Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy new year!!!!!

Happy New Year my sweeties!!!!

I wish you all the love, happiness, health, make-up and & polish you want and deserve for upcomming 2012 :)

Now on to my very first mani of the year...or last one of last year...

These are the polishes I've used. Applieing them in semibright light in front of the computer...wasn't really a good thing to do but I was bored and wanted to try out some new things.I won't call it a complete fail as it still has my favorite colors, pinksz & puplsz!!

So it wasn't reallly well done and after clean up and cuticle lotion it looked sparkly for me :)

I would like to share a new Dutch webshop with you...Pretty Polish

I actually found out today, so I haven't made any purchases myself...yet...'cause this girl ( Petra Klous ) is selling Zoyas!!! The Zoya polishes I own are either bought through american webshops or bought by myself during my fab NY trip. I actually find them too expensive to buy from webshops as I know what they cost in normal shops, that's why I still have many many on my wishlist!! Perhaps soon this will change as they're available for me in my own country now :) Hurray!! I'll be waiting the new spring collection and some paycheck first.

Not only does she sell Zoya, but Konad, China Glaze, Pupa, Rimmel, Orly, Blaze and Sina. For dutch orders shipping is free from 25euros and shipping..sorry can't find on the site. But I'm pretty sure when you leave her an email she'll get in touch with you about the amount of shipping costs.

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Witoxicity said...

Gelukkig Nieuwjaar, Martje! Veel geluk en mooie manis. :D

Martje said...

een heel mooi 2012 :)

Mateja - Cool Girl said...

This is realy colorfull mani :)
And happy 2012 to you to!

Also I nominated you for The Versatile blogger award. You find it here

ImOkLove said...

supper cute

Eucalyptus Oil Cream said...

These designs of nail polish are very beautiful, i wish that could used one of them and try to make my nails also attractive like given in the picture...

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