Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Naked 2 ;)

I recently purchased UD Naked 2 palette, cause well girls can't have enough eyeshadow palettes right?! I bought their first naked palette during my fabulous and lots-of-times-mentioned-cause-I-reaalllyy-loved-it trip to New York last year and I never regreted it at all. I would never subscribed myself as a nude color person. I'm more into cool yet bright colors such as purple and blueish perhaps a little green shades, but the nude ones worked out perfect!

When I saw some swatches and photos from Naked 2, I was filled with a little joy, cause these colors leaned more towards "cool" undertones. Big pro for me! Being here in NL some brands are a little more expensive then USA where I bought the other one. All I had to do is wait a little for some nice bargain, which popped up at Sephora woooop. And here it is in my possesion!!

As you can tell by the brushes which is which. The upper is the older, first palette en the own below is the latest Naked 2. They changed the outer box a bit. When used more often the lid of nr 1 will fall of at some point or become completly wacky, I like what they did on nr 2 more. It's more flexible. The downside for me is the double sided brush :S I'm sorry but I really don't like it. After cleaning it needs to dry flat and be placed in the box again cause I can't use it in my stand (normally the brush from nr 1 is my brushstand with aaaalll the other brushes). It's very nice to receive gifts like that, they added a mini lipgloss as well (to nr 1 they added a mini primer), but I'm gonna be mean and nag about it :) But besides that....totally happy and satisfied!! UD I'm still a customer woop.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sephora shoppingSpree

Yesterday I was in Rotterdam on my own, cause I thought it would be time to have some major shopping at Primark..which I did :) I ended up with 1 short, 2 linnen trousers, 1 dress, 1 HelloKitty shirt, 2 tops, glittery ballerinas, cleaning cottons, exfoliant was great! Specially the prices, just too bad I had to travel that for to get it meh!

I knew Sephora had a discount on make-up and bodyproducts so  I decided to just take a peek and wonder around the Urban Decay stand a couple of times before I made the decision of actually buying something...but that turned out quite different. normally I'm not a huge fan if a salesperson just stormes at me and asking if i need any help even before I touched anything, but this girl..she was so sweet and sincere. I forgot to ask her name, but I will seriously hunt her down for advice next time I'm there. She was the kind of person who explains and promots items, without giving you the feeling you have to buy them. She just shared info, it felt like she really enjoyed her job and the talk with me. Which was succesful cause i ended up buying more then I had in mind ;) so yes the trick worked...but if I hadn't bought anything she would be the kind of salesgirl who wouldn't give you the "look' of ooh hmm yes free info , yet no money to spend.

I ended up buying the Naked2 palette, They're real! mascara and the POREfessional both by Benefit. And I had a big phat smile the entire way back home in the train :)

Miss X, as I have no clue what her name was, made my wishlist huuge; Stay don't Stray, Watt's up!, Hello Flawless oxygen wow, Hervana and Bathina... I want it aalll :) I'm pretty sure I'll go for hervana next time I visit ;)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My latest purchases

I haven't shared my latest purchases!!!

Pupa being of my favorite brands, yet it's rather hard to get cause there aren't many sell points out here and I don't want to order it online unless I'm very certain which product I want. But that's my problem with Pupa...I want to see it rl and test it a bit before I do any major buying. Once I figured out what I want I stick to it :)

One of the places where I would hunt down some items was in a drugstore in one of my besties town...but last time I went there they had a huge sale cause they're up to close..NOOOOoo. Bah bah bah! I'm still trying to get over it haha, well it only made it slightly more difficult for me,but then again..I'll survive.

Taking advantage of the sale I did got some items; Glossy Eyeliner from the Very vintage line in an ultra black shade this is amazing stuff!, silky touuch pressed powder in an uber light shade as I am pale ofc, volume lipstick in shade nr 102 somewhat a nude with a hint towards pink I love it :)

I also got my hands on Garniers caffeine eyeroller from the same line as their BBcream. not that I have major dark circles underneath my eyes, but I am at an age it might hit in or even hints may appear and I just want to try out some option to prevent it all :) Getting real addicted to it and I feel naked if I forgot to use it, so it's already in my daily routine.

Little box of sulfopoudre. I've been using this ever since I was a teen and I love it. At work we don't work with sulfor anymore cause the high bosses think it's an absolete product and it doesn't really work so why would it be added to oigntments and creams...but I'm keeping my powder!!

And my latest inglot goodies!! yay completly forgot to show them...and use them ahumm.. I didn't meant to do so, but I just have to use them on a dark sunday when I'm staying indoors and play a little before showing it all to the big public haha. the eye shadow pirment is an amazing green (nr 56) and I bought it so I can use it with my MAC Delft paintpot, cause I love the green/blue combo so much. The Duraline was a musthave cause I'm almost out of my pixie drops :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

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