Thursday, April 11, 2013

waking up from hibernation...

my latest blog was 4th of November :S that's like aaaaggges ago!!!

I wanted to blog more and more, but I haven't felt the same lately :S I've been sick and ill for quite some months, now gaining my strength again I get tired a lot, specially in the evening. Yet my interest in my blog and reading other peoples ones haven't faded at all. So I just kind of consider this a small sabatical of a few months.

I'll show you what the cause is ;) ....

It's actually an "old" photo, I'm due in mid July..26 weeks atm. Only thing growing is my belly and that;s just for a good cause!

I'm still very in love with beautyproducts and nailpolish and all the things girls like. Would it help if I'd say I'm waiting for a small package containing all new China Glaze holo's??? I can't wait to get them and share the fun again.