indeed french manicures...if only I could find a descent white :S

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Me doing a Gelac :)

Some say....certain things should be done by professionals. And they are actually right. I wouldn`t have surgery by my General Practitioner indeed. But when it comes to doing my nails, I`m willing to try out everything myself. Applying gellac with an UV I reaaalllyy wanted to try that! I`ve had acrylics last year, that`s where my polish obsession started really, and I wouldn`t choose that again. As I am very clumpsy and at work I walk around with "heavy" boxes as well, I`m always afraid some of the nails might tear or partially get ripped off bleughh.

I orderd my lovely pink UV lamp from Evulbay and picked out Gelac from IBD at one of the polish-netshops I regularly buy my polishes at. I picked out a bonding base-coat, colored Pink Kiss and topcoat. Each has it`s own cure-time for the UVlamp.

It resulted in a lovely glossy healthy pink colored gel layer. It`s not too thick as gel or acrylic nails would be, but it`s a bit thicker then normal polish would be. Other polishes can be used over it...and can be cleaned with regular polish remover (acetonefree ones ofc). This Gelac is a so called soak off gel...should take up to 20 minutes soaking in acetone to get rid of the layers. The only thing that worries me a bit is when my nails will will leave a gab between my cuticles and the will I restore it?! Will see about that ;)

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

for sale / for swap

As I mentioned in a post earlier, I had ordered OPI's - Pirates of the Caribbean 2 times by "accident". I ordered them at seperate netshops as pre-orders but/and luckily I had the chance of getting them at both weeee.

But what to do with them?! I already used some from the first USA shipment, so the other one Singapore shipment is a spare i would like to get rid of :) (As you can see each bottle has a little sticker attacked, which is easily removed. It`s a waranty seal all my OPI polishes from that store have, can be pealed of very well ) I still have a Black Shatter which I don`t "need" and would love to give a good home.

If someone would like to buy all 8 or swap them let me know, I like to sell/swap as a set (with or without Black Shatter)

At the same day I bought Catrice - Enter Wonderland LE I got my hands on 2x Gosh Holo!!!!!! (with fixed base-coat) I couldn`t leave them for the anounced buy 1 get 1 free, cause I was sure they would be gone by that time! I will try to keep an eye out at the shop, but since I'm not very fond of our Kruitvat anymore max. visits will be 2 times a week when I`m at work.

These are not for sale ;) Can only be swapped, they go as a pair ( 1Holo + 1fbc), let me know if you`re itnerested :)

"added 14th May""
for some reason all comments on this blogentry are gone :S...I have not deleted them myself...and I cannot trace em back in Blogger either :S I`m very sorry for not responding...but I have no clue where the comments went :S....

Friday, May 13, 2011

my new ring

I made a ring! I went to a workshop with my mother, and since we booked it for just the 2 of us we had all the attention and help we wanted from the "teacher". We brought our own old silver and gold and made sure our whishes were clear.

At first I had some troubles with what to create as my mind went in flipmode :S A broche...a necklace/hanger..or a ring aarghh did I want a birdsnest with pearly eggs in it, did I want a birdscage or did I just want something else meaningless but fun :S

I went through some brochures, googles a bit, watched some brands' webpages etc etc And I stole some ideas which ended up in the following ring :)

On the ends it's a bit wider so the loose rings won't fall off and in the middle the rings just bangle a bit. I've polishes the big ring itself, and try to matify the 3 little rings, which have a text on them. it was quite a work, but the end pretty much what I wanted it to be! A very heavy ring, which in unique to me.

Ofc you can stamp each text in it you want to. I was thinking about a nice phrase from my favorite book Romeo & Juliet...but I came acros a latin line which I thought was very funny. Translation would be something like; "if you can read this text, your education has been too high" a humorous way ofc since I couldn't read it ;)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Catrice - Enter Wonderland LE

 This Catrice LE was available last week in my local Kruitvat...but it`s a good thing I took em all cause as's all sold out now :S Boehoee, and they have a wonderful sale buy 1 get 1 free, and they don't stock up :)

1 Forbidden Apple
2 Lavevenderlicious
3 Wonderland Green Card
4 Miracle Heaven

I'm showing you nr 3 Wonderland Green Card. In the picture I`m actually having 1 layer sandwiched between a bc and tc, and it looked very good!! Tbh a second layer of color wouldn't be necessary.

It`s a fresh bright green, which I'll be wearinga lot I think! Would love to try out some stamping on it....and with it!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ooeehh goodies :)

Hhmmm...hhhmmm....I actually wanted to show something else...but my order of OPI -Pirates of the Caribbean came in today and I`m all excited to show it woop!!

upper row; In the Spot-Light Pink, I Juggle...Men, IBD Gelac basecoat, Pink Kiss and topcoat ooeehhh soo want to try this out :)
lower row; Steady As She Rose, Sparrow Me The Drama, Planks a Lot, Silver Shatter, Mermaids Tears, Skull & Glossbones, Stranger Tides.

Ahhh I looove these colors, I fell in love the moment I read about it on other peoples blogs. I so desperatly wanted this that I made pre-oders with 2 differnt companies...and both shipped it out :S Tomorrow I can get my other package from the postoffice...

And aalll these polishes have to wait a little cause I have some nice Catrice - Enter Wonderland ones I want to show first!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

my Koh collection

I was going through my Helmer...and extra boxes and I saw so many little Koh boxes laying around :S I emptied them all and lined up the colors....asking myself why I need 2x Color Booster and 2x Wipe-it Away haha I think I`ll place those in a swap box :) I never even noticed having 10 polishes as well...but then again I didn`t buy em all!! I received some from magazine subscription welcome goodies weee free polish!!!

from left to right; Red! 123, Pink Matters! 215, Dignified! 244, Smokey Violet! 117, Funky 171, Baby Grey 229, Rainy Day! 134, Glamourous Purple! 131, Blue Universe 177 and Pale Beige! 141

Hhmmm think I`ll use Dignified! today, as I have't tried it yet.

Ooeeh I haven't showed my latest cake yet ow ow ow ow. It was a total fail :) I couldn't get the marzipan the way I wanted it to fold over the cake, nonetheless it was very yummy! Chocolate bisque with cherry flavored/red colored filling.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

glitsersz on my eyes

 on the left.....
on the right....

glitsersz everywhere :)

A couple of weeks ago I bought 2 glitter eyeliners by Teeez. Gutsy a somehwat white/silver and Outta Contral a lilac one ( I`m wearing the lilac one in the pictures). I love the amount of glitters in it. Sometimes when you aply glitter eyeliner, you can get the feeling you smear out all gel stuff and the glitters themselves will just stick on the little brush...specially when it`s been opened a while :S This stuf is amazing! I love it :) Perfectly dosed glitters, no scent at all and the price is low. I think I payed about 4euros each.

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