Saturday, December 31, 2011

LE Catrice & Essence collections

I got some amazing Essence & Catrice LE sets lately and I haven't showed them all. I have been using them on a regular base, so I thought I'll just make a color wheel out of it :)

Essence-Fairytale (5 /6), Catrice - Big City Life, Essence - Ballerina Backstage, Catrice - Welcome to Las Vegas, and the last 2 spots for my Hema polishes.

Thanks to lovely Dolores and Ivana I got these 5 polishes yay!! I totally missed out on them, and I can't even recall if they were released in the Netherlands. I know Germany had them...but I ran into an empty display a couple of times boehoeee... From left to right; 2 Pixie Dust, 3 Once upon a time, 4 Humpty Dumpty, 5 Tinka's Dress & 6 Welcome to Wonderland.

Lubly Catrice's Big City Life collection. Loooved their palettes, but didn't buy any for myself :S Cause I had only just bought heaps of MAC and Kiko make-up and well...can't have it all right?! 1 London, 2 Berlin, 4 New York & 3 Sydney. I have no clue why they picked these colors for the cities really...

 Essence - Ballerina Backstage, it took me a while to complete this. I had to travel to a couple of small villages nearby. 1 Dance the Swan Lake, 2 Wear your little tutu, 3 On your gracile tiptoe, 4 Do a floating pirouette and 5 Grand-plie in black (omg...this one is gorgeous!!!) I truelly think nr 5 was a huge hit. Is it me or am I the only one thinking nr 3 & 4 are sorbets?? they applied so weird and were so see-through.

Catrice's Welcome to Las vegas...I love them...all!! I even bought the black/gold glittery eyeliner and I wish I bought more of them. The body dustthingy I havn't used yet, but I felt that needed to come home as well :) 1 Lovely Sinner, 2 Alluring Night, 3 Star of the Show & 4 Drama Queen. Again the last one a black, glitters in this one are more subtle then Grand-plie in black. I love it and I think I'll polish my toes with it just now.

Hhmm I had 2 "spots" left so I used my 2 Hema Jip&Janneke polishes for it. They're not named just extremely colored :) a fuchsia pink and a silver. Apply okayish, shine well and were cheap!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Time to say goodby.... way!!! I'm not going anywhere mhuahaha :)

It's time to announce the winners of my 5 **Give-Aways** which had started on my bday in September. It took me a little more time since I...well I'll be honost..I couldn't find time to blog with the festive days and with busy work so I kept you all with big hope and stress ;)

( I have sent the winners an email saying I would like a reply within 48hrs otherwise I will draw someone else to win that **Give-Away**  )

 **Give-Away** nr 1 is won by;

  **Give-Away** nr 2 is won by;

  **Give-Away** nr 3 is won by;

  **Give-Away** nr 4 is won by;

 **Give-Away** nr 5 is won by;

I hope to hear from you soon sweeties, packages will be send out first week of Januari!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My latest swap :)

Can't believe I haven't showed you all this omg...cause I've been using the eyeshadows and blush for quite a bit now...

A while ago I had a swap with Anouk from CupcakeBeauty, she sent me a suprise swap package filled with goodies I love! We did agree on some color "requirements" but rest was all a big secret ;)

Look at that cute bag with the poodle!!! It was filled with some samples grey matte eyeshadow by Esenceand a quad as well, blush by Catrice. These 3 products I've used most atm, I love how the grey matte looks on my skin/with my eyes :) The peachy blush is just perfect! Dark green glitter polish, Yves Rocher tiny polishes in Argent etincelant 33 and Corail irise 11, Essence Absolutly Stylish 40, Gosh Golden Dragon 564 ( I can't get this color anywhere since they changed their looks, I looove his color ) and Yves Rocher Brun Peau 81..I havn't used this one yet but it looks a bit like a red with a hint of braun in it but with pink tiny sparkles in it. I thought this will be my xmas polish :) A sweet looking nailfile and Gosh eye shadow primer waterproof...which I need now rainy/snowy season has gebun and I ride my bicycle to work very often ggrrr

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Teeez - Boudoir Secrets

I got a little suprise package in the mail today from our very own dutch brand Teeez :) You might have seen that name before, they have 3 amazing holo polishes amongst their collection, which is sold out almost everywhere. I also own 2 gorgeous glitter eyeliners which I have reviewd before here.

The package contained 2 mascaras, 3 lipglosses, 3 eye pencils and 3 nailpolishes. All are from Teeez' new collection Boudoir Secrets;

Be tempted by the beauty of a truly feminine and glamorous phenomenon, driven by the desire to make you look ever so beautiful. This elegant make-up collection is decorated with unique vintage charms that makes each product a treasure on its own, disguising the bold secrets inside. Because underneath the abundance hides a rebellious diva, like the 18th century queen of France Marie Antoinette, who was passionate for the pleasures in life.
The collection consists of four new and exciting products; Bold Eyeliner Pencil, French Kiss Lip Gelée, Couture Nail lacquer and Boudoir Mascara.

"Be tempted by the beauty of a truly feminine and glamorous phenomenon."

Give your lips a seductive shine with French Kiss Lip Gelée.... The 10 available colors, with or without pearl pigments instantly give your lips a sexy look. The jelly texture creates a seductive wet look effect. The French Kiss Lip Gelée contain selected ingredients that cares your lips and makes them irresistibly soft.

I received 1 Sheer Nude, 5 Tres Pink and 9 Berry Rich. 

Create a seductive look with one of the 12 Bold Eyeliner Pencils. The waterproof formula ensures that the color stay on all day without any streaks. Easy to apply and comfortable to wear becasue of the creamy texture. Wear one color, or combine different colors for the ultimate, long-lasting catwalk look.

I received 1 Sky, 10 Smooth and 11 Gutsy.

The Couture Nail Lacquers consist of 8 powerful pastel shades, a caring tone for a challenging catwalk look. With the new formula, you can create a gel/fake nail effect by using a thick smooth layer. Very unique is 2 Icy, a semi-transparent lacquer with ultra-fine pearl particles which smooth the nail surface. The Couture Nail Lacquers are quick drying and last up to 5 days. All Couture Nail Lacquers are Big 3 Free.

I received 4 Cool, 6 Free and 12 Rebel.

Deceive with your eyes! The Boudoir of Mascara Teeez provide the ultimate seductive look. Full & Flirty, Ssshocking Length and Never Ending ... Waterproof create your feminine lashes filled with volume, length or a long lasting waterproof effect. Full & Flirty Mascara's new fiber brush enhances the original formula for an extreme volume effect.

I received Full & Flirty in blue and Ssshocking Length in black. 

I only received this package today and really wanted to share the goodies with you. For now I'm gonna test and try these products and hope to tell you more in hhmm let's say about 2 weeks. I'm very excited cause the items I own from Teeez are amazing and I feel somewhat honored the sent me this...but I will be completly honost about my reviews ;)

Have fun, Get noticed, Be Teeezed...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

BB cream

Garnier released an a-ma-zing product!!! I actually have no idea when it was introduced first, but I do know it's been around a coupld of months. Just had to wait for the proper bargain discounts as I didn't wan't to spend full price on it, but I wish I did buy it earlier :)

BB-cream, no Idea what it stands for...all in 1 daily miracle skin protector. 1) fades away little visible lines , 2) evens your skin 3) glows your skin 4) hydrates your skin 24h (now this is weird cause I do tend to wash my face before going to bed, why do I wan't it to hydrate 24h?! ) and 5) spf 15 protection oeh!  ( I picked out the light version, there is a darker version available for us as well )

Now check out what it does to my skin, I took a wee bit drop on my hand and rubbed it in. Compare the first with the last photo to see how my little spots on my hands "disappeared"

Yes you can still see 2 tiny brown spots/birthmarks, but the others are almost gone. But this is all without the feeling of a thick layer really. I love it so much. My face indeed feels very very hydrated and nourished during the day. I don't have to wear any foundation since this covers well enough. It doesn't smear on clothing at all. I will use this more often for sure!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

my new MAC obsession

I can't really recall when it all happend, but I'm pretty sure my NY trip had to do somethign about it....but I'm slightly getting addicted to MAC cosmetics. Already bought some items here in NL, I still find the prices quite high here. Yes I know I know quality /price blabla, but I really think this brand is worth the money, only just US dollars not my euros. So I bought a couple of items on allmakeupwholesale and had the opportunity to swap some on MUA as well yay!!

sheen supreme lipstick Impressive, paint pots Girl Friendly & Delft, liquidlast liner Visionaire, fluidline Blitz&Glits (with tiny brush, very very handy!!) and a studio fix pressed powder which I will not use, yet, till my end of the swap has arrived.

Now I'm not very handy with the paintpots yet, I have a little practise to do :) Specially the blueish Delft as it can "stain" quite a bit if I don't smear it out even. Was thinking of buying a descent brush for it, but I have no clue which brush as I searched down for tutorials it seems everybody uses his/her own kind of way to apply it :S Ideas are always welcome!!

I'm completly in looove with the lipstick and pink eyeliner, I mean...they're so pinkish both!! What more do you want :)