Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My latest purchases

I haven't shared my latest purchases!!!

Pupa being of my favorite brands, yet it's rather hard to get cause there aren't many sell points out here and I don't want to order it online unless I'm very certain which product I want. But that's my problem with Pupa...I want to see it rl and test it a bit before I do any major buying. Once I figured out what I want I stick to it :)

One of the places where I would hunt down some items was in a drugstore in one of my besties town...but last time I went there they had a huge sale cause they're up to close..NOOOOoo. Bah bah bah! I'm still trying to get over it haha, well it only made it slightly more difficult for me,but then again..I'll survive.

Taking advantage of the sale I did got some items; Glossy Eyeliner from the Very vintage line in an ultra black shade this is amazing stuff!, silky touuch pressed powder in an uber light shade as I am pale ofc, volume lipstick in shade nr 102 somewhat a nude with a hint towards pink I love it :)

I also got my hands on Garniers caffeine eyeroller from the same line as their BBcream. not that I have major dark circles underneath my eyes, but I am at an age it might hit in or even hints may appear and I just want to try out some option to prevent it all :) Getting real addicted to it and I feel naked if I forgot to use it, so it's already in my daily routine.

Little box of sulfopoudre. I've been using this ever since I was a teen and I love it. At work we don't work with sulfor anymore cause the high bosses think it's an absolete product and it doesn't really work so why would it be added to oigntments and creams...but I'm keeping my powder!!

And my latest inglot goodies!! yay completly forgot to show them...and use them ahumm.. I didn't meant to do so, but I just have to use them on a dark sunday when I'm staying indoors and play a little before showing it all to the big public haha. the eye shadow pirment is an amazing green (nr 56) and I bought it so I can use it with my MAC Delft paintpot, cause I love the green/blue combo so much. The Duraline was a musthave cause I'm almost out of my pixie drops :)

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Ms Bubu said...

What does sulfopoudre exactly? I'm curious! I also like Pupa, but you're right, they are not easy to track down! Hopefully you will find another store that stocks them :)

Martje said...

Ow woops that should be sulfopowder :S
Which contains sulfur to camouflage and extinguish my blemishes. Smells a big funny, but does the trick :) Brilliant stuff

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