Monday, May 30, 2011

mineral facial mask

whuahaha, yes...that is my favorite bathrobe ;) I wear it aaalll the time (when it's not in laundry ofc).

This is one of those products that you just had to buy when you were in store...but haven't tried it yet. it was in my cabinet filled with other beauty stuff and I totally forgot about it :S Since the weather is being quite nice and the sun is shining bright again...and my skin going all greasy as well yuuck, it was time to send out the troops for a serious treatment. Since I have quite a sensitive skin I do watch out what brands of products I use. I never heared of this brand, I bought it at a dutch Sephora, but I thought it would be okay enough to use...and it was. Applying was quite easy and cleaning even more, the result was smashing! Clean clean clean yet very soft skin. It felt as my pores had an extreme exfoliating session, but without all the harshness to my skin. It was very calm and very soft...this one will defo stay in my stash!!

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rock-or-not said...

Looks good then, I don't often use facial masks ^^"
Cute bathrobe ^^

SILVIA said...

really love your blog!!!

Rachel said...

Haha, that first picture is cute ^.^

Never heard of the brand, either, but glad to know that it worked out well The packaging is adorable!

Fey (TheNailExperiment) said...

Love the picture!!

♥neelai♥ said...

that bathrobe is really Cute!! hehe

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Its really good picture. I never use this kind of facial product. Each and every day i use sill water in my face means brightness will come automatically. don't never user facial creams.

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