Friday, May 13, 2011

my new ring

I made a ring! I went to a workshop with my mother, and since we booked it for just the 2 of us we had all the attention and help we wanted from the "teacher". We brought our own old silver and gold and made sure our whishes were clear.

At first I had some troubles with what to create as my mind went in flipmode :S A broche...a necklace/hanger..or a ring aarghh did I want a birdsnest with pearly eggs in it, did I want a birdscage or did I just want something else meaningless but fun :S

I went through some brochures, googles a bit, watched some brands' webpages etc etc And I stole some ideas which ended up in the following ring :)

On the ends it's a bit wider so the loose rings won't fall off and in the middle the rings just bangle a bit. I've polishes the big ring itself, and try to matify the 3 little rings, which have a text on them. it was quite a work, but the end pretty much what I wanted it to be! A very heavy ring, which in unique to me.

Ofc you can stamp each text in it you want to. I was thinking about a nice phrase from my favorite book Romeo & Juliet...but I came acros a latin line which I thought was very funny. Translation would be something like; "if you can read this text, your education has been too high" a humorous way ofc since I couldn't read it ;)

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rock-or-not said...

So cute!!
Awesome sentence!!
I made latin but I probably wouldn't have been able to read this too!

maRyya said...

it's pretty!

♥♥♥beauxs mom said...

R&J is my fav book too lol and fav movie how funny, love the ring ive never seen a big ring with little rings its a very cute design.

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