Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Naked 2 ;)

I recently purchased UD Naked 2 palette, cause well girls can't have enough eyeshadow palettes right?! I bought their first naked palette during my fabulous and lots-of-times-mentioned-cause-I-reaalllyy-loved-it trip to New York last year and I never regreted it at all. I would never subscribed myself as a nude color person. I'm more into cool yet bright colors such as purple and blueish perhaps a little green shades, but the nude ones worked out perfect!

When I saw some swatches and photos from Naked 2, I was filled with a little joy, cause these colors leaned more towards "cool" undertones. Big pro for me! Being here in NL some brands are a little more expensive then USA where I bought the other one. All I had to do is wait a little for some nice bargain, which popped up at Sephora woooop. And here it is in my possesion!!

As you can tell by the brushes which is which. The upper is the older, first palette en the own below is the latest Naked 2. They changed the outer box a bit. When used more often the lid of nr 1 will fall of at some point or become completly wacky, I like what they did on nr 2 more. It's more flexible. The downside for me is the double sided brush :S I'm sorry but I really don't like it. After cleaning it needs to dry flat and be placed in the box again cause I can't use it in my stand (normally the brush from nr 1 is my brushstand with aaaalll the other brushes). It's very nice to receive gifts like that, they added a mini lipgloss as well (to nr 1 they added a mini primer), but I'm gonna be mean and nag about it :) But besides that....totally happy and satisfied!! UD I'm still a customer woop.

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Miss Delirium said...

cant describe how jealous im of you, and all other naked I and II palette owners :P

They don´t sell it in Norway at all, so I gotta purchase it online, so if you add the taxes and the shipping to the already pricey palette, its way-to-f-expensive.. even tho i want it soooooo much...:(

What do you think of the new UD shadows? The new design click on/off and the new cool palette ? :-)

Fashionista Extraordinaire said...

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♥beauxs mom said...

So lucky! I really want the 2 !

♥ Beauty and fashion- * Make Up *♥ said...

I like it your blog!
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