Sunday, September 15, 2013


During my pregnancy I wasn't really able to blog a lot, cause I either was sick or just too tired to get behind the computer. Luckily I purchased a Samsung tablet right before maternity leave so I could just sit on the couch, browsing the web and fullfill my surf-urges on the web that way ;)
Going through my lovely list of blogs that I follow...and I'm very sorry but I can't remember which one of you lovely ladies it was, but someone had an article about Snails. Polish based on water specially designed for young kids. I have a little niece, we have friends with little girls and ofc we were expecting a girl ourselves...I just had to check the website out!!
I came acros a lovely wbesite filled with sweet colored bottles, a great explanation  "The world’s first 100% European made water soluble nail polish that is easily washable and made especially for little glamour girls — with no harmful chemicals or toxic substances." and other information about the polishes being eco-friendly and hypoallergenic.

I searched  a little on the site and they had a special promotion at the time I made my order. 2 random bottles, a little buffer nailvile and a hand/nail wipe all together in a sweet organza bag for the special price of € 7,50...a special deal because the shop celebrated their 1yr.
I ordered 3 bags, knowing the colors would be random. 1 bag already has a little owner.. my sweet niece who turned 2, she had a bag containing a pink and an orange color. The other bags will just stay in my drawer for make-up sessions with all the girls who play here my guess.

Evidence of the polish being used ;)

I was told it was okayish to get it washed of, just a bath already took most of it off.

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You have a great blog, and now I'm following you, I hope for reciprocity)

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