Sunday, July 10, 2011

Finger Paints - Art Dealer Tael-er

I loooove Finger Paints polishes. I received my first in a swap and I got very hooked on them. The polish just glides on your nail ( brush is perfect btw ), dries well, no streaks etc and it lasts for at least 4 full days, which is a lot for me since I wash my hands on a regular base during the day..ieuww filthy money and patients etc etc ;)

When I was in NY, my hubby was ill for a day and I didn`t want be stuck in the hotel room either. So I grabbed our little tablet and Googled away...where would Sally beauty be..hmm.. As you may have read some other posts, I succeeded in finding the store and bought lots of goodies woop! Among those this cute tael-color.

Now call me colorblind or whatever. I love the color first of all, but is this really tael!? Cause I see a metallic minty. Perhaps if you close your eye a wee bit as if you`re looking to a painting from pointillism-style, then you would get this;

All blurry but yes more tael :)

Enough speculating about what kind of color it is, I love it that why I bought it and I will wear loads of times.
Now back to the kitchen cause I`m trying to bake a yummy cake!

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rock-or-not said...

A great color!
I love it!

Carolina said...

This is a unique beautiful color that looks very nice on you.

Lindsey R said...

I don't think Finger Paints get enough love, they are great polishes! Thanks for posting this!

carissakuo said...

great color :)

Bregje said...

Cake? Where! And that's a cute color indeed, nice way to fill your day with a sick hubby ^^

KarenD said...

I can see teal there. :)

nana said...

enjoy the cake!
and i love the colour!


LOVE JOICE said...

Love tha color! I have one like it! great post xx Joice

Marina said...

I love the color, but I think that now is time to write about that yummi cake :D

♥beauxs mom said...

I'm ashamed I live by sallys and have no fingerpaints but this color is so pretty I see I need to get some soon.

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Mizz Entice said...

This is an awesome color!! I am also a huge fan of finger paint nail polishes!!

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