Sunday, August 25, 2013

latest TD order weewoooo

I wanted to score big time during one of my latest TD orders, cause I wouldn't have a clue when my next would happen...or even if it would happen again since I would have a tiny baby. Priorities might get different and all. Since ordering more items and polishes will only get the shipping rate up, and I already had some things in mind that wouldn`t make the flat shipping rate...I asked my friend to join, and this is what we received ;)

my order

I loooove jellies :) They don`t always work for me and I have to redo the entire mani, but I just love the see-throughnes. And teh OPI gelcolor, since I got my own LED lamp I`m not afraid to try the gelcolors myself. If it doesn`t work out I`ll just wrap my nails in a drenched remover cloth wth some tinfoils, leave it on for max of 10mins and gently peel or scrape the gel perfect!! I`m wearing BubbleBath atm, and I`ll show some pics of that after 2 weeks of wearing it. My nails look perfect wearing gelcolor for 2 weeks. they will grow, well faster it seems cause of the gel layer they won`t split, peel or break at all. it`s my little time out to let them grow :)
the one thing I regret not ordering was OPI Effervescent Soak. I still had a little jar from an earlier order, but I reaalllyy love that product. Ah well..I`ll just place it on my wishlist for next order, whenever that will happen. Already have some China Glaze bottles in mind as well, to create ombre nails. I`ve seen the cutest ombr packeges containing 4 bottles from China Glaze, but I can find them only on Ebay since we don`t have any of the USA retailshops which sell the brand. I did some google research which sets I like most and wrote don the names. I`ll just hand pick the bottles creating the samae effect...I already own 2 or 3 bottles from the 3 sets I liked most so I won`t have any doubles! Comes in handy this way :)

my friends order
My friends very first polish order, and might i say she picked out some amazing colors. for some reason we both are very into pinks it seems haha. I already became slight jealous of her OPI my list as well!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Kiko imported from Italy :)

During my extreme long absense I have gathered so many amazing products, which I still want to share with you. One of those shoppingspree experiences..I didn't even took part of!!
My friend went on vacation to Italy and we already talked about Kiko cosmetics before she went, we both were kind of drewling all over their website filled with amazing summer goodies. I made her a little list of items which i would love to have, but ofc didn't expect her to take home my complete list as it was her vacation, not a personal shopping trip for me ;) But in the end I understood some days were so warm they just went to the shoppingmall to get back to normal tempertures again, and what not best to do then actually shop...right?! So she took home my complete wishlist yay!!!

Ofc there aren't any Kiko shops in this silly country, the first time I actually came acros one was during a trip in Berlin. Where I bought several items such as lipsticks, pigment shadow, nailpolish. I loved the somewhat cheap prices they handled and the quality ofc!! Amazing good quality.

My friend brought along 2 different pigment shadows nr 2 Starry Pink and 4 Lilac as I already had a darker purple, these other 2 would fit perfect! Dry oil hair serum spf 6, lovely product only needs a small amount and I really think it works, Next Evolution serum which is a dark spot corrector/brightening serum...must admit I haven't tried this yet (but that's cause I'm using day and night cream by Garnier Spot Correcter atm and I want to know the results before trying out something else as well), Automatic Precision eyeliner in nr 710 Emerald Green, Night Balm nourishing lip treatment, Sun Bronzing Blush in nr 103 Mariachi Pink love love love this color!! and ofc some polishes. 2 from their Sugar Mat collection, which is like OPIs Liquid Sands, in nr 641 Strawberry Pink (oeh it has a glitter in it as well!!) and nr 636 Mint and from their Mirror collection nr 622 Wisteria. I've tried out all 3 polishes already, easy to apply and easy to take of.

I should consider organising a trip to the nearest Kiko shop (which for me is located about 2 hrs drive in Oberhausen). I really love their products. They're easy to handle, skinfriendly and cheap :)

Monday, August 5, 2013

testing Clinique 3-step set, type 2...

I have written a post before about a Clinique product, the Even Better eyecream. And I told you in the most honest way how I felt about the product, what the results were etc..cause I got the chance to try it out since it was sent to me by a reviewing company called "Insiders".

A few weeks ago I was lucky again, I with 499 others, got the chance to try out a new set called the 3-Step Skin care (skin type 2 for me).

Step 1; Cleanse
Clinically formulated cleansing—that's how great skin starts. Clinique's dermatologists believe soap is best. Our non-drying liquid and bar formulas maintain protective lipids, loosen surface flakes. Prep skin for the exfoliating action of
Step 2; Exfoliate
Meet a new generation of Clarifying Lotions from our guiding dermatologists. It's the key step in our world-famous 3-Step Skin Care System: Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize. From day one, expect your skin to look fresher, feel smoother. In two weeks, the rewards become abundantly clear. Finish with
Step 3; Moisturize
The moisture "drink" all skins need, developed by Clinique's guiding dermatologists to maintain optimal moisture balance. Works to soften, smooth, improve the condition and texture of your skin. Lotion formula is for drier skins; oil-free Gel is perfect for oilier skins.
(I stole this text from

Step 1 Liquid Facial Soap
this came as a 50ml tube, seems very concentrated only needed a small amount to wash my face. My face felt incredibly clean, didn't itch or felt dry at all. I could easily wash away all the make-up I was wearing, there was no issue with longlasting or waterproof eyeiners at all. I didn't need to rub my face extra hard to get that clean feeling. even after 2 weeks of trying out this product twice a day I still loved using it.

Step 2 Clarifying Lotion
this came as a 100ml bottle, the scent might scare of some people as it has quite a strong pharmacy smell. I didn't mind it, it didnt last that long and specially my skin didn't take over the scent either. Again this product didn't dry out my skin, it was just part of the cleaning and preparing so the moisturiser could drench into my skin better.

Step 3 Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
this came as a 30ml tube, hmm the only thing I didn't like about this was the fact it was distributed in  tube. I like pumps better, the product was thin enough to get an excess of which case a pump would be handier. That aside, the product itself is brilliant!! I used it on my brand spanking clean face twice a day and I loved it. It was the right amount of hydrating creamynes my skin needs, even in these dutch summer tempertures I loved using the product.

I've been using this set for about 3 weeks now and I truely recommend it to everyone. there are different sets available, depending on your skintype ofc. I have a somewhat mixed skintype leaning to dry skin, and this typ 2 was perfect!!

before using 3 Step
after using 3 Step

As you can see all my make-up is gone, fresh clean face...well except for the pigmentation thnx to my pregnancy weewooo ;) but that's another little project to start!!
I loved the 3 Step set. It's easy in use, extreme fast and my skin feels perfect!