Sunday, August 25, 2013

latest TD order weewoooo

I wanted to score big time during one of my latest TD orders, cause I wouldn't have a clue when my next would happen...or even if it would happen again since I would have a tiny baby. Priorities might get different and all. Since ordering more items and polishes will only get the shipping rate up, and I already had some things in mind that wouldn`t make the flat shipping rate...I asked my friend to join, and this is what we received ;)

my order

I loooove jellies :) They don`t always work for me and I have to redo the entire mani, but I just love the see-throughnes. And teh OPI gelcolor, since I got my own LED lamp I`m not afraid to try the gelcolors myself. If it doesn`t work out I`ll just wrap my nails in a drenched remover cloth wth some tinfoils, leave it on for max of 10mins and gently peel or scrape the gel perfect!! I`m wearing BubbleBath atm, and I`ll show some pics of that after 2 weeks of wearing it. My nails look perfect wearing gelcolor for 2 weeks. they will grow, well faster it seems cause of the gel layer they won`t split, peel or break at all. it`s my little time out to let them grow :)
the one thing I regret not ordering was OPI Effervescent Soak. I still had a little jar from an earlier order, but I reaalllyy love that product. Ah well..I`ll just place it on my wishlist for next order, whenever that will happen. Already have some China Glaze bottles in mind as well, to create ombre nails. I`ve seen the cutest ombr packeges containing 4 bottles from China Glaze, but I can find them only on Ebay since we don`t have any of the USA retailshops which sell the brand. I did some google research which sets I like most and wrote don the names. I`ll just hand pick the bottles creating the samae effect...I already own 2 or 3 bottles from the 3 sets I liked most so I won`t have any doubles! Comes in handy this way :)

my friends order
My friends very first polish order, and might i say she picked out some amazing colors. for some reason we both are very into pinks it seems haha. I already became slight jealous of her OPI my list as well!!

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So cool!
I love it!
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