Thursday, March 31, 2011

Love & Beauty

My brother went to NY again, a couple of weeks ago, and I gave him and his GF a whislist of polishes. Unfortunatly loads of my list where either untrackable or sold out. But they did find my lemming SH - Grey Area yaay. And they found these huge bottles of pretties at Forever21. I have seen this brand with other bloggers, mainly american bloggers. What suprised me was the amazing quality for such cheap prices :S These are being sold for $2,80...thats 1,97euros! Too bad the names aren`t written on any lables, except on the pricetags...but some weren't in tact anymore. I used their website for the names, pls correct me if I`m wrong, from left to right; Electric Purple, Magnetism, ???, Wine Country and Fluorescent Green ( which dries a little matte)

Monday, March 28, 2011

**Give-Away** time by meeee

What does it contain?! THIS;

Vichy-Capital Soleil spf30 fresh milk/gel for body, Essence my skin 4in1 cleansing cream + intensively caring cream...both in pomegranate & bamboo oil-free dry to normal skin (smells soooo goooood), Essence my skin deeply moisturizing paper mask cucumber, 2x Gosh extreme art eye liner 25 gunmetal & 11 turquoise, MNY (Maybelline New York) lipgloss in a shiney peachy/roze color, Essence nailart twin Julia (this one will soon be "not available" ), Essence color & go; Choose me!, Out of my mind, Where`s the party? and Can`t cheat on me (seems a holo to me!!), P2 pro white nail mask, and last but not least Cult Nails - My Kind Of Cool Aid

This **Give-Away** has ended...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

testing out my new holos

Just a quick show of the colors. All these colors are 2 layers over Gosh - fix base coat (specially for holos).
From left to right, starting with 666 finishing with 675, all Catherine Arley.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

666-675 :)

Hurray, they have arrived weeeeeee. Safe and sound, all 10! It did took a while, at least the waiting for aprovel part, cause shipping took about 8 days. I had no clue which numbers to order, but watching other peoples' swatches only made me extremely greedy, so I limited myself to 10 bottles. Hhmm which 10 will it be....well why not 666-675 and if it works out well, cause there also are some reviews on damaged packages :S, I`ll just order another 10. But I don`t think I`ll be fed up with these, and it`s quite an amount....but thinking about the amount of money it cost...can easily buy another 10 :)

What the ****  is she talking about you might think.....

My order of Catherine Arley;

Friday, March 25, 2011

ieeuuwwww what`s THAT!!!

Hahaha this P2 pro White Nail Mask :) P2 recommends to use this product 2 times a week. Apply it as a rather thick layer and leave it to dry for about 5-10 minutes and then peel it`s just that!! After using it a couple of times it claimes to make your nails a little I`m not 100% sure it does it. But it did feel like my nails got a little boost there ;) For about 2euros, I think it`s worth to try it out!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Me & my new dotting toolsz

Yay, yesterday my cheap cheap dottingtools arrived and I had to try it out immediatly...even though I just got back from a late work meeting and had been at work for about 14hours ggrrr.

As base I`ve used Catrice - LE Lavender Breeze which has an extreeeeme tiny hint of lavender. I had to use 2 layers as the first one is very streaky. I`m not very fond of the color on it`s own. It would be perfect for dotting, stamping or decals indeed. For the dots I`ve used most of my Barry M colors I own; Boots LE which is a lovely mauvy purple, pink flamingo, mint green, vivid purple and blueberry. Topped it all with  CG fast forward topcoat.

I`ve done this mani yesterday evening, and it was actually a big hit at work today. I don`t have any tip wear at all, it looks amazing, so I`ll leave it another day ;)

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

silly french mani :)

This is my action with a little Scotch-tape :) I didn`t dare to take on any difficult lines and figures, so I just went with an ordinairy french manicure-like.

This is 2 coats of Color Club - Fashion Addict...I love this pink holo-ish color. For the tip I used Color Club - Wild At Heart, only 1 quick layer. I waited a wee bit for it to dry and added China Glaze - Fast Forward Top Coat. Sometimes a topcoat can destroy the holo-look of a polish, in this case I didn`t see any differences.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Dear Sally...

can you pwetty plsss sell you fabulous Salon Manicure polishes in my country as well!! I love them so much...the lovely colors, the structure of the polish, the brush aahhh *sigh*....

This is 2 coats of Fedora, for stamping I`ve used red Konad color.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

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Better than gel nails by Essence

Now you might that`s bright white...and actually it is, but i`m in love!! Applying these was easy peasy, and it looks so perfect. I would defo buy these again. Hmm now I have to test wear them a couple of days, perhaps add a little decal or stamping tomorrow, but when they`re available in my own town, I`m buying a couple of packages again :)

I cleaned my cucticle with a remover first. Then shapped my nails a bit, and evened the surface as well a little with my new P2 file. Cleaned my nails again, only this time with alcohol, so no grease of yukkies were left behind. I still had a little tube of nailglue, so I used it to apply the french tips. Applied 1 coat of base sealer and 2 coats of top sealer just like the bottles mentioned and voila ready to go. I didn`t dare to use an extra coat of fast drieing stuff cause I had no clue how this all would work out. But eventually it all dried quite quick, don`t think it lasted 30minutes to do both hands.

Yep....still looking at the perfect french manicure nails...extremely shiny :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

oeh new P2 and essence goodies

big big photo!!

I went to a quick shopping spree in Kleve last monday, mainly cause I needed yummy food...and I wanted to buy some new P2 and Essence products ( for me and an "order" ) Oeh I got almost all the things on my list yay!

New sponges to wash of my facial masks, a new 4-way file ( I usually only have a glass-file by herome, but I was looking for something with a shining buff thingy ), Essence better than gel nails white nail tips + base sealer & top sealer ( applying them as I`m writting this post ;) so I`ll be making some photo`s for tomorrow!! ), 3 lovely colors for a lovely french girl ( Out Of my Mind, Choose Me!, Red-y to Go ), a peel off mask for stained nails by P2 ( very veyr curious about this!! ), 2 new magnetic polishes ( mystic whish! & hex hex!, but oeehhh I want the pinkyish one as well, they only had these 2 available atm boehoee), and an Essence polish which looked very holo Can`t Cheat On Me, a lovely purple gel eyeliner + brush. They didn`t have any P2 colored polishes that apealed to me, last time I was in Kleve I already got some pastel ones, and I haven`t even tried those.....back to my "better than gel nails" tips :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Essence brochures (in German)

I was in Germany and came acros these brochures, even though it`s in German ( hurray for Google Translate ofc ) it`s quite handy to see what their trends are :) ...when they`re not sold out. I visited 2 shops, and 1 back home, and not 1 had a fully stocked rack

Monday, March 14, 2011

ieks...I forgot my reward :S

Ooow noo, how can I talk this straight :S Actually I can`t. A while ago lovely Ivana gave me a reward, and I wanted to think a little about how to fill in some of the describtions...and for some reason I forgot about it...shame..shame...I`m so sorry. But here goes!!!

7 things I have to do before I die:
* visit NY ( and it`s kind of on the list for this year yaaay) 
* have kids ( yes 2 if we "can" ) 
* change work ( hmm I don`t think I was meant to work in a pharmacy really ) 
* visit India/ thats such a colorful continent!! 
* get a tattoo ( either the outlines of a star or a small sakura flower, but the spot is my inner left ankle, just slight left/above the bone :)  ) But since I`m not 100% sure what to get, no ink in my skin yet. 
* Loose some weight....but I`m not the kind of person who hold on to diets...nor tend to go to the gym on a regular base. And I`m defo not gonna binge and barf :S Sooo...this is purely on the list ;) 
* Continue do my thing :) We have a certain relationship where our hobbies and interest are really our way of relaxing, tiny escape from "reality". I like it, I enjoy it and it`s mine...which I think is very important to have next to a relaxtionship. Just a little me-time. 

7 things I say all the time:( woops...I swear a lot sowwie )
* k*t ( this is actually dutch for female parts, but it`s a short word which 
* in shit, but this sounds nicer :) 
* I tend to add "this is my opinion"  a lot to things I say haha, cause well...I have an opinion!
* Sjezus...derived from Jezus ofc. 
* Noob...but I use it at work a lot as well haha. I think i got the hang of some word during my WOW-career :S This is indeed a word my colleagues don`t get, which makes  me giggle a bit each time I use it haha. 
* Poesiewoesss.....when I have no idea which cat I need/want/punishing. they all have quite long names, which is actually my own fault :) 
* Will you marry sjeez I think I`ve been asking that for about 8 years now. We`re married almost a year and I still ask it, cause it grew a habbit now ggrrrr. And he`ll just answer " don`t know, I have to ask my wife"  So don`t think he really minds it. I hope it ends some day, cause it gets quite annoying :) 

7 things I'm good at:
* baking cookies/cakes/cupcakes 
* smell nice, ow I love can people not wear perfumes or scents?! 
* cuddle/huggin!! I love to hug, my hubbie, but friends as well...even though I`m almost 30 I looove to hug my girlfriends :) 
* I`m a gamer girl...well actually since World Of Warcraft, but I`m good at it! 
* I think I`m pretty good at english....I have to get 7 things, so I`m adding very weird things now ;) 
* Cook 5 course dishes for 6. And keep em all warm as well. I truely think I`m a good cook under pressure. When it`s just the 2 of us I experiment more, but when more/other people are over I keep it safe and work it out perfectly. 
* I`m quite creative. Make my own jewelry ( atm I`m making my own silver ring ), quest favors, website/blog, bags, cakes/cupcake thingy. I like to be creative, not always things end up the way they meant to be. but during the progres you`ll just learn to adjust and adept so the end result works out fine as well. I hardly throw an item in the corner and leave it be cause the outcome isn`t working for me... 

7 flaws:
* sunday IS uber lazy day :) I tend not even to do laundry, well actually we both haha 
* I don`t like crowds...specially when people bump into each other a lot, ieks it I can`t breath and ieeuww DON`t touch meeee feelings all over :) I`m lovely at amusement parc and festives hahaha 
* When driving I can swear like a sailor, boy-o-boy, defo not lady-like....not giving any examples ;) 
* I hate ironing. I never ever iron...except 2 little dresses. When I hang my laundry, I do it in such a way it dries up perfect for foulding ;) 
* I hate scary stuff!!! From sounds, series, movies to rl stuff like spiders ieuww. I reaaaally hate apocalyptic stories, they give me shivers. But that`s cause I`m scared of dieing/death and I don`t want to be reminded of endings I think.... 
* I can`t sing...though i do it all the time. At work, whilest cooking, underneath the shower. Sometimes I wonder what my neighbours think of it. But I love it, I shout at the top of my lungs, but the windows still haven`t shattered ;)  
* I`m not a 100% family person, which i think my mum regrets :S I don`t mind not seeing most of my family...we only get together once for Xmas, and sometimes meet at a bday, but that chance is so nihil. This Xmas we didn`t even go cause of teh weather sooooo we`ll just wait anotehr year. I didn`t even invite my aunts etc for out wedding, casue well that was our choice to keep it a rather small party. I don`t even know what to talk about with my family, they always had better relations with my brothers...but it`s both ways. 

7 qualities:
* I`m a good listener, for some reason people find it comforting to really open their heart to me, and I really don`t mind just to listen. 
* I`m not 100% a girly girl, which is quite handy with a hubbie and older brothers. I know a lot of SCI-Fi, series, books, games, guy stuff :)
* I love to experiment in the kitchen, not alone the cake stuff, but complete dishes as well. We`re lucky if it`s a succeeded thing, but it`s just a bummer if it fails. Don`t worry too long about it! Next time will be better ;) 
* I have high respect to elder people....note those who treat me normal back...specially in my work age doesn`t matter if you have a big mouth.
* Oehh back to the elder people...sick old men....I have a weak heart for them :( boehoee I just need to help them all!! 
* I looove to decorate the house. Not alone for Xmas, but when it needs a little redoing, new candles or pillows or plants. Or give the patio a lovely look. I love it when it has a little new finishing touch. But due to my lazy Sunday authority it only lasts a while hahaha 
* I have a high interest in angles/ Though I have no religion background I love the myth and the stories about them. I as well love ancient greek stories. I always name my game characters after greek gods, or give them names with a special meaning :)

Oeehhh I`m tagging aaalll you lovelies out there who have not been awarded with this yet :) I`d love to read your "anwers"  :)

mini mini haul from Bruxelles

If I was in a deeeeep need of clothes or shoes or cosmethics or anything really, I could have bought loads in Bruxelles :) We had such a nice time! The hotel was great, weather was perfect, indeed plenty of shops. We cycled through the city and seen a lot. I just didn`t buy a lot.

At Naf Naf I bought a lovely cardigan and a shirt and the heart/bow necklace which is in the picture. Being a biiiig fan of chocolate nomnomnom...I didn`t buy any. Perhaps cause I just couldn`t choose from all the stores, we did visit a lovely candy store called La Cure Gourmande. That`s where we got the big lollypops from, haven`t taste them yet but at almost 1 euro each they have to taste good ;)

Hurray for Belgian pharmacies...I found my Klorane shampoo with pomme granate. When I was in Avene last year we got some goodie-bag products, incl this small shampoo. It smalls so nice, and makes my hair so clean and shiny!! At 8euros a bottle it`s actually the most expensive shampoo I`ve ever owned, but all you need is a small amount cause it`s quite concentrated.

Luckily Rituals had a nice sale as well on all foam/soap products so I bought 2 of my favorite, Zensation weeeee :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

2 days off :)

Oeh my tiny trip to Bruxelles starts tomorrow. Though it`s just a 1-night stay at a 2 days filled with shopping and exploring I have been looking forward to it. Just a little escape away from the madness of work :) It`s been quite busy at work, and it`s sort of needed to set my mind on other things before my head explodes ;)

I`ve ordered a new phone yay!! Actually every 2 years I`m "allowed"  to order a new phone as I redo my subscription. This time I choose a Samsung Galaxy Ace, and I have added a little internet connection to it as well....sooo I was thinking of trying a little Twitter as well. ( No idea when the phone will be delivered, as it was sold out, but I`m in line for it ) Now don`t get me wrong, it`s not that I`m against Twitter/tweets. But it`s aaall new to me so many things to explore and learn :)

I`ll be back in a couple of days, hopefully with a little shopping haul. For now I`ll leave you with Edyta all over my nails and cuticles, a little purple butterfly and a pink shinie thingy :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tiny shopping haul :)

I walked through our local Kruitvat today, I was actually trying to find some polishes for swaps. At a sudden point my eye got caught by the displays...what was that?!?! Did they really stock up on time with the new LE by Catrice and Essence...I couldn`t believe it haha actually I still can`t :) As I was filling up my basket I slowly realised I really should stop buying every polish in the LE they come up with.So I placed almost all back and just kept 2 polishes which I really love.

Actually I placed all 4 Essence polishes back in the display as they just didn`t had it for me. I only took home the nailstickers and the tiny nail viles, cause they`re just cute to look at :) Now Catrice gave me some more troubles. I went home with 2 polishes, 4 Walk in the Woods and 3 Lavender Breeze. A lipgloss 1 Pink Spring and eyeshadow 5 Walk in the Woods. Quite soft colors actually...hmm...perhaps my subconsious was in a pastelly spring mood !

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ow Sally I love youuuu

This is 2 layers of Sally Hansen complete salon manicure - Pedal to the Medal 330, which I received in a swap with lovely Katherine. I`ve stamped an image of one of the latest Essence plates, and I`ve used Gosh Purple Heart for it. Which I think always works, casue it has a certain soft darkness. Visibly enough, yet not as dark as pure black would be.

I own just a couple of these salon manicure polishes, and I love them. I love teh brushes, the texture, the way it just glides ony our nail love love love!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Oeh! what`s that!!

Ow wow...that`s a big shocker. Relax, breath in and out....etc..

This is just me without make-up on, enjoying my Sunday mask. I do try to use facial masks as often as I can, but still it`s never enough :S I bought this one on my Avene trip back in October last year and it`s one of my favorites. When applied on a moist skin you scrub it for 2 minutes or so, just like any exfoliating cream....but don`t rinse it of. Let is rest for about 5-10minutes as a mask. The feeling you have once it`s rinsed of ooehh. it`s amazing. My skin feels soft from the peeling effect, yet mega hydrated by the mask effect. I strongly recommend this one to people who still have slight troubled/acne skin, casue it really cleans out your pores and doesn`t leave a greasy feeling. Too bad I`m going to Bruxelles next friday as there won`t be a Sephora, at least I couldn`t find the adress...meh I`ll just wait for my next visit and stock up big time :)

I`ll show some close ups of my mani tomorrow ;)

Friday, March 4, 2011

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Deborah Lippmann - Happy Birthday

Look at this....I`m in loooove :) Massive huge glitsorsz, they make me happy. It`s only 2 layers.
I received this polish from a little swap with Krystal and I can`t describe how happy I am. This was a huuuuuge lemming for me. As we speak she`s still waiting for my bottle to arrive :S I hope the mailman arrives soon, otherwise I`ll try send another one when I buy it!!!