Monday, March 7, 2011

Oeh! what`s that!!

Ow wow...that`s a big shocker. Relax, breath in and out....etc..

This is just me without make-up on, enjoying my Sunday mask. I do try to use facial masks as often as I can, but still it`s never enough :S I bought this one on my Avene trip back in October last year and it`s one of my favorites. When applied on a moist skin you scrub it for 2 minutes or so, just like any exfoliating cream....but don`t rinse it of. Let is rest for about 5-10minutes as a mask. The feeling you have once it`s rinsed of ooehh. it`s amazing. My skin feels soft from the peeling effect, yet mega hydrated by the mask effect. I strongly recommend this one to people who still have slight troubled/acne skin, casue it really cleans out your pores and doesn`t leave a greasy feeling. Too bad I`m going to Bruxelles next friday as there won`t be a Sephora, at least I couldn`t find the adress...meh I`ll just wait for my next visit and stock up big time :)

I`ll show some close ups of my mani tomorrow ;)

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Kendal said...

I need to do masks more often. :( Or skin care in general; My skin sucks! They're a pain to wash off.

Nice nails, too! ;D

Martje said...

I`ll give you a trick...or just tell you how I do it.

Sunday morning, just wear your bathrobe, nothing underneath so you don`t have pull things over your head anymore.

Put a hair mask in...put a facial mask on. And leave them both about 10minutes...then just head straight under the shower.

No clumsy whatever in the sink, or get your clothes or hair all wet. Cause everything needs a big rinsing :)

Works out perfect ;) Just make it you Sunday washing ritual

Ivana said...

You've so beautiful skin!
I've a lot of blackheads on my nose and chin (can't even squezze them out x) and acnes from time to time - just can't have a perfect skin. :) I'm planning to get Avene Diacnel - I read a lot of positive reviews.
Now I'm going to put a mask on my face to! :D You made me do it. :P

YoannitaL said...

i do face mask once a week and its real fun :D

beauxsmom said...

Your facial expression is funny it made me chuckle thanks for the info I just got back into masks too I try to at least to then once a week one I love it the queen Helene mint Julip it smells yummy like spearmint gum and its super cheap and they sell it at drugstores!

Martje said...

oeh I`m not familiar with a minty mask. Did once see it at Lush, but I wasn`t sure what it would be like. Next time i see one, I might buy it indeed!

Kendal said...

It was easier when I was single. XD I had a "girly night" each week -- Wednesdays, to coincide with America's Next Top Model. :P I would do just what you said! Robe, mask, watch a little TV, then shower it all off.

Martje said...

ow hunny, you keep on to that girly night a week!! ;) we girls "need" it haha

Zara said...

Haha, I love your facial expression! :) And I love a good facial refreshing.

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