Wednesday, October 9, 2013

pls give me votes for Steamcream ;)

You're looking at my entry for a contest to win a tin-look for Steamcream...and I'm desperatly seeking for voters.Let me start by telling why I choose this look. It's actually a birth card I designed for my daughter...this card didn't got through, we picked another winner. Yet I kept it cause it meant a lot to me. I designed it in a sort of vintage style, but still sweet. I picked out a minty shade and covered it with white cherry blossom branches, I cut it out to fit the top lid. The sweet kitty has the same red color as the lower lid. The lower lid has white dots all over the red color. Cherry blossoms are special to me, they stand for a new beginning, and what would be more apropriate as a subject of having a baby. We have 3 cats and we've always treated them as our kids...until "F" came in our lives. But...and I'll tell you a little secret ;) the cat is also the name of my daughter ( and starts with the "F" ) So this design for the tin has many personal aspects...other then that, it looks awsome as wel! The reason why I place this as  blogpost, is I'm trying to get more votes ;) if you would open this link Feline Steamcream search for this photo saying "Feline" and vote....and make all your friends vote as well. If I would win, I would defenatly organise a give-away with an amount of tins of course!l