Friday, July 29, 2011

My new Devine palettes wooop!!

Yes I love them...a lot!!

Thnx to my sweeties Ivana and Dolores, who have given me my very first Sleek Devine palette, Original, during one of our swaps. I was so happy and thrilled with it, so many possibilities of combining colors. I felt like a kid in a candy shop :) It was only a matter of time for me to buy more of these amazing palletes. At first I googled for swatches of what I would be into, and then I realised I already missed out on some amazing, gorgeous ones bah bah bah!! One day....Good Girl, Bad Girl, Paraguay, Bohemian, Acid and Chaos will be in my possesion as well ;)

Sooo I visited some dutch netshops for available palettes and I came up with the next 3 :) yay. I must admit I did had to wait a little longer then I had expected, but I guess it had to do with one of them being only just released..

Curaçao, Oh So Special and Monaco

Curaçao palette; 

A. Tequila Sunrise                                                   G. Apres Midori
B. Martini ( as you can see I love this color!! )        H. Blue Lagoon
C. Blue Hawaiian                                                      I. Purple Haze
D. Bloody Marry                                                      J. Green Martini
E. Screwdriver                                                         K. Singapore Sling
F. Green Iguana                                                      L. Espresso Martini

Oh So Special palette;

A. Bow                                                   G. Pamper
B. Organza                                             H. Gateau
C. Ribbon                                               I. The Mail
D. Gift Basket                                         J. Boxed
E. Glitz                                                   K. Wrapped Up
F. Celebrate                                           L. Noir

 Monaco palette;

A. Bamboo                                                   G. Summer Breeze
B. Aquamarine                                             H. Sand Walker
C. Midnight Garden                                      I. Kiwi Zest
D. Sunset                                                     J. Lotus Flower
E. Washed Ashore                                       K. Humming Bird
F. Magenta Madness                                    L. Moors treasure

I only have used "Curaçao" a couple of times, and Original ofc. I have become a big fan, not only because of Sleek's doable prices, but the quality of the product is amazing!! My skin does tend to go oily specially at the end of a busy day bleugh, and my crease might end up with something like a yucky mixed up eyeshow...but since I seriously use eye shadow primers that problem is gone!!...3 hurrays for awsome Sleek palettes!!

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Witoxicity said...

I can totally see the candy-store factor! Look at them vivid colours! No wonder these palettes are so addictive. :D

♥beauxs mom said...

Wow those palettes are amazing wish they sold sleek over in the us....

rock-or-not said...

Great colors!
Love them all!

Evelien said...

I also bought oh so special, lovely palette!!

Lovelain94 said...

The oh so special palette is gorgeous really need to buy that! xx

Massachusetts Mask said...

I'm DYING for some Sleek products!
Sometimes it's a drag living in the U.S. because we can't get our hands on some of the international brands without ridiculous shipping!

(So) Originail said...

love the curacao palette:) wonderful!!

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