Thursday, March 10, 2011

2 days off :)

Oeh my tiny trip to Bruxelles starts tomorrow. Though it`s just a 1-night stay at a 2 days filled with shopping and exploring I have been looking forward to it. Just a little escape away from the madness of work :) It`s been quite busy at work, and it`s sort of needed to set my mind on other things before my head explodes ;)

I`ve ordered a new phone yay!! Actually every 2 years I`m "allowed"  to order a new phone as I redo my subscription. This time I choose a Samsung Galaxy Ace, and I have added a little internet connection to it as well....sooo I was thinking of trying a little Twitter as well. ( No idea when the phone will be delivered, as it was sold out, but I`m in line for it ) Now don`t get me wrong, it`s not that I`m against Twitter/tweets. But it`s aaall new to me so many things to explore and learn :)

I`ll be back in a couple of days, hopefully with a little shopping haul. For now I`ll leave you with Edyta all over my nails and cuticles, a little purple butterfly and a pink shinie thingy :)

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beauxsmom said...

Very pretty emerald color perfect for st party's have fun shopping and relaxing!

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

have a nice trip!! :)

Anonymous said...

wauw ik zou wel eens al je nagellak bij elkaar willen zien op een foto! hahaha xoxoxo

rock-or-not said...

Can't wait to see your phone!
Good trip, and enjoy it!

Shiny! said...

Nice color! Hope you're having a great time and enjoying your new phone :)

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