Monday, July 4, 2011

Ooeeeh my first Sleek palette

A couple of weeks ago, Ivana & Dolores and me descide to have a little swap. I got them those lovely Teez holos ( sweet Dolores if you want pink still, I`ll take a look for you ;) ) and look what they gave me!!!

My secret wishlisted Essences woop!! I never found them here and I`m so happy I got these, nr 2-6. Color Club and WetnWild...aaannd my very first Sleek palette, with a tiny lipgloss for my mobile in Sweet Sixteen color, lovely pink!

Ivana let me pick out which I wanted and for a while I was doubting between Acid and original. Not having any Sleek products it would be safe to start of with the Original first. Ow wow what an amazing colors, and the products itself yes yes!! I love it so much...I`m in doubt of getting myself a couple more as well ;)

In the next pictures I`ve used nr 3 from both rows...hehe this is still sort of new to me. I`m in a very experimental fase in my life aheuhm of trying out what I like with make-up. And I love eyeshadows, I`m trying out different combos and colors. As I have mentioned before my work is kind of dull :S and my nails and make-up just spice it up a wee bit for me. I do get nice reaction from patients so it works for them as well!

2 layers of my favorite mascara by Sephora, Attomic boost, eye shadow primer by TooFaced, a hint of mineral blush by MAC and extremely pouted lips cause I was doing an amazing pose ;)
Haha my hair looks kind of funky so you can only see my huge ponytail is all hidden :)

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Jette Fromm said...

Gorgeous look! What a nice package, too! :)

rock-or-not said...

Happy for you ^^
I loooove your make up!!

Alex said...

hey :) could you review the essence nail polish?

nana said...

wow, i love your makeup. sleek is an amazing brand.

Ivana said...

Wooooohooooooo your MU looks awesome. :) I wish I could do something like that. :D Enjoy your new toys!! :*

Irishenchantment said...

i love sleek palettes, they are the most eyeshadows i have, the rest i can count on one hand lol!

enjoy your goodies :)

shel xx

KarenD said...

What a fun swap!

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