Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Teeez - Boudoir Secrets

I got a little suprise package in the mail today from our very own dutch brand Teeez :) You might have seen that name before, they have 3 amazing holo polishes amongst their collection, which is sold out almost everywhere. I also own 2 gorgeous glitter eyeliners which I have reviewd before here.

The package contained 2 mascaras, 3 lipglosses, 3 eye pencils and 3 nailpolishes. All are from Teeez' new collection Boudoir Secrets;

Be tempted by the beauty of a truly feminine and glamorous phenomenon, driven by the desire to make you look ever so beautiful. This elegant make-up collection is decorated with unique vintage charms that makes each product a treasure on its own, disguising the bold secrets inside. Because underneath the abundance hides a rebellious diva, like the 18th century queen of France Marie Antoinette, who was passionate for the pleasures in life.
The collection consists of four new and exciting products; Bold Eyeliner Pencil, French Kiss Lip Gelée, Couture Nail lacquer and Boudoir Mascara.

"Be tempted by the beauty of a truly feminine and glamorous phenomenon."

Give your lips a seductive shine with French Kiss Lip Gelée.... The 10 available colors, with or without pearl pigments instantly give your lips a sexy look. The jelly texture creates a seductive wet look effect. The French Kiss Lip Gelée contain selected ingredients that cares your lips and makes them irresistibly soft.

I received 1 Sheer Nude, 5 Tres Pink and 9 Berry Rich. 

Create a seductive look with one of the 12 Bold Eyeliner Pencils. The waterproof formula ensures that the color stay on all day without any streaks. Easy to apply and comfortable to wear becasue of the creamy texture. Wear one color, or combine different colors for the ultimate, long-lasting catwalk look.

I received 1 Sky, 10 Smooth and 11 Gutsy.

The Couture Nail Lacquers consist of 8 powerful pastel shades, a caring tone for a challenging catwalk look. With the new formula, you can create a gel/fake nail effect by using a thick smooth layer. Very unique is 2 Icy, a semi-transparent lacquer with ultra-fine pearl particles which smooth the nail surface. The Couture Nail Lacquers are quick drying and last up to 5 days. All Couture Nail Lacquers are Big 3 Free.

I received 4 Cool, 6 Free and 12 Rebel.

Deceive with your eyes! The Boudoir of Mascara Teeez provide the ultimate seductive look. Full & Flirty, Ssshocking Length and Never Ending ... Waterproof create your feminine lashes filled with volume, length or a long lasting waterproof effect. Full & Flirty Mascara's new fiber brush enhances the original formula for an extreme volume effect.

I received Full & Flirty in blue and Ssshocking Length in black. 

I only received this package today and really wanted to share the goodies with you. For now I'm gonna test and try these products and hope to tell you more in hhmm let's say about 2 weeks. I'm very excited cause the items I own from Teeez are amazing and I feel somewhat honored the sent me this...but I will be completly honost about my reviews ;)

Have fun, Get noticed, Be Teeezed...

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rock-or-not said...

Looks really great!!
amazing products! Can't wait to see them!

Martje said...

I'm already in love with the lipgloss!!

Ms Bubu said...

Those products look really nice! It's sad they're not sold in the UK :(

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