Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sephora shoppingSpree

Yesterday I was in Rotterdam on my own, cause I thought it would be time to have some major shopping at Primark..which I did :) I ended up with 1 short, 2 linnen trousers, 1 dress, 1 HelloKitty shirt, 2 tops, glittery ballerinas, cleaning cottons, exfoliant was great! Specially the prices, just too bad I had to travel that for to get it meh!

I knew Sephora had a discount on make-up and bodyproducts so  I decided to just take a peek and wonder around the Urban Decay stand a couple of times before I made the decision of actually buying something...but that turned out quite different. normally I'm not a huge fan if a salesperson just stormes at me and asking if i need any help even before I touched anything, but this girl..she was so sweet and sincere. I forgot to ask her name, but I will seriously hunt her down for advice next time I'm there. She was the kind of person who explains and promots items, without giving you the feeling you have to buy them. She just shared info, it felt like she really enjoyed her job and the talk with me. Which was succesful cause i ended up buying more then I had in mind ;) so yes the trick worked...but if I hadn't bought anything she would be the kind of salesgirl who wouldn't give you the "look' of ooh hmm yes free info , yet no money to spend.

I ended up buying the Naked2 palette, They're real! mascara and the POREfessional both by Benefit. And I had a big phat smile the entire way back home in the train :)

Miss X, as I have no clue what her name was, made my wishlist huuge; Stay don't Stray, Watt's up!, Hello Flawless oxygen wow, Hervana and Bathina... I want it aalll :) I'm pretty sure I'll go for hervana next time I visit ;)

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Pandora`s Box said...

Great buys. I have a looong benefit wishlist too: porefessional, chacha tint, erase paste (it's the best under eye concealer ever)hoola, oh it goes on and on :)

rock-or-not said...

Great haul!!
Have fun with all this!!

kelly logan gould said...

You need to include Watt's Up sooner than later. I use it every day!

Martje said...

:) I'm already having so much fun with POREfessional, it really work perfect on my skin!

hmm..perhaps I should indeed buy the Watt's up cause it's been on my mind for 2 days now. Same goess with Stay don't Stray. I've been using primers for quite some time now like UD ones and Too Faced, but the showed me difference between the UD and this one on her hand and covered it with the same eyeshadow and wow what a difference it was!!

Too bad I already spent quite some money on my purchases :S...hope Sephora discount will last a bit longer haha

♥beauxs mom said...

Nice! I'm jealous I want all three of those things but def don't need them does the porefessional work good?

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