Wednesday, December 7, 2011

my new MAC obsession

I can't really recall when it all happend, but I'm pretty sure my NY trip had to do somethign about it....but I'm slightly getting addicted to MAC cosmetics. Already bought some items here in NL, I still find the prices quite high here. Yes I know I know quality /price blabla, but I really think this brand is worth the money, only just US dollars not my euros. So I bought a couple of items on allmakeupwholesale and had the opportunity to swap some on MUA as well yay!!

sheen supreme lipstick Impressive, paint pots Girl Friendly & Delft, liquidlast liner Visionaire, fluidline Blitz&Glits (with tiny brush, very very handy!!) and a studio fix pressed powder which I will not use, yet, till my end of the swap has arrived.

Now I'm not very handy with the paintpots yet, I have a little practise to do :) Specially the blueish Delft as it can "stain" quite a bit if I don't smear it out even. Was thinking of buying a descent brush for it, but I have no clue which brush as I searched down for tutorials it seems everybody uses his/her own kind of way to apply it :S Ideas are always welcome!!

I'm completly in looove with the lipstick and pink eyeliner, I mean...they're so pinkish both!! What more do you want :)

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rock-or-not said...

I never used this brand so I can't tell ^^'
Enjoy these little addiction makers!

skippysays said...

pink eyeliner?! Love it!

amenita said...

Oh I love MAC products. Nice blog you have.
I follow you now. Would be kind if you follow me back.


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