Thursday, October 4, 2012

MAC Great Beyond...asian exclusive

As I mentioned before, during my Tokyo trip i purchased a lovely eyeshadow by MAC. From reviews I noted it was an asian exclusive, I have no idea if MAC will launche it in other countries if sales were booming. But if the will...go buy some of those eyeshadows!!

Since cool toned bright colors look best with my skin tone...and indeed I always grab those first ;) Great Beyond caught my eye. As you can see it contains 4 colors, which you can either sue seperate or mixed up. The sales assistent showed me it does look when mixed up...but the control freak I am in always keeping the pans tidy..I'm not mixing up my precious eyeshadow, you'll just have to trust me on that.

The swatches on my hand show each of the 4 colors. The upper half of each color is used over Too Faced Shadow Insurance...and the lower has no base of any kind. I've been wearing a combination of the 4 for several days and I do prefer it over a base ofc. Pigmentation is perfect and I looove the colors. 

Normally I throw away the boxes, but this one is so cute with all the tiny japanese writing on it and since I reaaalllyy enjoyed that trip I'm gonna save it :)