Saturday, July 30, 2011

Give-Away by Konad Addict

 Konad Addict is having an amazing **Give-Away** which ends on August 2nd, if you would like to participate, there are some small "rules". Check here!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

My new Devine palettes wooop!!

Yes I love them...a lot!!

Thnx to my sweeties Ivana and Dolores, who have given me my very first Sleek Devine palette, Original, during one of our swaps. I was so happy and thrilled with it, so many possibilities of combining colors. I felt like a kid in a candy shop :) It was only a matter of time for me to buy more of these amazing palletes. At first I googled for swatches of what I would be into, and then I realised I already missed out on some amazing, gorgeous ones bah bah bah!! One day....Good Girl, Bad Girl, Paraguay, Bohemian, Acid and Chaos will be in my possesion as well ;)

Sooo I visited some dutch netshops for available palettes and I came up with the next 3 :) yay. I must admit I did had to wait a little longer then I had expected, but I guess it had to do with one of them being only just released..

Curaçao, Oh So Special and Monaco

Curaçao palette; 

A. Tequila Sunrise                                                   G. Apres Midori
B. Martini ( as you can see I love this color!! )        H. Blue Lagoon
C. Blue Hawaiian                                                      I. Purple Haze
D. Bloody Marry                                                      J. Green Martini
E. Screwdriver                                                         K. Singapore Sling
F. Green Iguana                                                      L. Espresso Martini

Oh So Special palette;

A. Bow                                                   G. Pamper
B. Organza                                             H. Gateau
C. Ribbon                                               I. The Mail
D. Gift Basket                                         J. Boxed
E. Glitz                                                   K. Wrapped Up
F. Celebrate                                           L. Noir

 Monaco palette;

A. Bamboo                                                   G. Summer Breeze
B. Aquamarine                                             H. Sand Walker
C. Midnight Garden                                      I. Kiwi Zest
D. Sunset                                                     J. Lotus Flower
E. Washed Ashore                                       K. Humming Bird
F. Magenta Madness                                    L. Moors treasure

I only have used "Curaçao" a couple of times, and Original ofc. I have become a big fan, not only because of Sleek's doable prices, but the quality of the product is amazing!! My skin does tend to go oily specially at the end of a busy day bleugh, and my crease might end up with something like a yucky mixed up eyeshow...but since I seriously use eye shadow primers that problem is gone!!...3 hurrays for awsome Sleek palettes!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Not all credits go to me...I stole this Ebay-seller from someone elses blog, I have to admit!! But I can't remember from who it was. So tenthousand big phat apologies, but I guess it`s all good cause this seller has some great stuff ;) ( If you're the blogger I stole it from, and you would like to have the credits, just let me know ofc, I'll adjust the post! )

Skorbee is the name/shop of the seller on Evulbay, and these are the things I've bought;

2 birdcage necklaces flat one and 3D one, key/double ring and a gorgeous "sparrow on a wooden tree" ring. Last one is so cute I had to have it :)  I didn`t want to wait till all actions were about to due, so I hit the buy now option button straight away. the 4 items together cost me about $17-18, and shipping added would be a total of $26...I'm not sure anymore, but I thought it was well spent, casue I've seen a lovely birdcage necklace in Ny, didn't buy it :S but that one was $25!!

Items came in seperate silver or golden little bags and all together in a cute little red box, my own little present :)

I'm very satisfied with this seller, items are of good quality, shipping was very fast...I think I'll order some other cute things with them!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I lub layering!!

I lub lub lub it! When I received my CND polishes I went nuts, so many new discoveries of  PB4L ( Polish Buddies 4 Life...yes I`ve invented this word myself ;) ) were created by just layering polishes on top of each other...and then all the cool crackles came and the sherbets etc etc...and my CND got all dusty in the Helmer till Jette woke me up haha.

Meanwhile I received 2 gorgeous polishes from swaps and both sweeties mentioned "this polish looks awsome layerd over black", then I was like whaaa...gotta try it out :)

First I`ll show you the uber swaps!

Lovely DragonRhia sent me ;

 a franken named Pizzaz, China Glaze crackle - Concrete, Wet n Wild - Grey's Anatomy, Hard Candy - Beetle & Sky

Lovely Rebecca sent me;

Sally H. - Purple Pizzazz, Concrete & Byte, Revlon - Modern Grace, Milani - Purple Gleam

Woop!! Now the layering ;) I`ve used my black polish, Nfu Oh 132, as a base coat and layered Sally H. -byte and Wet n Wild - Grey's Anatomy on seperate fingers and I lub it!!! Thnx for the tip sweeties.

WHat did I learn from these swaps?! Always listen to other people ;)

Cake and Lola...not together though

Last week I bought a special cake pan for making a cake that you can fill after it`s all baked in the oven. The space left behind would be shaped like a little heart. I`ve seen this pan a couple of times on the internet and each time as I visited my special cake supply shop I reaallly wanted to have it, so it was time to take this baby home ;) Now the image of the product itself would be this; 

My this;

Pls don`t let the terrible look of my cake judge it tasted just awsome ( cherry mmmm ) and even though it looks like the entire cake collapsed it still get`s 4 out of 5 stars to me haha. Practise makes perfect huh, better luck next time!

Look Lola wasn`t even interested in ninja-ing the cake either :S

Polish-post tonight!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Finger Paints - Art Dealer Tael-er

I loooove Finger Paints polishes. I received my first in a swap and I got very hooked on them. The polish just glides on your nail ( brush is perfect btw ), dries well, no streaks etc and it lasts for at least 4 full days, which is a lot for me since I wash my hands on a regular base during the day..ieuww filthy money and patients etc etc ;)

When I was in NY, my hubby was ill for a day and I didn`t want be stuck in the hotel room either. So I grabbed our little tablet and Googled away...where would Sally beauty be..hmm.. As you may have read some other posts, I succeeded in finding the store and bought lots of goodies woop! Among those this cute tael-color.

Now call me colorblind or whatever. I love the color first of all, but is this really tael!? Cause I see a metallic minty. Perhaps if you close your eye a wee bit as if you`re looking to a painting from pointillism-style, then you would get this;

All blurry but yes more tael :)

Enough speculating about what kind of color it is, I love it that why I bought it and I will wear loads of times.
Now back to the kitchen cause I`m trying to bake a yummy cake!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

For Jette, and the rest of you sweeties ;)

Specially for Jette...and all my other readers ofc, 2 of CND effect polishes which have been part of my stash for quite some time now but don`t get used that often. Sparkle effect Raspberry and Jade( I also own Tael, but I swatched it before )

I`ve used 4 colors of polish on both hands, 2 layers, and then added Raspberry to my left hand and Jade to my right hand. After some photos I thought it would be fun to show you what a matte tc would do as well...cause I lub it a lot!

Green = OPI - Jade is the New Black, purple/taupe = OPI - Planks a Lot, black = Nfu Oh - 132 and grey/creme = OPI - Skull & Glossbones.

For mattefying effect I`ve added a layer of China Glaze - Matte Magic

I loooove this kind of effect on polishes. You can combine it with so many other colors and brands. You truely create something new, so I can`t tell you which is my favorite either. I only know it works perfect, glides on great, dries medium/fast...I do always end up using a fast drying topcoat and it`s way easier to clean off then glitters ..tha horrorrr!!!  Hmm I haven't tried using them both together over a color yet...wonder what that would look like :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Ooeeeh my first Sleek palette

A couple of weeks ago, Ivana & Dolores and me descide to have a little swap. I got them those lovely Teez holos ( sweet Dolores if you want pink still, I`ll take a look for you ;) ) and look what they gave me!!!

My secret wishlisted Essences woop!! I never found them here and I`m so happy I got these, nr 2-6. Color Club and WetnWild...aaannd my very first Sleek palette, with a tiny lipgloss for my mobile in Sweet Sixteen color, lovely pink!

Ivana let me pick out which I wanted and for a while I was doubting between Acid and original. Not having any Sleek products it would be safe to start of with the Original first. Ow wow what an amazing colors, and the products itself yes yes!! I love it so much...I`m in doubt of getting myself a couple more as well ;)

In the next pictures I`ve used nr 3 from both rows...hehe this is still sort of new to me. I`m in a very experimental fase in my life aheuhm of trying out what I like with make-up. And I love eyeshadows, I`m trying out different combos and colors. As I have mentioned before my work is kind of dull :S and my nails and make-up just spice it up a wee bit for me. I do get nice reaction from patients so it works for them as well!

2 layers of my favorite mascara by Sephora, Attomic boost, eye shadow primer by TooFaced, a hint of mineral blush by MAC and extremely pouted lips cause I was doing an amazing pose ;)
Haha my hair looks kind of funky so you can only see my huge ponytail is all hidden :)