Saturday, December 31, 2011

LE Catrice & Essence collections

I got some amazing Essence & Catrice LE sets lately and I haven't showed them all. I have been using them on a regular base, so I thought I'll just make a color wheel out of it :)

Essence-Fairytale (5 /6), Catrice - Big City Life, Essence - Ballerina Backstage, Catrice - Welcome to Las Vegas, and the last 2 spots for my Hema polishes.

Thanks to lovely Dolores and Ivana I got these 5 polishes yay!! I totally missed out on them, and I can't even recall if they were released in the Netherlands. I know Germany had them...but I ran into an empty display a couple of times boehoeee... From left to right; 2 Pixie Dust, 3 Once upon a time, 4 Humpty Dumpty, 5 Tinka's Dress & 6 Welcome to Wonderland.

Lubly Catrice's Big City Life collection. Loooved their palettes, but didn't buy any for myself :S Cause I had only just bought heaps of MAC and Kiko make-up and well...can't have it all right?! 1 London, 2 Berlin, 4 New York & 3 Sydney. I have no clue why they picked these colors for the cities really...

 Essence - Ballerina Backstage, it took me a while to complete this. I had to travel to a couple of small villages nearby. 1 Dance the Swan Lake, 2 Wear your little tutu, 3 On your gracile tiptoe, 4 Do a floating pirouette and 5 Grand-plie in black (omg...this one is gorgeous!!!) I truelly think nr 5 was a huge hit. Is it me or am I the only one thinking nr 3 & 4 are sorbets?? they applied so weird and were so see-through.

Catrice's Welcome to Las vegas...I love them...all!! I even bought the black/gold glittery eyeliner and I wish I bought more of them. The body dustthingy I havn't used yet, but I felt that needed to come home as well :) 1 Lovely Sinner, 2 Alluring Night, 3 Star of the Show & 4 Drama Queen. Again the last one a black, glitters in this one are more subtle then Grand-plie in black. I love it and I think I'll polish my toes with it just now.

Hhmm I had 2 "spots" left so I used my 2 Hema Jip&Janneke polishes for it. They're not named just extremely colored :) a fuchsia pink and a silver. Apply okayish, shine well and were cheap!

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Yolandaas said...

Great post.. xx

Martje said...

thank you sweetie :)

Sarahlouise1986 said...

I totally agree with Yolandaas! Wow / drool! these polishes look awesome!


Happy new year!

rock-or-not said...

Happy New Year!!!
So many interesting colors!!

Martje said...

happy new year sweetie!! :)

I think I have 3 or 4 more LE series...with indeed interesting colors as well ;) Hope to show them soon.

Sarees said...

Yeah i agree..This addiction of nail paints is obvious for girls...Really nice colors and great collection...

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